08/06 – [News] Korean Drama “Missing You” revealed at Shanghai TV Festival …. China’s version expected on satellite broadcast during the year

08/06 – [News] Korean Drama “Missing You” revealed at Shanghai TV Festival ….

China’s version expected on satellite broadcast during the year.

Source by 好剧影视via 新浪娱乐

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Last year, a melodrama drama “Missing You” set off a frenzy in the ratings throughout Korea, many audiences were moved to tears by the storyline. This year, the drama has been introduced into the country, and with chinese dubbing was broadcast in China and continue to move people to tears over the heart-wrenching pure love storyline. It is understood that the drama will be aired during the year on satellite, although broadcast platforms and specific broadcast timings has not yet been determined. In addition, Park Yuchun will also be personally involved in some areas of the dubbing in the China version.

Addition of precious footage in the China version of “Missing You” will also make the drama more heart-wrenching.

Korean drama “Missing You” was broadcast by MBC television from November 2012 onwards. The drama tells the story of a pair of separated young lover whose memories are fully occupied by their first love for each other, leaving behind wounded heart and their painful day life stories. Because of its heart-wrenching storyline and the actors’ wonderful interpretation of the drama that once it was broadcast, the ratings went off the roof, winning the time segment rating winners time and time again. Eventually, “Missing You” was also ranked No.1 in Korea drama rating for 2012. This drama viewership whirlwind is not just blowing in Korea, but it also blew to a country with large viewership ratings – China. The storyline of “Missing You” affected the hearts of many audience until the final episode, leaving many viewers hungry for more….their views are “the more heart-wrenching the better.” So to what extent is the popularity of this drama in China?

There are data illustrating that “Missing You” recorded a viewership hit of over three hundred million, breaking the records for the highest number of times a drama is viewed, this achievement took many people in the industry by surprise. In addition, “Missing You” also became a hot topic search among Baidu’s users and Sina microbloggers….detonating a fervor in all the internet user. Finally the drama “Missing You” will be coming to China, giving the Chinese audience another chance to enjoy this heart-wrenching pure love drama addiction.

In addition, in order to give the Chinese audience more surprises, it is reported that the introduction of the China version of “Missing You” will be more heart-wrenching than the Korean version, “We got a lot of precious footage from the Korean version, we will add these tidbits to the imported version, so the audience will get to experience a new concept version of “Missing You” and I think it will be more heart-wrenching than the Korean version.

Park YuChun will be participating in the dubbing on the China’s version of ‘Missing You”.

In the drama “Missing You” main actor Park YuChun’s performance is particularly eye-catching, debuted as a member of the boy band TVXQ, since the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” where he officially debuted as an actor, and then to this drama “Missing You”…He is gaining popularity and is known as the No.1 most successful idol singer turned actor.
In order to give this version of “Missing You” more prominence in Korean flavor, Park Yuchun will be personally involved in the production of this China version of “Missing You”.
It is understood that special invitation had been given to “Missing You” actor Park Yuchun to join in the dubbing for the China version of the drama. This is a challenge for Park YuChun who had never been involved in any dubbing for a drama in the chinese language. He specially learned a few lines of Chinese but helplessly admitted that Chinese language is really so hard to say. It is reported that Park Yuchun will dubbed a dozen line of dialogue in the China version of “Missing You” and it will be distributed into different episodes, many audiences who had already viewed the introduced version expressed that Park Yuchun did such a good job that it was difficult to tell it from the original version.

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