31/10 – [INFO/TRANS] Park YuChun in the eyes of others during those years (Part 2)

31/10 – [INFO/TRANS] Park YuChun in the eyes of others during those years (Part 2)

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YuChun has always changed the minds of those who have prejudice over him. There are a lot of sunbaes in the drama who are very fond of him. 
Interview of Garang’s father, Kim Kap Soo
Regarding Park YuChun of JYJ, Kim Kap Soo said “If there is a chance, I would like to collaborate with him in my next drama.” There is an extraordinary relationship between actor Kim Kap Soo and Park YuChun of singing group, JYJ. In Sungkyunkwan Scandal of KBS2TV, Kim Kap Soo who has acted along side with Park YuChun, has left an opening celebratory message of a broadcasting company saying “Yu Chun is my highschool junior (a junior which is N years more junior than him)”. 
He added “After I knew this information, I started to anticipate my scenes with him. Actually he was just beside me during that time but I did not recognise him.” He describes some behind the scenes during the filming of the drama.
Kim Kap Soo complimented on YuChun, “During that time I know him as an idol turned actor but it never crossed my mind that he could actually act so naturally. If there is another chance, I would like to work with him again.” He continued, “YuChun is a shy kid, he seldom talks but he is not like those kids nowadays. YuChun is really obedient, honest and well-mannered.

Besides that, Garang’s father has also always mentioned about YuChun on television shows and Twitter. On September of 2011, Kim sunbaenim did a cataract surgery. He thanked YuChun’s gift to him on Twitter.

Kim Kap Soo’s Twitter: My surgery went smoothly. Seemed like the president of the hospital knew that fans would worry about me, he has given extra attention to my surgery. I really appreciate it! Keke~ The nurses are very beautiful and very kind. This is the sun glasses that YuChun gave me!


Park YuChun in the eyes of Kim Ha Kyun who acted as the principal of Sungkyunkwan in <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>

He is Park YuChun’s acting teacher. 

Micky YuChun has learning abilities like a sponge. We have conducted an interview with actor Kim Ha Kyun at <Kim Ha Kyun Acting College> which is located at Gwanak Distric, Seoul. Kim Ha Kyun stated, “Micky YuChun is like a sponge. He can learn and absorb very fast on the acting skills taught. It was very surprising.”

Park YuChun in the eyes of Jun Tae Soo who acted as the antagonist in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Ha In Soo
 Q: After your sitcom <All My Love>, you are considered as the big brother among the young actors/actress. What are your feelings when working together with the dongsengs?
Jun Tae Soo: Looking at <Sungkyunkwan Scandals>’s YuChun who has scheduled his American tour before his decision in acting in the drama, I am very impressed when his dancers all came to the shooting location and he used the breaks between scenes to learn up his dance moves. It is already very hard to concentrate on working on one particular aspect… … (smile)
King Jeongjo of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>: YuChun has improved the most among the ‘Joseon F4′
Q:From the point of view of a senior actor, among the four lead characters in the drama, whose acting skills has improved the most?

A: Anyone could have seen through it. The one with most improved acting skills of course is YuChun. This is the first time YuChun participating in a drama. His original occupation is not an actor but a singer. Everytime I met him and chatted with him, I realized that he has a wide range of opinions towards acting. His attention towards the drama industry is different as an actor compared to a singer. I think that with his own advantage (his handsome face), plus his talents in acting, he will become a successful actor in the future. Furthermore, he has grown up a lot until the end of the drama. The first time I met him, the first and last time I acted my scenes with him, it is not hard to realize that his gaze is obviously different. This is not an easy thing to do.


King Jeongjo of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, Jo Sung Ha mentioned YuChun in a tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside”

On the 17th about his praises for Park YuChun who acted with him in <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> in 2010. Jo Sung Ha said, “He is a constantly working hard friend and is rather serious on filming site. At that time, Park YuChun was constantly accepting acting training from veterans and he would practice his lines even when others are sleeping.” 

The senior student in <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>: YuChun’s acting is very good and full of emotions
“YuChun is really great. When I first met him I did not feel much energy from him, until the point he managed to change himself from an idol to an actor, his performance was exceptionally amazing. It was beyond my expectation. He has acted well, his character is full of emotions. All of the members of ‘Joseon F4′ not only has outstanding acting skills, their characters possess emotions too. I believe that they will have great future (smile).”

To be continued…


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