28/10 – [Video] A Good Time With Yuchun & Friends in Bangkok FM (16 Sept 2012)

This post was just lifted from postcardstoyuchun

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The video is kind of a sudden but we thought that maybe it would cheer you guys up. Positivity is key and lets keep our spirits high & mighty

Our postcard message to Yuchun,

We support you, Yuchun because we believe in your talent, dedication, determination and ambitions. We support you cos’ because of you, we found great friends, because of you our hearts are happy and our eyes are feasted, and because of you, we will always have a good time.

Here’s to you Park Yuchun.. ( and we love that you folded our gift “Keep Calm and Love 6002” with much gentleness and care)

Chunsas – Keep The Love Burning Hot!..until we meet the next time and we want to meet more of you Chunsas, Xiahpwas, Jaeharems and JYJ fans! Come in any colour red pink blue green cos it will be a great time together!

Enjoy the video on vimeo!


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