22/11 – [Updated] A Creative Director Tweets about Yoochun ~

22/11 – [Share] A Creative Director Tweets about Yoochun ~

Credits: @tjap97 + Uncommitted11
Translated by: Sheena(@parksheena6004)
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

[TRANS] Park Yuchun-kun. As we let him stand in front of the camera, he looks pretty. Whoever son he is must feel glad/proud/lucky.
[T/N: ‘-kun’ is used when calling young boys or unmarried young men. I think the PD(?) refers to both of his parents, not only his mother ^^]

Heard it was the making of the Banking CF

What bank? Any idea?

Updated on 23/11

Good news to share….^^

Yuchun’s new CF airing in start of December 2012!

* Yuchun-ah…, please dun work overstress…health is still very important! I’m worried of you due to your tight schedules~

Below is the tweet message again from the creative director

@tjap97: 박유천군. 드라마 때문에 바쁜 일정임에도 9시간동안 즐겁게 촬영에 임해주었습니다. 중간중간 하품하는 모습은 안스럽더군요 (아빠심정? ㅋ) CM은 12월초에 온에어됩니다.

[TRANS] Park Yuchun-kun. Even though he’s got a busy schedule because of his drama, he attended the filming joyfully for 9 hours. I felt pity for him seeing him yawning time to time (is it fatherly feeling? ㅋ) The CM goes on air in start of December.

Translated by Sheena

Credit to : tjap97 & parksheena6004


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