30/09 – Begin with this – “The Rebound”

Thank you very much to Vanilla Latte for providing the link and share with us this interesting story by the awesome writer, dhangertz28 ~

This awesome fanfic of Park Yuchun, Han Jimin  and Park Min Young , the title is so called  “The Rebound

Currently there are 16 chapters of this story
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this site to my blog readers as well^^

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yoochun hanjimin parkminyoung


A story of love lost, love found and moving on. What will happen if three people clash on the midst of  their desperate state. Will he find the way to move on? can she realize what she lost? And can she discover that there’s always that right love that’s destine for each and everyone.


Park yoochun is an aspiring professional photographer, known as the son of one of the richest man in Seoul, he remain to stay grounded despite the world he grew up with. He passed the responsibility on taking over the family business to his younger brother yoohwan. Yoochun is contented with his current state; he is starting to be well known not just the son of Park Woo Jung but also, Park yoochun a great photographer.


Park Min young is yoochun’s childhood sweetheart. She is a determined person, she didn’t let anything step on her way. She wanted to be the greatest chef known in Seoul. Born in an average family, she dreamt of having to put up her own restaurant and be famous worldwide.


Han Jimin is a wedding gown designer / wedding planner who had lost her fiancé in a car crash 4 years ago. She is still grieving for the lost. She swore that she will never fall in love again. With the memories still linger on her, how and who can help her realize that life must go on even someone dear to you left you.


Here is the link to go in : http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/273189/the-rebound-parkyoochun-sad-yoochun-melodrama-yuchun-hanjimin-korean00romance

Kindly help to support and hope the writer can continue with the storylines…..

All chunsas, please spread the loves out….. >.<


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