04/11 – [Trans] Park Yuchun, Coming Back to Small Screen with ‘Three Days’ … Transforms into an Elite Presidential Guard

04/11 – [Trans] Park Yuchun, Coming Back to Small Screen with ‘Three Days’ … Transforms into an Elite Presidential Guard

So PROUD and HAPPY for him….. DAEBAK!!! *^0^*

OBS PLUS Lee Da Hye reporter daah@obs.co.kr

Credit: OBS http://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=749610

Translated by: uttunfan

Shared by: 6002sky

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[OBS PLUS = Lee Da Hye reporter]

Actor Park Yuchun is coming back to home theater with SBS Drama ‘Three Days.’

C-JeS Entertainment released the news on the 4th, “Park Yuchun is finalized to be the male lead, Han Tae Kyung of ‘Three Days’ scheduled to be aired in February next year. This is a well-made drama produced by Director Shin Kyung Soo of ‘Deep Rooted Tree’ and Writer Kim Eun Hee of ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’ and he decided to star in this drama without any hesitation after he read the synopsis.”

Subsequently, he delivered his impression on this drama, “I decided to star in this drama after I read the synopsis from which I could feel the strength of a solid storyline. It is a first trial of such drama with an unique subject and, above all, I have a great expectation for meeting such a wonderful production team.”

‘Three Days’ is a story portraying the urgent situation between the president and his guard who pursues the case of the president disappearing after the sound of three bullets when he visits his vacation house to spend his holidays. In this drama, Park Yuchun will showcase his masculine charms for the role of Han Tae Kyung, an elite presidential guard in the Office of the Security.

The production company (Golden Thumb Pictures) said, “According to the news on coming back of Park Yuchun, the markets in Asia led by Japan and in Europe have been shaken. The overseas buyers who heard the news have sent love calls to the company from the very early stage.”

Park Yuchun has been recognized for his exquisite acting skills and star power through ‘Miss Ripley,’ ‘Rooftop Prince,’ ‘I Miss You’ after he had a successful debut with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ in 2010 and he has swept Year End Awards from every major TV stations as well as Baeksang Arts Award.

Moreover, after ‘Rooftop Prince’ in Japan and ‘I Miss You’ in China were broadcasted, his popularity has been beyond imagination and he currently holds a hot attention as the most influential Hallyu star among actors in their 20s.

(Photo = C-JeS Entertainment)



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