02/04 – [News] Actor Park Yoo-Chun is anything but predictable

02/04 – [News] Actor Park Yoo-Chun is anything but predictable

Source: The Star Online
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In 3 Days, Han (Park Yoo-chun) uncovers a huge conspiracy to assassinate the president.

Park Yoo-chun is back with a meaty role as the president’s bodyguard, Han Tae-kyung, in 3 Days.

Four years have passed since JYJ member Park Yoo-chun tackled his first major role in KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

To date, the 27-year-old K-pop idol and actor has forged a rock-solid television career for himself, starring as the lead in a string of four steady crowd pleasers, including SBS’ Rooftop Prince and MBC’s soap Missing You, all of which nabbed respectable viewer shares.

This year, he is poised to make his big-screen debut in Sea Fog, a film produced by Snowpiercer’s director Bong Joon-ho, and is also knee deep into filming his latest project, SBS’ political thriller 3 Days.

“I believe I received the first script last summer,” said Park. “The moment I got the script I remember saying that I really wanted to star in this series,” Park said of 3 Days.

Of his latest role, Park said, “I am doing my utmost to fully capture and convey the various emotions that my character feels.”

During filming, Park injured his shoulder. Despite this injury, Park has continued filming.

Co-star Son Hyun-joo revealed the gravity of the injury at the press event, saying that “Park Yoo-chun can hardly move properly right now.”

Park hinted that there’s much to look forward to in 3 Days, saying, “There are a lot of high-quality action scenes in the drama. I think it will be refreshing to watch.”

3 Days director Shin Kyung-soo, who co-directed Deep Rooted Tree, confidently expressed his faith in the upcoming drama, stating, “As the director, I am working to create a top-notch series that will feature a top-notch scriptwriter and top-notch cast.”

In the upcoming series, Park plays the president’s bodyguard Han Tae-kyung, a stand-up guy who believes in his nation and in his duty to protect his president.

His convictions and life are thrown into turmoil when his father suddenly passes away. In the midst of unraveling the mystery behind his father’s death, Han (Park) uncovers a huge conspiracy to assassinate the president, who has just left for a three-day vacation at a countryside villa.

As Han races to alert the president, played by veteran actor Son Hyun-joo, he discovers he is too late. Just as he arrives at the villa at night to warn everyone, three gunshots are heard and the president disappears.

Han is then framed for the president’s disappearance. On the run, Han must save the president and clear his name.

The premise reads like a straightforward chase thriller, but with Ghost and Sign scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee penning the new series, 3 Days promises to be anything but predictable.

After all, Kim, along with co-writer Jang Hang-joon, surprised viewers by killing off the hero at the end of SBS’ smash hit Sign and then surprised them once again with the demise of actor So Ji-sub’s hero at the beginning of Ghost.

Kim looks set to exercise her creative genius yet again with 3 Days.

Over a year has passed since JYJ and SM Entertainment settled their differences, a much-talked-about legal dispute that lasted more than three years.

Despite all the brouhaha surrounding him and the other men of JYJ, the group formed by the three TVXQ members has gone independent.

Park came on strong, first as an arrogant-yet-winsome Joseon era scholar in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, then as a well-mannered resort empire heir in Miss Ripley.

Park then returned to the period piece genre with the time-travel rom-com Rooftop Prince, winning over fans as a funny and endearing Joseon era blue-blood stranded in modern-day South Korea.

As the legal battle came to an end along with the buzz surrounding it, Park tested new waters as the haunted and driven police detective Han Jung-woo in Missing You.

The high-stakes melodrama put in a solid showing with Park earning himself extra street cred as an actor. Now, he is back with a meaty role as the president’s bodyguard, Han Tae-kyung, in 3 Days. High Kick 3 actress Park Ha-sun and Who Are You actress So E-hyun will also be starring in the series. – The Korean Herald/Asia News Network

3 Days premieres on April 2 at 8.55pm on One HD (Astro Ch 393) [in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei].


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