16/04 – [Trans] Netizens’ Reactions to SBS Drama ‘Three Days’ Episodes 11 & 12

16/04 – [Trans] Netizens’ Reactions to SBS Drama ‘Three Days’ Episodes 11 & 12

Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

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Note: this post contains spoilers!

Episode 11

 photo 2014040922104398068_59_20140409221205.jpg

‘Three Days’ Son Hyun Joo joined hands with Choi Won Young “I’ll be a faithful dog”
10Asia via Naver

1. (+373, -39) ‘Three Days’ is great fun.
2. (+257, -11) Seems like Son Hyun Joo will be the last winner.
3. (+257, -20) Wow.. how long has it been since the drama started, it’s surely ascending.. But President, you shouldn’t be like this ㅜ
4. (+237, -15) Son Hyun Joo, I really like your voice.
5. (+213, -19) Ah.. ‘Three Days’ is addictive.
6. (+95, -1) Yoon Je Moon is damn terrific, I truly got goosebumps.


 photo 201404092306451114_1_59_20140409230702.jpg

‘Three Days’ Son Hyun Joo, “I can’t do anything all by myself” Tears
MyDaily via Naver

1. (+103, -1) The sad moment when the special prosecutor and Han Tae Kyung opened the door and looked at the empty seat makes me sob~~ President’s tears *once again sobbing*.
2. (+82, -0) As expected, Son Hyun Joo-nim~ Today was really tense~ There aren’t many episodes left ㅜㅜ
3. (+79, -0) The acting is daebak.. I cried along with him.
4. (+75, -0) To the President who was sitting alone, Han Tae Kyung raised his head and said he would protect him; I cried ㅠㅠ
5. (+47, -0) Really…ㅠ Fulfilling justice on his own looks so lonely.ㅜ
6. (+44, -1) That is probably the loneliest seat/position in the world..



‘Three Days’ Yoon Je Moon revealed the confidential document and died
Newsen via Daum

1. (+550, -16) Ah~ today was totally exciting… When nobody showed up at the cabinet meeting, the President had tears in his eyes; the great Son Hyun Joo-nim’s acting is really daebak!!!
2. (+483, -14) The chief secretary looked like he wouldn’t betray, and as expected Kim Do Jin did a number on him.
3. (+464, -12) Yoon Je Moon’s acting is must-watch.
4. (+258, -4) Am I the only one who thinks that the same thing happened in reality too?
5. (+225, -4) This drama is portraying the dark intentions of the power that’s manipulating the economy within the political scene. Even though I’m not sure how many people grasp this, ‘Three Days’ is jjang.
6. (+189, -2) Yoon Je Moon-nim~ thank you for your dignified acting right up until the end~


 photo 201404092242772888_5345534d62163_59_20140409234302.jpg

‘Three Days’ Yoon Je Moon, revealed Confidential Document to the whole world..twist ‘Death’
OSEN via Naver

1. (+892, -9) He died bravely.
2. (+864, -15) Ah seriously I hate that spy prosecutor the most.
3. (+740, -17) The twists in ‘Three Days’ are really strong. Chief secretary is daebak~ I thought he wouldn’t die and only suffered from injury.. He was bleeding so much but he still drove and came; *goose bumps*~~ I’m anticipating tomorrow’s episode. I hope the ratings will increase as well. There are only 5 episodes left ㅠㅠ
4. (+671, -10) Yoon Je Moon ahjussi’s death was intense. The acting today was daebak, made me shiver.
5. (+555, -12) Ah the acting really gave me goose bumps.
6. (+225, -3) Today I felt so overwhelmed seeing President Son Hyun Joo in the conference room after nobody showed up. It’s so sad to see nobody around him believes in him. The bus carrying all the bombs looks similar to the one in IRIS ㅎㅎ
7. (+205, -3) ‘I told you I was different’…. famous line
8. (+200, -3) Many people have died, but my heart hurt the most today when Yoon Je Moon died….


Episode 12

 photo 201404102202772198_53469c5043e65_59_20140410225202.jpg

‘Three days’ Son Hyun Joo in crisis, President found dignity ‘Charisma’
OSEN via Naver

1. (+696, -11) Son Hyun Joo’s acting always gives me goose bumps.
2. (+513, -12) Today was extremely fun, especially because it looks like there’s going to be an explosion, my heart… *trembles*
3. (+404, -11) It’s absolutely thrilling and fun!!
4. (+371, -6) Today, the charisma was jjang!! Lee Dong Hwi, be strong.
5. (+334, -11) What a relief.. this will do! It was so fun…^^
6. (+115, -2) The bad guy constantly speaks with honorific… I hate him even more.


 photo 1397137965752_59_20140410225602.jpg

‘Three Days’ Park Yoochun to Park Ha Sun “I feel relieved when you’re within reach”
XportsNews via Naver

1. (+47, -0) ㅋㅋ ‘I feel relieved when you’re by my side’, I like these words.
2. (+42, -1) The awkward atmosphere makes me excited ^^;;
3. (+36, -0) Park Ha Sun is pretty!!!! Park Yoochun is handsome jjang jjang!!!! Park-Park Couple!!!
4. (+35, -0) I’m screaming in the middle of the night…. Eu……… So cool..
5. (+34, -1) Tae Kyung’s words marked the start of the loveline♥ Writer-nim is the best! Lovely♥
6. (+30, -1) Really exciting, Yoochunnie fighting!!!


 photo 1397138715513_59_20140410230902.jpg

‘Three Days’ Park Yoochun, Presidential bodyguard reinstatement “I want to protect the President”
XportsNews via Naver

1. (+42, -3) Park Yoochun’s good looks are ‘legend’.. Seriously..
2. (+38, -0) Park Yoochun is friggin’ handsome ㅠ The story is freakin’ interesting ack~~ It’s the end of the crisis situation! How am I supposed to wait until next week?!
3. (+33, -0) Aish.. so coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
4. (+26, -0) Han Tae Kyung, I wish you strength in Presidential security ㅋㅋ Ah I sincerely hope everything goes well with him and Bo Won ㅠㅠ
5. (+24, -0) The Kim Do Jin in drama ‘Gentleman’s Diginty’ and the Kim Do Jin in ‘Three Days’ are polar opposites ㅋㅋㅋ

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