27/10 – [News + Video] JYJ sweet talk softly to make Vietnamese fans burst with joy

27/10 – [News + Video] JYJ sweet talk softly to make Vietnamese fans burst with joy

Source: Hoa Học Trò 1 2
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

In the cultural exchange program “Cheer Asia” to promote for the 17th Asiad Incheon Games taking place in South Korea in 2014, though there was a lot of artists from the two nations Vietnam and South Korea attending, but certainly the most anticipated are the 3 boys Jaejoong – Yoochun – Junsu in the group JYJ.

This was not the first time JYJ came to Vietnam but was a first for many Hanoi fans to get to meet with the idols. As the stars waiting to be seen the most in “Cheer Asia” concert JYJ’s repertoire was “hold off” [to appear] to the very end.


The 3 JYJ members: Yoochun – Jaejoong – Junsu

After singer Hồ Ngọc Hà’s performance, many Vietnamese fans shouted out together the names of the boys JYJ. And only a few minutes after that, the three boys appeared onstage of the Vietnam National Convention Center with two familiar songs “Get out” and “Empty”.

JYJ appeared onstage “Cheer Asia” with song “Get out”

The next song to fire up onstage is “Empty”

As soon as the big screen in the room introduced the MV “Only One” – the song use to promote the 17th Asiad Games Incheon, JYJ then returned back onstage to do a short ment.

JYJ and audience’s talk segment

Emotional in front of the 3,000 viewers, who enveloped the room in red, Jaejoong admitted: “To begin I would like to express JYJ’s emotions for us to able to be here with fans today. I really regret that we didn’t have a lot of chances to come to you, to share a lot of precious moments. I hope that in future there’ll be a lot more chances like this. Representing JYJ today I’m relaying to you fans our greatest passion.”

Jaejoong and backup dancer

When asking about the song “Only One”, Junsu let it be known: “The song “Only One” we performed as goodwill ambassadors convey the desire for harmonization among countries to overcome every barrier relating to languages and traditions. We already completed the song recording and video filming with wholehearted purity, the desire to communicate with all the people in Asia. We hope that this largest sporting event Asiad Incheon Games will be successful, it will unify Asia true to the song lyrics we had performed today.”


Junsu and Yoochun

When talking about vivid memories while practicing the song “Only One” together, Yoochun revealed further: “I don’t know if everyone knows or not but “Only One” is the first song we returned with after 2 years of doing individual schedules. This day hold great importance to us. In between our busy individual activities, with this song, we could come together to work, do activities together, have fun together, and we are really happy that we are also JYJ, we are so alike that we enjoy being together to breathe [T/N: enjoying having a good time together]. When video filming, we came together to joke around, play many pranks, it was very special time.”

The men under the spotlights onstage

After the short ment onstage with MC Trần Ngọc, JYJ had a surprise for the audience by inviting everyone to stand up and learn dancing along to the song “Only One”. Because of the sweet suggestion of the 3 handsome guys, the Vietnamese audience could not refuse.

After which JYJ’s dancer led with some simple moves, Jaejoong then sweetly suggested: “Now we will sing for everyone to listen.” And caused all the fangirls, fanboys in the room to burst with joy.

As MC Trần Ngọc said, this was a rare event where JYJ taught dancing to 3,000 fans at the same time. In addition, this is also first performance the 3 guys of JYJ stood side-by-side and sang the 17th Asiad Games song. Therefore, many Vietnamese fans were extremely lucky!


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