26/04 – [Trans] JYJ Park Yuchun’s Luxury Cars and Yacht

26/04 – [Trans] JYJ Park Yuchun’s Luxury Cars and Yacht

Wow…. records of Yuchun’s cars….. COOL! >.<

Source: JYJ Baidu Bar
Translations by: Melodysky
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Please take out with full credit.

JYJ’s Park Yuchun is well-known in the entertainment circle for his love of luxury cars. From Lexus to Rolls-Royce, every one is a luxury car. A fan posted on tieba the 7 cars that he owns and it is a feast for the eyes. And his yacht worth 1 billion won also keeps drawing people’s attention. People have seen it moored in Busan, and last summer, Yuchun enjoyed his vacation time on his yacht in Haeundae.


BMW Mini Cooper




Audi R8


Porsche Panamera 4S


Land Range Rover


Ferrari California


Rolls Royce Ghost

It is known that Yuchun has a luxury yacht. It is from P brand. Yachts from this brand use top computer technology and machines and have a modern design. It is very popular in Europe where yachts have become more common.

For the yacht that Yuchun has, an Italian designer was responsible for the design of the deck and the interior. The front and back of the yacht have areas for leisurely sunbathing and a swim platform. The wide side decks give one the feeling of visual magnificence. It is 13.5m in length and 4.7m in width, and there are 2 levels in the cabin.

Inside, it is fully furnished, with sofa, bedroom, shower etc. The interior is all timber, giving a clean and neat feel as well as an air of luxury.

The yacht is priced at 1 billion won. It needs regular checks and maintenance; the monthly management fee is 15 million won. It is said that Yuchun’s yacht is managed by a specialised agency.

Last summer, Yuchun was happily enjoying his vacation time on his yacht in Haeundae, Busan. People have said on the internet that they saw his yacht moored at a Busan yacht arena.



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