11/04 – UPDATED! [TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 3: Excerpt & Park Yuchun’s Letter

11/04 – UPDATED!  [TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 3: Excerpt & Park Yuchun’s Letter

Picture Credit: @6002theAngel
Translated by:
@6002theAngel (1,2,3)
Proofread by: @Sheenathe6004
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Today, I walked through the spring. All of you whom I’m thinking of and all of you thinking of me, I wonder if you are also walking along with me though this spring? To the thought of these words will pass on to you, I feel like my coffee is tasting even better. (literally: I feel like the taste of my coffee is getting deeper) Just like spring is gradually approaching. (literally: Just like spring is getting deeper)


Yuchun’s Letter

I am listening to Urban Zakapa [When Winter Comes].

˹The cold winter came to the tip of my nose first,
Though I prayed that it would never come,
My warm hands have now become colorless˼

When I hear this song, it feels as if someone secretly handed winter to me. However, someone said this: “The night is best spent staying up all night and winter is best when it’s cold.” That might be true. Since there is a cold winter, it might mean that there is a warm spring to look forward to.


Seol Kyunggu hyung-nim said this to me,” At the filming site, hand-washing your laundry is important.” Day in day out, while working with a number of staff at the busy and challenging filming site, it must be all about managing your own work/well-being. Listening to the words of Kyunggu hyung-nim, a great senior and great actor, it somehow feels as if a scent of human fills the night. I too vow that in the midst of movie filming, I will diligently handwash my laundry.


Today, I watched Director Lee Joon-ik’s movie <Wish>. Watching a movie which very warmly unravels such a heartbreaking story brought my mind back to my family and friends. My fans also came across my mind.


Always know to appreciate the people around you and the importance of life. What is more, I want to show my gratitude towards those people who are sharing it (life) with me.


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