27/10 – [Just to share] Yoochun is ready to be Detective Han Jung Woo for “I Miss You”

LadyM, a Chunsa from DC PYC, recently took her friend to The Red Carpet, the hair salon that Yoochun always visited, and talked to staffs about his new hair.


Before Kangho arrives, while waiting, there was a staff so I asked her for fun…

Fan: You must have seen Yuchun a lot so please tell me if he has any good points
Staff: but he has too many…

Fan: Then tell me three^^ don’t think too hard and just say like it’s coming to you in the minute
Staff: He’s funny, takes good care of people and is good-looking/handsome.

Each time the staff spoke, because i’m just too happy… I’m dying again, dying!

While Kangho was cutting my friend’s hair, as it could be a sensitive topic, I talked carefully about Yuchun’s new hairstyle as if joking.

What words would come out… I was worried deep inside me…
But Kangho said she knew about the fan’s response (T/N to his new haircut)and though she didn’t say anything at the beginning, she looked like having a hard time (telling me)…

But what I got to know after keeping talking is that the director said that his new hairstyle had to get into a complete different image change to suit a detective role which is different from his previous gentle image  and also from other detective roles in dramas.
That’s why the new hairstyle was decided after more than 10 rounds of discussions.
And he said that in this kind of big project, neither Kangho nor Yuchun could change the hairstyle like they wanted only by their own ideas…

And because this hairstyle only suit slim faces, she said that Yuchun would have a hard time dieting…

Source: LadyM @ DC PYC

Translated by: Sheena

Shared by: 6002Sky + Geministar06

I know many of his fans from idol era have been shocked with the hair. Be more supportive and understanding because Yoochun has been very focusing in the drama to have a breakout in order to be recognized as an actor.


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