23/10 – [NON-FAN] Let’s talk about the future Chungmuro path of the top drama actors born after 1985 (Part 1)

23/10 – [NON-FAN] Let’s talk about the future Chungmuro path of the top drama actors born after 1985 (Part 1)

Very well translated and written….! Cant wait for Part 2…..

Source from 萌爱秋天@MickyBaidu
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1. The author of this article is a non-Chunsa. She has analysed our YuChun in a subjective point of view.

2. Only YuChun’s part is translated.

The actor, Park YuChun, who I will be discussing below is also an outstanding actor born after 1985. I heard that recently he has decided to act in a highly anticipated movie. I am not sure whether he will be one of the successors of Chungmuro or not.

I usually pay more attention to the Korean movie industry. I totally cannot resist a team consist of Bong Joon Ho, Shim Sung Bo, Hong Kyung Pyo and Kim Yoon Seok. That is why I am very interested in the reason this group of weird ahjussis is wiling to bring along this young lad to join their playground.

Actually it is very hard to step into the small circle of Chungmuro. It is especially hard for a young actor. The big names like Bong Joon Ho, Kim Ji Woon and Park Chan Wook have been using actors who are uglier than them all along in their movies. They are usually extremely jealous of flower boy. They would avoid casting flower boy as much as they could. Of course even if a flower boy has joined their team, he would have to immediately cut of his fringes, put on a beggar costume and darken his skin colour.

The reason they chose this person is really unexpected so I have spent some time doing research about him.
I feel that his starting point was really high not only in dramas but also in the movies. He is also considered first class in choosing his scripts. Of course he has a handsome face but all these are not the most magical point. I will explain the most interesting part below. I feel that this person has the ability to trap the hearts of his fans. I found out that currently the fans that he has trapped successfully are fans who care about his acting skills, fans who care about physical appearance (his handsome face), fans during his singer days and also his die-hard fans. I heard that he has also trapped the hearts of script-writers, directors and other elderly fans. The most awesome part is, he has been trapping people’s heart all the way from the major 3 television broadcasting companies to the circle of Chungmuro.
This young man himself is already a legend. All the things he has been through can actually being filmed into a documentary of the perfect life of a young man. After becoming a singer, he has reached the top. He has performed in Tokyo Dome which can accommodate 55,000 of audiences. After he left his previous company, his activities as a singer and appearance in variety shows are all blocked. Of course he can choose to go to the countryside and grow vegetables but seems like he did not do so. He stands on his own feet strongly.

After becoming an actor in Korean drama, he was cast as a leading role in his first drama and he gradually climbing up to his way to success. From a drama of being flower boy to a female centered drama to a male centered drama, he has trapped the hearts of millions. His parts in the dramas are becoming more and more important, The allocation of his roles are getting more and more until they even found the best actress of Baek Sang plus Hallyu queen Yoon Eun Hye to be his supporting female role in <Missing You>. All the dramas acted by this actress are female centered but she has lowered down her standard just for him. What’s more interesting is that there are no similarities at all among all the characters he has portrayed before.


And now he has stepped into Chungmuro. His starting point is considered very high with a high budget production movie. 

In my mind, I think that Park YuChun is the kind of person who is not bothered by small details but cool and elegant in the inside. During his idol times, according to his popularity, he should have been offered second or third supporting roles in a drama to increase his popularity but he was never tempted, until the role of Garang was introduced.


Of course when he obtained amazing results in the drama industry, movie scripts will be coming in for him. He seemed not tempted either. During the filming of <Punch>, Kim Yoon Seok ahjusshi has planned to bring him in, highly recommending him to act with him but was turned down gracefully by this young lad. Now that <Sea Fog> is at its planning stage, Kim ahjussi finally has his wish fulfilled. He has successfully brought along Park YuChun into Chungmuro.

Kang Dong Won is always called Master Kang because of his arrogant personality. Actually Park YuChun is arrogant and ruthless too. He is not arrogant and ruthless towards his fans but his own life. Its just that he has used his bright smiles to cover up this side of him. Could it be that children from the royal family all possess such distinctive features?

I have found out some news articles on the casting of <Sea Fog>. From these articles we can know the reason behind the casting of this actor. It will be more convincing if we follow the perspective of these big names of director and actors, how they look upon this actor.

Actually there are 3 main points when evaluating an actor:

1) His reflection on life. After understanding the things the actor has gone through, especially the setbacks in his life, you are able to feel the determination and strength of this person.

2) Pay attention to this person’s acting charms in his own piece of work, whether he is free from various restrictions and able to act sincerely.

3) Read the reviews of the people working around this actor, especially the reviews of those people with big names.

We can evaluate Park YuChun from these 3 points too. Below are the few articles I have found, mainly on the casting of <Sea Fog>, the reviews of the people around him of the same age or from older generation.

1) Director Bong Joon Ho: I am very anticipating Park YuChun’s character in <Sea Fog>.

The fact that Park YuChun of JYJ is acting in the movie <Sea Fog> directed by Shim Sung Bo is due to the highly recommendation by Director Shim. On the 27th afternoon, Director Bong Joon Ho met up with the reporters for an interview at a snack bar in Gangnam area and said that “Director Shim strongly desired Park YuChun from the start to participate in the movie.” He then added, “Park YuChun is a versatile actor who is capable of portraying a wide range of roles.” He continued, “Director Shim Sung Bo really cares a lot for YuChun.” He stated that he can’t wait to produce a great movie with Director Shim.

2) An interview with Kim Yoon Seok on the 10th October: 
You’ll be working with Park YuChun for your next movie ‘Sea Fog’. Is he the first singer turned actor you worked with?

I was the person who recommended Park Yuchun. That doesn’t mean he was cast on my recommendation. I mentioned him and the director liked him too. I had watched a bit of Yuchun’s dramas. And now that have I met him in person, he turned out to be down-to-earth and easygoing friend. He’s clearly had to overcome a lot of hardships and setbacks among his colleagues up to now. He has different diversity compared to others.”

3) Nikkan Sports: The most influential person in Chungmuro? 
In this exclusive topic, director Bong Joon Ho was selected as first place by the people in the industry. This shows how influential is Director Bong in the movie industry. This is his first time on taking the role as the producer of <Sea Fog>. He did not only start from the planning stage and participate in the casting, writing the script himself, he also invested and set up a production company under the name <Sea Fog> too. Even after the filming started, he visits the filming location occasionally. He has fully immersed himself in the production of the movie.
A professional team lead by Director Bong, <Sea Fog> and Park YuChun are ready to set for sail!
To summarize the three news above, it is about the character of a young crew member in <Sea Fog> recommended together by the director and Mr. Kim. Both of them have high hopes on Park YuChun’s acting skills. They have watched his dramas before and think that he is a talent so he was cast and brought into Chungmuro. Besides that, Bong Joon Ho director’s production company is named <Sea Fog> too to show the importance of this movie to him.
In other words, this few old men have finally manage to bring Park YuChun into Chungmuro, breaking Master Park’s stubborn principle previously about not taking part in the movies.
Actually what is so great about Park YuChun’s acting? Why does Kim Yoon Seok has been wanting to co-operate with him all this while? Why does Director Shim who has been working hard in movie industry would fall for a drama actor? Why does Bong joon Ho director has non-stop praise towards him?

To be continued…


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