29/10 – [Share] One day trip in Seoul, Korea

29/10 – [Share] One day trip in Seoul, Korea

Please DO NOT take the photos out of this blog

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Its a last minute decision and I know its ridiculous to spend so much money all the way from Singapore to Korea just for less than a day trip….

Well~ overall, I still think its a worth trip for me and my friend…^^

Although the weather in Korea was really BAD on that day but the rain did not stop us to travel around and visited those places we planned to go…

Our mission was considered a successful ones….. except we didnt managed to go to Black’smith

In the end, we still managed to visit Lotte Mart at Seoul Station, followed by visiting TONY MOLY at Myeong Dong, NII at Lotte Young Plaza, after that, we supposed to go to Black’smith to have our lunch unfortunately, we couldnt find the place and our time was very limited

End up we had our lunch at a Pasta Restaurant called “Pane Pasta” ^^

After that, we had to rush down to Mickiss, Coffee Cojjee, NII at Yonsan, TimeOut and the last one is Bum’s Story

I know its very tiring but at least we made it to those places that we wish to go and visit

I was very happy to meet Yuchun’s aunt at “Mickiss”, very nice of her and this place left me a very good impression and I feel very warmth when I visited “Mickiss“… its like a “HOME” to me~

It doesnt look like an idol shop selling idols’ mechandises

If  you look carefully at the photos that I posted here, you will know why I feel this way~^^

And I really enjoyed myself at “Coffee Cojjee” , a very cool place that I visited…

Lastly, managed to visit “Bum’s Story” and glad to see the BOSS ^^

He ever posted a photo of him and Yuchun recently

Really enjoy having the foods at Bum’s…. ^^

After Bum’s story, we were very tired… no more energy to go Dongdaemun

So we headed back to our guesthouse and get ready to pack our luggages

Didnt really have the time to sleep… and my whole body ached….

As we need to be at the airport by 8am early in the morning on the next day~

Okie…just shared with you all part of the photos^^

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5 thoughts on “29/10 – [Share] One day trip in Seoul, Korea

  1. So thank you dear for sharing ur great adventure with us, that’s the trip that I dream for years but IDK when can I pursue it. You look tired but I know inside ur heart you feel happy and satisfied ^^
    How uri Yoochun has to be proud has lots of dedicated fans to love him unconditionally and willing to do many things for him. Let’s make our dream come true and hope we can hv a “Chun’s trip” together someday ^_____^

    1. Dearie, yes..lets make this “Chun’s trip” come true one day ^^
      Hope we can gather all chunsas around the world to attend his events in Korea,
      Visit his TimeOut, Mickiss etc…..

      Though I’m tired but I really enjoyed myself so much during my stay in Seoul^^

      1. OMG ur one day whirlwind Chun’s trip is so cool! Am really envious. I would love to visit all those places too!! Saw the stuffs you bought in your Part 2!!! NICE. Esp do love the NII winter heart campaign red hoodie!! Have been wanting one myself too!
        I’m from Sg too! So do let me know if you ever organise the Chun’s trip for all chunsas!!
        Thank you for your info and pics 🙂

      2. Hi See…

        Thanks for visiting and your comment ^^
        Actually the red hoodies sold out very fast… I went to Myeong Dong outlets, they dun have any stocks already… we just tried our lucks to ask the salegal to help us to check whether other branches has the stocks…in the end, there’s one but very far from our location…. we took a cab down as it was raining super heavy.. sure^^ Welcome you to join us~ you may reach me at twitter @Geministar06

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