17/11 – [Video] Yuchun’s Soft and Sexy Voice in “The Hometown I Once Lived In”

17/11 – [Video] Yuchun’s Soft and Sexy Voice in “The Hometown I Once Lived In”

Actually I have heard so about Yuchun ever helped MBC to narrate a documentary but I dunno the exact name for the documentary~

And I have yet seen any old clips related to this , until today I read this from a fanpage shared by melodysky

Thanks for sharing~^^

Anyway, Yuchun’s voice is indeed Soft and Nice….

Credit to melodysky of PYCSGFC

Recently, Yuchun was ranked 1st among male artists for a “luxurious voice” that gives off a sense of trust in videos.  A poll was conducted on community portal dcinside from the 9th to 16th Oct, and Yuchun won with an overwhelming support of 3953 votes (49.4%) out of a total of almost 8000 votes.  (2nd and 3rd place winners had only 16% and 10% of the votes.)

He possesses a gentle bass voice full of emotions, and is both an actor and a singer that is full of charm. He received rave reviews after narrating for the MBC special documentary “The Hometown I Used to Live in”.

(Source: The Star)

What documentary is this?  Some new fans might ask.  Let’s go back to  June 2011.


Article from allkpop:
“JYJ‘s Yoochun is lending his voice for a documentary.
According to MBC, the idol will be narrating for the documentary, ‘The Hometown I Once Lived In‘. It tells the story about Korea’s small towns, which are slowly disappearing under the force of urban developments.  It specifically investigates a small country town in Kangwon-do that protested against a developing golf resort for six years; the town’s citizens tried to prevent being forced out of their homes.
The production team stated, “We chose Yoochun to be the narrator in the hopes that his soft and kind voice will touch more viewers about the painful stories we all hold about our hometowns.”
They added, “We explained the program’s special purpose and content to Yoochun’s team, and Yoochun gave a positive response [to them], thus agreeing to narrate.”  The documentary is set to air on June 17th.”
Another article:
“Though he’s still working on his MBC drama “Miss Ripley“, JYJ‘s Yoochun has taken on the challenge to narrate a documentary.
On June 16th, Park Yoochun participated in the narration recording for the MBC special, “The Hometown Where I Lived” in the MBC dubbing room in Yeoido, Seoul. According to the production crew, “His harmony and pronunciation does not suffer by comparison to other stars who have done narrations.
Yoochun revealed his thoughts saying,
Though Seoul is my hometown, I’ve lived in the western mountains of Chungnam. My grandmother lives there.  Suddenly, I thought a lot about my grandmother.
Chunsa thoughts:
We chunsas do not need any poll to know that Yuchun has the most mesmerising voice, both in speaking and in songs.  His voice was one big reason why we fell so deeply in love.  For those of you who can get tudou.com, you’re in for a treat.  Here are the videos of that documentary with “the most luxurious voice”.  There are no subtitles, so this is for die-hard fans like me who watched the whole documentary solely because of Yuchun’s voice.  But the scenery is beautiful and you will soon start to feel for the elderly people in there……
Yuchun’s voice is crystal clear and yet so gentle and so kind that it just touches your heart.   No wonder he got rave reviews.
Tudou videos:

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/4l9w0IWyILA/   (part 1 of 4)

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/QvZTuxU8U64/  (full version 54 mins)


One thought on “17/11 – [Video] Yuchun’s Soft and Sexy Voice in “The Hometown I Once Lived In”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this information, for the research you put into it, and the links to his narration itself. He does indeed instill a feeling of admiration and confidence with his wonderful voice. It felt like receiving a precious gift to have the opportunity to listen to it. ❤

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