24/07 – [News] The Fair Trade Commission’s Orders, JYJ’s 180,000 Fans Gathered and They Solved It

24/07 – [News] The Fair Trade Commission’s Orders, JYJ’s 180,000 Fans Gathered and They Solved It

Source: E-Daily Star IN
Translated by: @jaetaku (proofread by @ellerichu)
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06


It has come to light that the signatures from JYJ’s 180,000 fans were a great help making the result in which the Fair Trade Commission (hereafter FTC) sided with JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yuchun.

On July 24th, the FTC has ordered SM Entertainment (hearafter SM) and the Korea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition (hereafter KPCAIC), who have been obstructing JYJ’s broadcast activities, to cease their obstructive actions. While the FTC was announcing the statement, they said “We had received many petitions of JYJ fans wanting JYJ to have TV appearances.” It was reported that JYJ’s domestic and international fans participated in the petitions. Some Twitter user (T/N: allegedly, @saku_hera*** of dnbn.pe.kr) tweeted “The petitions the FTC have just mentioned are the signatures of JYJ’s international fans. And the judge said the petition was a formal declaration.”

The lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk, who helped JYJ with legal advice, said in his interview with Star In, “The FTC’s decision today was the result of the efforts from JYJ fans, not CJes or its legal team.” Mr. Lim said JYJ fans gathered all the petitions and reported to the FTC, and then the FTC started investigating on the basis of the petitions and finally made the orders.”

JYJ fans, on February 28th 2011, filed a petition to Seoul Central District Court and the Fair Trade Commission. One JYJ fan, who went to law school in the United States back then, played a key role in organizing the petition. The remarkable history was made in 3 weeks, from February 2nd of the year, by 86,418 fans from 118 countries participating in the petition which was translated into 10 languages; French, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. And it is said that they submitted the document to the FTC as an official declaration, not as a petition, requesting legal settlements. After that, more petitions were added and finally 180,000 participated in total.

As a result, the FTC made their orders on the 24th of July, stating, “When JYJ released their first album and tried to start having activities as singers, SM and KPCAIC obstructed JYJ’s broadcast activities and casting by sending the official document (link) to the 26 companies including TV stations, offline and online music distributors, and etc.

(T/N: Already-translated parts are omitted).

*** (7:30PM in KST) @saku_hera’s tweet: When I published the petition including the signatures of JYJ international fans in 10 different languages at the printing shop, I sobbed every time I saw each different language of the fans. T_T  I think the result was made thanks to JYJ international fans. When I visited the FTC with a JYJ international fan, the supervisor of the FTC was greatly startled looking at it. He was slightly disconcerted by the English of the international fans… hehe. And later he was amazed with the fluent Korean of other international fans. ^^


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