27/12 – [JYJ 10th Anniversary] JYJ “We’re life companion and lived our life to the full”

27/12 – [JYJ 10th Anniversary] JYJ “We’re life companion and lived our life to the full”

<Interview dated on DEC 26, 2013>
Original link: http://bit.ly/1dDKj6r

Translated by: http://dedicatee.wordpress.com

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Q) Congratulation on 10th anniversary of your debut!
What do you feel about it? It must remind you of many things.
As celebration message is on your official website, newspapers and videos on buildings too!

A)  (Jaejoong) Thank you very much! Mr. Baek also gave us a trophy for 10th anniversary a week ago. All three of us were busy so he visited us individually and it made me really happy and feel proud of ourselves. Just want to gather together and celebrate as soon as possible!

* (Yuchun) I want to promise that Jaejoong, Junsu and me will do our best to show a lot better things for our fans staying with us for 10 years, I’m happy!!

(Junsu)  It feels really strange [to have 10th year], and I think it was all possible because the members and fans were there. There are so many people to thank and I believe all of them’d know. Hmm.. having the happy & sad memories together makes me feel that we’ve lived our lives to the full, really.

Q) Any message to each other for 10th anniversary?
A) Someone who knows me better than myself, beyond just ‘friends’, life-companion for our whole life!

Q) Please describe the last 10 years in one word.
A) ‘Thanks.’ Thank you for your continuous passion, unchanged faith. We appreciate that our hard time made us to thank every single moment for our new challenges and realise how big those thanks mean.

Q) Any message for your fans?
A) Our relationship with fans are getting strong like there is an invisible string that ties us.
We always appreciate that you always support and cheer up us whatever we do, and love us so generously. Thank you for supporting not just our music only but also us as a human being.
Thank you for supporting our youth. You always give us a smile – Don’t you feel we understand each other every time we meet? We’ll do our best to return your love!

Q) Can you say what you’d look like after another 10 years?
A) We’ll be together whatever we do, and want to sing. We’ll be someone who’s not afraid of challenges, grateful and modest as always, and more mature.

Q) What about your plan in 2014?
A) Just want to promise this – We will surely show JYJ on the stage together!!
And please look forward to and support our individual activities. I love you!



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