18/10 – [INFO/TRANS] Park YuChun in the eyes of others during those years (Part 1)

18/10 –  [INFO/TRANS] Park YuChun in the eyes of others during those years (Part 1)

Really find this is a meaningful article wrote about Yuchun…

For those who just started to like him, please spare sometimes to read this amazing article…

Yuchun is indeed our PROUD!!!

I swear that he will be the ONE & ONLY ONE artiste I will give my full support…^0^

I will not leave him until he get retired or he is out of entertainment line…

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In the blink of an eye, it has been nine years since Park YuChun debuted. What kind of a person is Park YuChun in your eyes? What about those people who had worked with him, had contact with him before? How was Park YuChun in their eyes?

Since I have free time today, I have done a compilation, showing to the (potential) new boss on how outstanding is our YuChun. It is inevitable that he is able to have his success today because of the efforts he has put in to gain the same amount of results. His good qualities will never be hidden. His future will forever be better!

There are some complications in our fandom. I hope that when Chunsas hear some rumours regarding YuChun, please think more, please analyse more. Believe in your feelings towards Park YuChun. The truth will be revealed eventually.

YuChun started his journey in the drama field since August of 2010. After experiencing a gap of about 6 months, he decided to take on his first drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal. There were a lot of hardships that we are not able to understand. To be able to perform well in his first drama, he diligently went to acting school. When everybody had no confidence in him and advised him to take on the supporting role, he clenched his teeth and stick with his decision until the end.

Now everyone is jealous and envy of Park YuChun for getting the leading role on his drama debut. What they see are just his successful moments but they have forgotten those problems he faced since the start. They have forgotten that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a publicly recognized drama with least expectations, having to survive between the two dramas aired in conjunction with the anniversary of the two main broadcasting television companies. They have forgotten that Park YuChun has borne all the responsibilities on his shoulder, as the male lead actor and also as a rookie actor who is changing his path from an idol. If the drama is a failure, his career as an actor will also end right there.

This article shall use Sungkyunkwan Scandal as a starting point, describing Park YuChun in the eyes of other people.


Scriptwriter of Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Kim Tae Hee

She admitted that she was not satisfied with YuChun playing the leading role but she eventually became his fan.

Kim Tae Hee: “Park YuChun? I have no idea who he is in the beginning but his acting was superb.”

A member of the previous five group, Park YuChun now attends activities under the name of JYJ. His stage name “Micky YooChun” is more popular than his own name but just like scriptwriter Kim, there are a lot of audience who become his fans through the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It’s all thanks to this drama that YuChun got his fame.
Through this drama, Park YuChun is considered as an actor and his acting was better than anticipated before, thus ensuring that his number of fans would increased by a large margin compared to his singer days.More importantly, women in their thirties and forties also have joined in the fandom as being hardcore fans. He has surpassed the limit of celebrity idols. This has helped him in laying a solid foundation in his next step of becoming an actor. 
Scriptwriter Kim said in an interview on 30th said: “Honestly, I was not satisfied in the beginning but I did not say anything. However, maybe due to my straight forward personality, my face expressions reflected my feelings at that moment. It was so obvious until YuChun would come up and asked me secretly, ‘Why does teacher dislike me?’ ” She continued while smiling, “But now I like him too much. I am very proud of him.”
Scriptwriter Kim: “Of course, his tone or pronunciation could not be considered as perfect but he used his natural sensibility to act out the elegance and exquisite style of Lee Sun Joon. Furthermore, he has unique humour. This is the part that is most surprising to her. He occasionally instill his own humour into the character and transformed Lee Sun Joon into a ‘cute and funny guy’ instead of a ‘blank and hateful guy’. He sometimes vaguely showed a side of him that aroused motherly love.”
Scriptwriter Kim:However, the thing I liked the most about him is his desire in wanting to improve constantly. His acting skills is progressing day by day. I wish that he can continue acting after this. I think he himself also understand this very well.”
Scriptwriter Kim also commented that Park YuChun is a smart guy.
Scriptwriter Kim, “YuChun himself knew why it was necessary for him to act in saeguk (historical drama). If he acts in a modern drama, it will show not much difference from his activities during his singer days. Only by acting in saeguk, his image would be totally different. Only by this way he was able to totally distinguished himself from Micky YooChun’s image. From my understanding, he was very concerned about this problem so he decided to act in this drama.”
Lead actress of Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Park Min Young


Park YuChun, “a hardworking person who chases away all the troubles.”


“At the beginning, I was very worried about his acting skills. This is his first time in acting, plus he is an idol singer from the most popular group in Korea… … But during the first time of our script reading rehearsal, all my worries were gone. When I saw his pronunciation, his breathing and the way he handle his gaze, I totally could not feel that he was a rookie. I was thinking at that time, ‘How much effort has he put in to achieve such results?’ “
“While filming, I could feel that he is a very serious, hardworking person. Although he was an idol singer from the most popular group, he completed the shooting of the drama with a sincere attitude of a rookie. Now the filming of our scene is very smooth, we co-operate well. We also discuss each other’s acting skills. he is very mischievous. He always tell jokes. He is the mood maker of the production team.”
The arrogant Yoon Ah-In talks about YuChun: He does not trouble other people. He would take the responsibilities of everything.
[Yoon Ah-In mentioned YuChun in a Japanese Magazine] “YuChun is a very deep person, he always considers things in long term wise. He will make the people around him laugh, trying his best to make them feel comfortable. He is not the kind of person who trouble others but taking all the responsibilities by himself. Compared to those people who pretend to be heroes, YuChun is more handsome. It is the same regarding his acting skills. It is very hard to start acting when you have been doing activities of singers all this while but after I saw him acting, I felt that: this is an extraordinary friend.”
Song Joong Ki: I was motivated by YuChun who is working hard non-stop
During the press conference, Song Joong Ki explained how he saw a new light in actor Park YuChun who was an idol celebrity.
Question: It is almost the end of the shooting of drama. What is your opinion about Micky YooChun’s acting skills?
Song Joong Ki: Compared to the beginning, he has really improved a lot. I was deeply moved, especially with those crying scenes. Even though we have been filming non-stop for two days, he show no exhaustion at all. I really admire him! YuChun who is being diligent non-stop, is very handsome. The day before I was having conversation with YuChun. He told me “I am in love with acting”, “I want to continue taking roles in other dramas”. After working with YuChun, my prejudice towards idol turned actor has reduced a lot. He is very hardworking, and also very dependable. I was deeply motivated.
To be continued –

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