05/01 – [News] Outstanding Star that Shines in the Year of the Green Horse – Park Yuchun

05/01 – [News] Outstanding Star that Shines in the Year of the Green Horse – Park Yuchun

Source: Sports Hankooki via 暖日呀呀
Translated by: melodysky
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

(T/N: 2014 is the year of the green horse according to the Chinese horoscope calendar)


#Park Yuchun who targets both Chungmuro and Yeouido

[SWOT analysis]
S (strength) – stable acting skills, success of previous works, reliable senior actors
W (weakness) – body strength, schedule
O (opportunity) – movie and drama double win, “You Who Came From the Stars”
T (threat) – Joo Sang Wook, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hyun Joong

At the beginning, it was Micky Yuchun. But now it is more natural to call him by his real name ‘Park Yuchun’. Compared to the qualifier “group JYJ member”, the qualifier “actor” is also comfortable.

He was the lead actor right from the start. After debuting with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ in 2010, he acted in ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’, foraying into various genres like historical drama, comedy and suspense. There was no “acting controversy” label that is commonly tagged to idol stars that turned to acting. Park Yuchun can be said to be the most successful idol-turned-actor.

His steady acting and the success of previous dramas landed him a great work. He is the main character in the new SBS Wed-Thurs mini-series ‘Three Days’ (script by Kim Eun Hee, directed by Shin Kyung Soo) which was promoted to have more than 10 billion won invested in production cost. Being specially chosen by writer Kim Eun Hee who worked with excellent actors like Park Shin Yang in ‘Sign’ and So Ji Sub in ‘Ghost’, he has gained even more credibility.

‘Three Days’ has been given the green light. Although it is about 2 more months to broadcast, writer Kim Eun Hee has already done about half the script. Because it is not an urgent script, we can expect the completion of the drama to be more sophisticated. The current drama “You Who Came From the Stars” has a viewer rating of close to 25%. It is very possible that ‘Three Days’ taking over this drama can hit a rating of around 30% at the launch.

It is predicted that 2014 for Park Yuchun will be a year of more stability as an actor. He is also making a debut on the big screen with Bong Jun Ho’s movie ‘Sea Fog’ (directed by Shim Sung Bo). If both movie and drama gain popularity, Park Yuchun’s status will be very different.

An entertainment industry official said, “If an actor’s drama and movie are both successful at the same time, he will stand towering as a top actor. If Park Yuchun, who has always been emphasised more as a star than an actor, can find success in both ‘Three Days’ and ‘Sea Fog’, he will rise to take centre stage as the top Hallyu star and actor.”

With strong veterans at his side, the burden on Park Yuchun’s shoulders can be lightened a bit. ‘Sea Fog’ is full of senior actors like Kim Yoon Seok, Moon Sung Geun and Kim Sang Ho. ‘Three Days’ has the luxury of Son Hyun Joo, Yoon Je Moon, and Jang Hyun Sung, and also Park Ha Sun and So Yi Hyun.

The same official also emphasised, “Whether it is a drama or a movie, the ensemble of actors is very important. Collaborating with senior actors with the highest level of recognition and acting skills, there is no better opportunity as this for Park Yuchun.

But there are also restraining forces. ‘Three Days’ will go head-on with singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong’s KBS 2TV drama ‘Generation of Youth’ and actors Joo Sang Wook /Lee Min Jung’s MBC drama ‘Sly and Single Again’. Based on the strength of the cast and scriptwriter and the role of Wed-Thurs drama, ‘Three Days’ seems to have an advantage. But there is no room for complacency and it must be approached with a sense of crisis that the landscape can change any time.

If Park Yuchun wants to laugh heartily in the year of the green horse, he must manage well his physical strength and his schedule. When the filming for ‘Sea Fog’ ends, the shoot for ‘Three Days’ will begin soon after. For Park Yuchun to be in the best condition for role immersion, the tight schedules need to be well-coordinated. Both works have a lot of outdoor shoot, so stamina and health management is absolutely necessary.



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