30/09 – [Chuseok Special] Male Star Park Yuchun – We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Chuseok, or Korean thanksgiving, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, where the entire family gathers to celebrate together.

One of the most asked questions that we receive from our relatives during this time (or all the time in Korea) is the inescapable “Do you have a boyfriend?”

So it had us wondering, if we could choose five male stars to bring home to meet the family during this Chuseok season, who would they be?

Park Yoo Chun
First off, he’s royalty. Okay, that seems a little forced, but you can’t deny his good looks and amazing skinthat’s fitting pf a prince.But more than his social status or his physical features, Park Yoo Chun in general is an amazing person that we would love to introduce to our family.

He’s a hard worker, who studies his butt off to be as perfect as he can when he’s working on something. Park Yoo Chun doesn’t take people for granted and always remembers to thank them for their hard work and consideration.

He’s also very family-oriented, as seen from his closely-knit relationship with his mother and brother. He always has his family in mind and remembers them even when they’re not present. Not only that, he’s even considered doing the tremendous deed of adopting a child so that his mother wouldn’t be lonely and because he always wanted a little sister or a daughter in the family.

In other words, He’s the perfect candidate to bring to a huge family event.

So here are our choices of men that we want to introduce to our parents this Chuseok season.

Who would you introduce?

Photo Credit:  JYJ Facebook Page

Source from : http://m.enewsworld.mnet.com/news/news_view.asp?nsID=16377


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