11/06 – [Fan Support] Official Report on Yuchun Party 2013 in Japan

11/06 – [Fan Support] Official Report on Yuchun Party 2013 in Japan

Source: http://ameblo.jp/yuchunparty/

Translated by: @jen_babylove

Shared by: 6002sky+Geministar06


Hello everyone(*^ー^)ノ

Time flew-by so quickly and some days have passed since the Birthday Party. ヽ(;´ω`)ノ

 Jaejoong uploaded in his tweet too but Yuchun was extremely…….


Well it looked like he was fine and had an enjoyable birthday right www

Really tickled by his cheeks right (●´ω`●)ゞ

 And so, some days have passed but I want to give a report on the YUCHUN PARTY held on 1st June  ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

 It seemed that everywhere in the world celebrated Yuchun’s birthday last weekend.

In Korean media, it was reported that these celebrations gathered more than 1000 fans in Korea and Japan etc., creating certain amount of excitement too http://www.c-jes, thank you 

 On that day, I was worried that many fans may be lost since the road to the party venue was quite difficult to find. (°д°;)

Reception started at 15:00 and I went outside to take a look.

I was really shocked to see that the queue was as far as almost to the back of the venue.


I was so surprised that I forgot to take a photo of everyone queuing (haha).

This is the entrance to the venue


 At the reception, I took half of everyone’s ticket

And in exchange I passed out the souvenirs (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆


And this is the ticket for the party.

That number is a chance to enter the draw for a gift later on. (o^-’)b

And the souvenir this time, which I already informed here earlier, was a bag with collaboration by MicKiss.


 There were fans who use it immediately 

So glad that they like the bag (´∀`)

 Also, those of you waiting to buy just bag, we are preparing it now so please wait for a while more!

And We also gave out a 12-postcard set book, handkerchief, and compact mirror.


These are all made from original designs.

To those who got these, how do you find them?

I am quite worried whether you like them or not ヽ(;´ω`)ノ

 Out of all the souvenirs, about 1 out of 10 fans also got a poster, clear file and mouse-pad secretly w

 And so, once reception is done, at the side of the entrance is………


Yuchun saying welcome in that day’s  Baeksang tuxedo :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


We moved Yuchun a little aside, and made a space for everyone to take a picture with him as souvenir p(^-^)q


And that space continued to be crowded like this…

Yuchun is popular too as a panel right (≧▽≦)

 And at the lobby, there were also a panel for the Tokyo Dome concert where everyone put their names on flowers, as well as a place to showcase everyone’s birthday wishes to Yuchun.


The picture only show part of it but around 450 messages we shown like this.

All of you took a good look before the party started right (*^o^*)

 What about inside the venue?

 This was taken when we were preparing it but the stage is decorated with balloons like this(*゚ー゚)ゞ

 The party was held with 2 parts  (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

Part 1 was viewing clips of Yuchun for about 1 hour.

The videos were edited specially by Yuchun’s Korean fan café’s master LAMIEL-san and are very precious (*^-^)b

 We are really grateful!

 I was watching it via the PC  at the back and everyone was really excited and the cheers were fantastic right…

 After a short break, part 2 started with the arrival of a cake ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


A little difficult to see right …

 And so I borrowed a picture taken by the master who made this cake σ(^_^;)

jp12jp13 jp14

What do you think? (///∇//)

Isn’t this really cute?

I say this many times but this is made from ALL SUGER!

That lace on the pedesal too!

 The roses were so thin and real that when you see it close-up you would think that they were fake flowers! It was such a delicate and wonderful cake!

 I mentioned in this blog before that the daughter of this master who baked the cake is a high school student who learned dancing from Yuchun (and others)

via a “make your dream come true” type of TV project previously(^_-)☆

 And for Yuchun, the master put in the best in baking this cake!

Master! Thank you so much (。-人-。)

 This master also teaches sugar craft at Shinagawa so those of you who are interested please send email to the Yuchunparty email ( ^ω^ )

In order for everyone to see the cake, we prepare some time for you to take pictures too  (°∀°)b

When I look at you from above the stage then…….


 You looked like this wow

So amazing right  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ!!

 And this is what Yuchun and the rest always see (of course with MORE people w)………

Yuchun is not here, but it was great that everyone is enjoying and smiling as if he is here……

I was thinking about these while looking at this scenery  (*゚ー゚*)

 And after this, half of the ticket which we collected at the reception were used for a draw for gifts γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

 The gifts included photobooks, DVD, posters, goods etc……

Oh, the one who is writing this now is Yoon Eun Hye  ← so persistent

Every time we draw a ticket number, we made sure we try our best to mix the drawing box well and that the numbers are random but I thought that the numbers in the 100 range and 300 range are somehow more than the rest. Actually I was a little worried …

And the 3 Yuchun panels tasked with welcoming everyone at the entrance and on stage ( ´艸`)  These were also given away as presents so those 3 lucky fans who brought Yuchun home……. How is Yuchun?  (・∀・)?

 And then the sugar cake was also given away as present based on requests so we played Janken (scissors rock and cloth)!!

When I thought to myself “is there really someone who wants this?”, so many of you came to play the JanKen that I thought this must be almost EVERYONE who came  ( ´艸`)

 Sugar cake is afraid of humidity but if you put drying agent etc., it seems that you can still have it for viewing pleasure for tens of years to come ヽ(*’0′*)ツ

The winner of this cake had someone picked her up in a car and brought it home it seems (´∀`)

 Last part of the party came after the draw.

We are sorry that we had to stand on somewhere high, but our staff bid farewell to everyone one by one o(_ _*)o

And the party ended then  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

 After that, those who wanted the balloons also played JanKen and we gave them away.


Oh, I see that the person in front on the right was going home with Yuchun  (`∀´)

Everyone still took the train back despite the large items, thank you very much!!

 We also gave away the balloons lying on the floor, and to those who wanted the giveaways which you usually get when you buy products which JYJ endorses, like posters etc., we also gave them out. (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

And then like what we have informed before the party, for those who came alone, we helped with providing a place for your networking as Yuchun fans after the party ended. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

35 of you went to this “2nd party” right!

 This has got to be a much bigger group than the usual 2nd round sessions right (°∀°)b

 And we already have emails reporting from those who went for this 2nd party as well as those who went for a separate gathering at Tononeya!!

 We are very pleased that YUCHUNPARTY enabled you to expand your circle of friends (ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ

 So, report on the party ends here.

 Last but not least, just like what that staff who said she is Han Ji Min (haha) during the final staff greeting said, we wish that next year we will not be able to hold this kind of birthday party for Japanese fans any more.

 When activities in Japan are ready, we probably will not get permission to hold such huge parties like those in Korea.

 Like last time where fans gathered at different parts of Japan for celebration and Yuchun gave his comment via official video clips and these were even broadcast on TV. We wish and hope to see JYJ doing that in 1 year’s time.

 This time, while we were planning for this birthday party, JYJ confirmed their Tokyo Dome concerts.

So many first-times happening at the same time and we had help from many people and also want to apologize for any trouble.

 Those who helped us, thank you very much.

 More than anything, thank you for joining this project which had been set up for just a year not knowing what we are.

Thank you for the donations given to our Tokyo Dome project which allowed us to hold this birthday party again and to give Yuchun his birthday present

 To all of you who joined the Tokyo Dome project and this birthday party, we really thank you very much  (ノω・、)

We YUCHUNPARTY would love to join all of you in supporting Yuchun and JYJ from now!

And finally Yuchun…….Your fans are wonderful!!

Thank you for being born  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

We wish you happiness for the one year you turned 28th!



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