29/10 – UPDATED! [Fan Supports] Fans Supports to Yuchun and all the “Sea Fog” Crews and Staff (By Blessing Yuchun)

29/10 – UPDATED! [Fan Supports] Fans Supports to Yuchun and all the “Sea Fog” Crews and Staff (By Blessing Yuchun)

One word to describe : DAEBAK!!!!

Blessing Yuchun, so impressed by your supports to Yuchunnie~ ^^

I’m PROUD to be one of you in your family~^0^

Yuchun, fighting!!!! SeaFog Fighting! Blessing Yuchun Fighting!

Credit to Blessing Yuchun

Translated by uttunfan (6002sky)

Shared by Geministar06

According to Blessing Yuchun, when they came to visit the filming site on 26th, Seafog team seems to be very careful for the confidentiality of the filming. Therefore, Blessing Yuchun’s members have to convey their support and love for Yuchun and the team from afar. Yuchun who is working so hard for the filming inspite of the cold weather sent Blessing Yuchun his thank you message. Blessing Yuchun members are very happy to hear from the manager that Yuchun has been receiving unlimited love from the directors and filming staffs.

* Blessing Yuchun admins went  to the filming site of Seafog on 26th Oct with many warmth gifts such as foods, drinks, snacks, coats, comestics, warming supplies etc for Yuchun, director, producer, casts and staffs to support the filming. ^^


Below is the report for Yuchun’s first movie, “Sea Fog” filming scene support.

What we always think and consider first while preparing filming scene support is that it should be helpful for all the directors, actors, and many staffs who are working hard in the fields.
Especially since they need to fight against cold weathers with very limited sleep day and night, we chose things that could be very helpful in the field.
And since “Sea Fog” is the first movie which Yuchun has carefully chosen, we have tried our best to prepare best things.
We asked for BlessYuchun member’s opinions and staffs ourselves has searched for better things in the past month to reflect our hearts into the gifts.

And now, we will report details about what types of items were included in our support, which was made with each and every one of BlessingYuchun member’s heart.

* By clicking the picture, you can see the pictures in a bigger view.


< Windbreaker with polar fleece for staffs – 80 pcs>

Even though a thick padding is needed in a very cold winder, the crank in period was between the fall and winter that it is hot in the day and cold in the night, so a thin windbreaker didn’t seemed effective. After searching around, we found a windbreaker with polar fleece in the inner side of the jacket. When we tried it on, it was very warm with a good heat protection and it also covers upto the chin that it seemed to be really needed in the field. With our hopes for the movie to success, we have printed a large logo of the movie title “Sea Fog”. We hope this could be very useful until a cold winter arrives for the staffs.


<Cheer Package for Staffs – 100 pcs>

byc2 byc3

These are the cheer packages for our staffs.
We have gathered things that are useful in the field.
As you may know already, the sensible temperature rises even by warming just the neck.
So we prepared a neck warmer which will keep our staffs from a cold wind.
Also, we included 2 layered thick socks to protect from feets geeting cold by standing in one place for a long time,
and a hand made lipbalm in case their lips will be chapped because of the cold winds.
We prepared a high quality and effective lipbalms that are very smooth and gives moistures the next day when they put them on at night.
And hot packs and hand warmers which can’t be excluded in the winters were also included.
Lastly, we prepared snacks as well, including glucose candies which will help them with their fatigueness, nuts, bean paste jelly, and sausages which will be a good snacks at nights.
With all those things included, we have prepared 100 cheer packages.
Cheers to our staffs!

<Snacks for the Staffs>


Although coffees are very popular in the filming scene, traditional teas, hot chocolates, and citron teas were also popular.
And so we prepared various teas other than coffee.
Since it is between the fall and winter that flu might pass around the filming scene, we prepared 120 packs each of Ssanghwa tea and bellflower-pear juice which is good for flu.
Also, we included chinese yam powder and soymilk for breakfast replacement.
1000 pcs of paper cups with cute Dong-Sik character and a wishes for Sea Fog’s success were included as well.
And there seemed to be many extra actors in the day of support visit, so we prepared 3 boxes of tangerines, 140 boxes of mini Dunkin Donuts and drinks.

<Handmade soaps + medical supplies+ laundry dryers


(Today is a beautiful night as Kyung-Gu told me how important the hand laundry is in the filming scene. I will do my best when doing a hand laundry while filiming a movie in a night with a sceant of humanity )

With a clue from Yuchun’s line, we prepared laundry dryer (called Mal-lee-mee) and handmade soap as a hand laundry is important in the filiming scene.
We have made the soaps ourselves with a hope for the movie’s success, and it is so much better than the ones sold in stores.
And since the clothes will not be fully dried outside due to the cold weather, we prepared 5 Mal-lee-mees that will help to quickly dry the clothes. No more worries for winter laundries!
We also prepared emergency medicines such as digestive medicines for emergency situations.
As shown, we have prepared many items that are needed for our staffs in the field, and we want to thank those staffs who will support in the field without being shown.


<A heartful gift for 6 directors>

As protecting warmness is the biggest tasks when filiming in small spaces for a long time, we have prepared warm winter paddings and self heating inner wears to 6 directors, director Bong Jun Ho, director Shim Sung Bo, director Hong Kyung Pyo, director Lee Seung Chul, director Lee Ha Jun, and director Kim Chang Ho, who will lead the ship Sea Fog.
This padding is a outdoor brand product which Yuchun advertises.
It has windstopper outer and canadian goose inside which will satisfy both heat and wind protection, and it was prepared with our hopes for it to be helpful to our directors who will need to fight with the sea winds.


We chose Khaki color padding for director Bong Jun Ho and Lee Ha Jun, who wears big sizes and Blue color paddings for 4 other directors.
And we also included warm greeting comments from our BlessingYuchun members in the nametags.

We also prepared chinese yam power made with 30 other healthy ingredients for their snacks, Ssang Hwa tea and bellflower-pear juice in a large container for them to drink in case of flu, and hot packs and other snacks for them.

Directors, please look out for our Yuchun :)


< 7 amazing actors>

We now will introduce the gifts for our actors who will be with and guide Yuchun.

<Gift for Kim Yun Suk, and Han Yae Ri>


For Kim Yun Suk, who is acting as Jun Jin Ho, we prepared warm and funtional tee, black garlic balls, boosting boum balls to boost his strenghts, and Johnnie Walker blue label after hearing that he loves to drink. Please look after our Dong-Sik captin!
And for our only female actress Han Yae Ri who is acting as Hong Mae, after deeply thinking about what to give. we prepared a nice scarf and a hand and lip protector as it could get easily capped in the winter.
Dear Yae Ri, please look after your mate, Dong-Sik!

<Our heartful gift for Mun Sung Keun, Kim Sang Ho, Yu Seung Mok, Yun Jae Mun, and Lee Hee Jun>



We have picked out a soft and classic gray color for Mun Sung Keun, active blue color for Kim Sang Ho, purple color for Yun Jae Mun as it seems to look the best in him, passionate red color for Yu Seung Mok, and bright yellow funtional tee for Lee Hee Jun.
And we also gave them the black garlic balls and boosting boum balls set for each of our actors with the tees.
Since Sea Fog is a movie filmed with many big stars who were shined in many good movies, I think it makes the “Sea Fog” more anticipaing.



To our actors, we have delivered in this nice Sea Fog logo printed shopping bag.


<For our managers who are protecting our YuChun>

Below are our hearts to our helpful and handsome managers who are with our Yuchun 24/7 being his hands.


For two of our managers who always work hard for Yuchun, we prepared a bright wind protectable padding and self heating inner wears for them to fight against the cold weather.

Please stay with our Yuchun for a long time!


<BlssingYuchun member’s hearts sent to Yuchun>

To our Yuchun, his first movie “Sea Fog” will be remembered like his first love forever.

So we thought very hard to prepare things that could be really useful for Yuchun, who is working hard filming.

<Knit +Jogg jeans + Paading>


We mainly picked clothes that could be freely worn in the field.
The pants are called “Jogg Jeans” because it is very comfortable and flexible that can be worn even when jogging.
As the waist areas are in band, it is very comfortable yet gives stylish fit.
And the knit is a lovely item which will expose his wide sholders .
It is actually a little darker navy color than the picture shows, and since it is light with great color, I believe he will be able to wear them freely.
Lastly, we picked out the padding as it seemed it will to look very good on Yuchun, especially as the color itself is so modern and fancy.
It is also very light and warm that it is perfect for current weather.

<SHURE SE535 Limited earphone>


Yuchun listens to music very often in cars, or while waiting that we picked out the best earphone which will provide high quality sounds for Yuchun’s break time.
Shure SE535 Special Edition is a great product which has specialized tweeter, dual woofer, and triple HD micro driver that provides wide imaging and abundant low pitched tones. 

<Zip-up + Self heating inner wears+Hot Packs>


Although our minds are very heavy about the news that this year’s winter is going to be very long and cold,
we prepared many self heating inner wears to help Yuchun survive through this cold winter.

And gifts sent to Yuchun this time include many gifts that were sent personally from BlessingYuchun members.
Some member sent zip-up for Yuchun to stay warm, others sent pink zip up, vitamin, lipbalm, handmade soaps with BlessingYuchun and Sea Fog logo, medicines useful for Yuchun, and there were people helping out with purchasing products at the stores located in Seoul for staffs who are living outside of the city.
With many support from BlessingYuchun members, we could prepare better things for Yuchun.
We would like to thank all of you again.

<Body Lotion + Moisturizing Cream + 6002 handmade Soap + Emergency Medicines+Snacks>


We prepared Yuchun’s own soap with 6002, BlessingYuchun, and Sea Fog logo printed, and medicines that are especially needed for Yuchun. And a sweet scented body lotion for Yuchun who likes sweet scents, and moisturizing cream that will protect Dong-Sik’s precious skin while he fights with the sea winds.
And as he skips meals when he becomes sensitive while filming, we prepared different kinds of snacks, his favorite soymilk, and chinese yam powder which will keep him full.
Also, we included chewable vitamines that he could easily take when fatigued, and powder vitamines as well.
For our precious Yuchun’s lip, we inluded enough lipbalms.


We delivered these gifts that are needed while filming in a cute yellow box in this beautiful mint color shopping bag with Sea Fog logo printed.


In this support, we tried to deliver our fan’s minds through cute stickers including our cheering messages.
A thank you stickers were used with names for each actors, and cheering message stickers with Dong-Sik characters were attached in Yuchun’s gift boxes.

This is the end of introduction of the items included in our support delivered for Yuchun’s first movie, Sea Fog.
We hope that it will be very helpful for Yuchun and Sea Fog staffs as it contains the love and interest from BlessingYuchun members, Mic Fans in Korea and Overseas who supported with goods for blessing support.

At last, when we visited there on 26th, the filming location was being controlled by staffs very strictly.

And since it was a very careful mood, we cheered everone a little bit far from the scene.
We would like to deliver thank you message from Yuchun, who was working very hard even in this sudden cold weather.
Also, we were happy and thankful to hear a message from Yuchun’s manager that he is being loved by the staffs and directors.
We hope for the movie filming to end without any troubles, and I will now end the support report by cheering for the success of the movie, Sea Fog!

<The Yuchun’s picture below were received in the filming scene, and were permited by related personel to be shared>

 * Sign Message from Yuchun


Thank you so much for caring about my first movie, Sea Fog.

Thank you Blessing members..

I am so happy these days.


Thank you so much for your love from Japan.

Please look forward to the releasing of the movie, Sea Fog!



Another translation lifted from Xiakiss’s twitter

[Yuchun message to Blessing Yuchun Korea]

Really thankful of you all always putting in lots if effort for my first Movie.

Thanks to everyone In Blessing… I am very Bliss recently.

[Yuchun message to Blessing Yuchun Japan]

In japan(Blessing Yuchun members) were always protecting me, showering me with love. really thankful for that.

please look forward for the movie “Sea Fog”

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