23/06 – [Share] How to Vote for Yuchun in Korean Drama Award 2013 in Japan

23/06 – [Share] How to Vote for Yuchun in Korean Drama Award 2013 in Japan

Tutorial by: 6002Sky


Shared with Geministar06

Korean Drama Award is an event to celebrate 10th Anniversary of Hallyu Wave in Japan (which means it happens only one time in 10 years). The voting period is from June 22th to September 30th. Everyone can participate by voting on their website, by fax or by mail. Yuchun does not have many activities in Japan, and everyone loves to see Yuchun in awards, so we should help Japanese fans, right?

I. Best Drama

1. Click this link to go to the main page. The first block/table is Drama Section.

2. A search page will pop up like this

As in displayed above in Title of drama section, it is the name of Missing You in Japanese  ポゴシッタ. 

If you want to vote for another drama of Yoochun for the first spot, you can copy Yoochun’s name in Japanese and paste in Actor’s Name blank  in the third row. To save time, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is トキメキ 成均館スキャンダル; Miss Ripley is ミス・リプリー. Rooftop Prince is 屋根部屋のプリンス

Of course you can choose other dramas of Yuchun for other spots from 2nd to 5th which is the best, but if you do not have time, I recommend you to only choose one for the first spot. We should agree to vote for only one drama at least. As you can see, Yuchun has 4 dramas being nominated.

4. Fill the reason that you chose the drama.

II. Best Actor

1. Scroll down to 2nd block until you see this. Click the first row to vote for your most favorite actor.

2. A search window pops up as below. Copy ユチョン (Yuchun’s Japanese name) in the first row’s blank. Follow the direction as shown below.

3. After choosing the name of the actor, fill in the blank the reason you find him the best actor.

III. Your information

1. After finishing Section I (and Section II), scroll down to the 4th block in which you will see this. Fill your information in as shown below.

2. After filling in all the information, click the green button at the end of the page. A new page shown up will have all the information that you have filled in. Click the green button at the end one more time.

Tadah! You have finished the voting process. Remember you can vote many times during the voting period from June 22th to September 30th.

Big thanks for the captures and intruction from elfanadida @ Park Yuchun’s Soompi Thread 

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