18/04 – [TRANS] Full Translation of JYJ Magazine Vol 3: Park YuChun

18/04 – [TRANS] Full Translation of JYJ Magazine Vol 3: Park YuChun

Kor-Chi translated & shared by: Sing_Cinq_仙后站@Weibo

English translated & Shared by ParkYoochunSGFC

Reposted by Geministar06

Listening to Urban Zakapa’s <When Winter Comes>. “The cold winter came to the tip of my nose first. Though I prayed that it would never come. My warm hands have now become colorless.” When I heard this song, I kept feeling someone has secretly handed me winter. Before, someone once said, the night must be alive in order to feel the goodness during night time. Winter is great because of its coldness. I think that it totally fits the situation. Winter has arrived, the warm spring is not far away.


Today, I walked in the spring. The people that I am thinking about and the people that are thinking about me, are walking in the spring with me? I feel that to be able to tell everyone my thoughts, it’s like the coffee getting stronger. Just like the atmosphere of spring is getting nearer.


Today I’ve watched Lee Joon Ik Director’s <Wish>. It described warmly about a heart-breaking story. While I was watching it, the faces of my family and friends came into my mind. And also, I thought about my fans.


I have always been thankful to the people around me and to the important events in my life. Next to this is I want to become the person who can convey his gratitude.


Sol Kyung Gu sunbaenim said that hand washing clothes on film set is very important. Being at the hectic and rough film set everyday and working together with the staffs, you should complete your own task by yourself. After listening to the words of Sol Kyung Gu sunbaenim who is an experienced sunbaenim and senior actor, I felt that tonight was full of human interest. Thus, I have decided to hand wash my clothes seriously during the filming of my movie.


Autumn has arrived. This means that we are a step nearer to the end of the year. Due to the shooting of <Sea Fog>, it was as though my days were spent as my role, Dong Shik, instead of YuChun. Today, YuChun has come back. I want to send my autumn greetings to everyone who have been thinking of me. I wish that everyone could spend a warm autumn night.

Zo Sun Hi author’s words (Prologue)

Being together with that person and chatting with him for a few hours,
Facing that person, I felt that all my opinions about him are not necessarily correct.
Because sometimes I feel that I have known him for 10, 20 years but at some point, I suddenly felt that I have never known him at all.
It was my first time to meet him but I got this unexplainable good impression about him.
I like his clear child-like eyes, I like his innocent child-like smile, I like his shy child-like feeling.
Some people are lacking, but what they lack is their ability to mature, to come up with the source of inspiration, the ability to spread human kindness.
If I met someone who misses his hometown, I would want to hug him tightly.

Some people, even if we want to meet them, we are not able to do so. Maybe because it is not yet the right time . The destiny between people is brought up through the passing of time.
It is the same with him. Since the first time I met him around 10 years ago, I have been paying attention to him as a fan.
After 10 years I am again indulging myself in clicking the shutter of my camera.
I am not meeting YuChun of JYJ. I am also not taking photos of the actor Park YuChun. I just saw a person named Park YuChun.
EPSON scanner image
To Singer Park YuChun. [Everything is OK- peppertones (Korean independent group)]

The road ahead is still very long. He has been walking this path for 10 years already. There were times when it was too tiring. The moments of wanting to give up were countless. However, just like the warm sunshine shining through the earth, there were fans who supported YuChun. And it was through their support that YuChun was able to find his strength to move forward courageously. He will also continue to advance in the future.

For a long period of time, YuChun has hidden his identity as an on-stage singer. And because it was hidden not just for a short period but rather for a long period of time, so the words that contain joy, sadness, happiness and pain were deeply hidden as well. After experiencing those 10 years of events, if he can stand on stage again and sing in a more relaxed state of mind, then that would be great.

「Everything is OK. Everything is alright.」

To Actor Park YuChun. [You Are My Spring – Sung Si Kyung]

If you look closely into his eyes, you will feel that they are indeed very deep. His pair of deep black eyes are like bottomless deep wells. Once you have sunk in, you’ll never be able to get out from them. This is perhaps what you call amazement. YuChun possesses eyelashes which are longer and thicker than females but they make people want to guard against them to prevent from falling in between those stares.

His acting is also the same. It is just like we would be sucked in to the black hole eventually. With the roles that he played, taking the place of another person’s life, YuChun generally is “that person”. Song YuHyun in the drama <Miss Ripley> and Han Jung Woo in <Missing You> were the same.

His short yet painful love was just like the spring.  It was the spring that melted the coldness of winter. In front of love, he was always depressed but he, with that face that has to smile, can also make people feel that it’s the warmth of spring. Just like the nearing of the warm sunshine, the seed of his love that is growing, is also waiting for the arrival of spring…

[Because you are my warm spring!]
A 28-year-old man Park YuChun. [Someday – Lee Sang Eun]

Nineteen years old. An outgoing youngster who wanted to become the bed in the room of a restless young girl, become the diary inside her drawer. Today after experiencing 10 years, he has become a man who can love a woman more than his own life. I want to understand the sacrifices he would make for the woman he loves.

Besides, he will turn 30 soon. I would like to know how he would portray himself in the future. How will he open up another life? In the future, if he is able to meet the person he liked during his younger years, I wish that he could stand upright in front of her.

Park YuChun who is one step behind. [Doll’s Dream – Ilgiyebo]

Just like a cat. Felt like you have gotten close and wanted to unconsciously get even closer to him, and don’t know when but he has escaped to another faraway place again. Hating him for making it so hard to get close to him, so I turned away from him. I don’t know when, but we have gotten closer again. Just sitting there quietly, with his deep, big eyes staring in this direction. Even a person like him has experienced single-sided love before too.

One-sided love are things done by fans. One-sided love is when even if we have told the opposite side our feelings, we do not get any response and thus, it leaves scars in our hearts. But even if we just have told them our inner thoughts, when both eyes meet, the look in our eyes will also become warmer. On the other hand, even if we’re not able to see any hope after confessing, it seems like you won’t be experiencing any further hurtful feelings in future.

There is no specific word that can be used to describe this man, Park YuChun. From his bright smile, I can feel  the brightness of an innocent youngster. From the disappearing smile, a sense of sadness emitting from the corner of his eyes. Not being able to judge this man just by looking  at him from one single aspect, that is Park YuChun.

Acting is like a magical door that YuChun opened towards another path of his life. Through acting, he is walking along the path of “himself’ which is different from “himself”. When he was laughing and crying, his heart was hurting too. And with the accumulation of his emotions through such experiences, it was the first time that he discovered a new dream. He mentioned this over an interview before.

Park YuChun, because we are your fans so we feel very blessed. [Thank You For The Music – Lunchsong Project]

For a long period of time, YuChun has stayed with his fans as a singer and an actor. He sometimes uses music to entertain the ears of his fans, and sometimes uses drama to warm their hearts. To YuChun who has been so close to everyone’s life and inner hearts, his fans have made their promise again. They will become his strength in the future and continue to walk his path together. And it is because of the thing we call love, where staying together is better than all spoken words. Walking together and feeling the importance of this path, he once again said “really thank you,” shyly to express his feelings.
EPSON scanner image

[Dreams of becoming a true actor without make-up and lighting]

YuChun is curious towards people. He always goes drinking and chatting with people he gets along with. His curiosity towards people and his passion towards acting are linked closely together. The movie <Sea Fog> was chosen because of this. Now YuChun’s sight has moved towards the big screen. He has become an actor for 4 years since the drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>. Looking at his growth, and spreading his wings on the much bigger stage of the big screen, the movie industry is also watching closely with great anticipation. Thus, there will still be countless stories. YuChun answered this with a definite tone.

#A man who looks strong but actually is very weak, a sad “love story”.

At some point, a movie was born from the deep “gaze” possessed by an actor.

With his back facing the sunset, YuChun’s eyes was emitting much brighter lights, just like a love that is sad and sorrowful. And this is the most suitable reason for his sad love story. Since his first piece of work as an actor starting from <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> to <Miss Ripley> to <Missing You>, YuChun’s choice has always been love stories. However, in movies, it would be better to have a performance which are more profound, showing a much wider rage of acting. Choosing bed scene that is unavoidable in a love story.

How do we learn how to express the beauty of love like the swaying waves? Perhaps this kind of story would be better if it will be filmed with YuChun as the main lead.

The story of a man who grew up after being abandoned by his parents and was adopted by other people, but then, his relationship with those who adopted him ended suddenly. Eventually he saw a young girl at the house of his adopted family. It was the first time he smiled but that happiness lasted only for a moment. After their separation, both of them have become strangers but he still could not forget the young girl. And by fate, they met again and both of them were having feelings for each other but destiny was cruel to them and the ending is a tragic one.

Merely imagining it can cause a feeling of suspense. It’s similar to Kang Dong Won in <Our Happy Time> and Huan Jung Min in <Man In Love> but YuChun is more capable in touching the hearts of female audiences.

#Wanting to understand the world, the “road movie” of a man who has taken the first step on his growth

With all the people surrounding YuChun, there are many hoobaes who admire him and many sunbaes who share the same passion as he does. YuChun is the kind of man who will do anything with all his best for others, once he opens his heart to them. His concern towards people and his curiosity towards the world are also linked closely together. That is why the way how YuChun’s eyes looks to the world is always warm. Through this gaze, people will try to look into the path of this man, eager to know as to what kind of story he has.

First, it would be very suitable if YuChun will be the lead actor in the film “One Top”.  The lead character is the lead singer of a band. The lead character has been producing his debut album for a long time but it was not successful at all. The response from the critics has been very cold too.

I felt that “there is something wrong” with the lead character riding on an old motorcycle bike, speeding carelessly. During his journey he met an old man in his seventies and drank soju together. Passing by a beach on a midsummer, he jumped into the sea happily. Next, he occasionally heard that his “bad piece of work” was circulated down when he was on his way to Gangwon to club, so he excitedly ruined the stage performance. Just like that, the people he had met and the society has cultivated this man.

Actually, for YuChun, music is something you cannot separate from him.

In these 10 years, he has experimented different genres of music. There are also genres that he has not shown us yet till now. Just like Joe Odagiri in the movie <I wish>, he is a man who has amazing ability even in his own music. Just like Johnny Depp in the movie <What’s Eating Gilbert Grape> who wanted to be a man who understands the world. Trying to imagine YuChun in road movie is also very enjoyable.

# The detective brothers going all around solving cases, new yet predictable comedy

YuChun who loves his family the most, is a filial son who takes care of his mother who is a widow. YuChun even decided that the most important requirement for him to date a woman was “someone whom he can introduce to his mother”. Besides, he also has dreams on acting in the same movie with his brother who is also an actor.

Brothers acting together in the same movie? It would not be okay if it is boring and dull. YuChun’s mischievous image is very suitable to do a comedy detective movie where he can display his abilities as much as he wants. The main characters of the movie are Park YuChun and Park YuHwan as detectives. Even though their capabilities are not acknowledged, everyday they would wear overcoats representing their jobs as detectives and at the same time, acting as the funny brothers. Then one day, a murder was found in a dark corner of the city. The detective brothers accidentally found evidences of the case and started their investigation. The ending of the movie? Wait for the premiere of the movie and confirm it yourself.

#The story of a man who is ignorant about the truth and yet standing at the center of the happenings [Thriller movie]

Having fair skin, dimples on his two cheeks, wrinkles can be seen when he smiles. YuChun’s image is “kind-hearted young man”. He seldom talks. Although he will not get over excited, he also will not lower his tone of voice all the time. Initially he was just a batter who was able to hit the baseball in silence but to everyone’s surprise, he was the triumph card who scored a home run at the mpst important moment. YuChun always has his killer moves when he’s acting. Because he possesses different kind of images, he is able to meet the audience with different kind of images anytime when he is acting.

If he acts as a lead character in a thriller movie, it would be nice if his occupation is a novelist. Audience will think that he was suffering from serious mysophobia in his daily life upon seeing his snowy white hand. No one knows of his secrets. The characters in this novel are the victims of all the incidents happened. The novel is getting hot responses from public but as the popularity of the novel is getting higher, more weird incidents will happen to the author.It is not clear that the lead character of this thriller is a victim or a suspect regarding those incidents. It is a character that any actors would want to try acting in. Yoo Ji Tae in <Old Boy> and Park Hae Il in <Memories of Murder> grew into a real actor through movies.

Just thinking how YuChun is going to portray the image of the novelist already gave me goosebumps.

#The main character who is quick-witted and full of justice in blockbuster

Movie cannot be completed by one person. Nowadays “broadcast through various channels” are popular. The collaborations among actors are very important. Regarding friendly collaborations, YuChun has definite advantage among a lot of actors. This is all thanks to the experiences accumulated from the 10 years of his group activities. Because YuChun matches well with blockbusters so it is very anticipating that he will do very well in it. Compared to being the main leader of the movie, it is more recommended that he becomes the second lead who supports the main lead. If there is a strong character with clear mind, smart and full of justice, it is a character more suitable for him.

The plot of the blockbuster is captivating just because it is simple enough. The plot is about the terrorists attack and cause chaos in the city. The elite anti-terrorist agents are trying to save the situation. Of course the personality of each character is a must. YuChun is the dark horse who has a bizarre way of thinking, quick-witted during crisis and able to overturn the situation. It is totally like <The Dark Knight> and Gordon Joseph-Levitt in <Inception>. If YuChun acts in a blockbuster, I think he will be able to portray the most charming character compared to everyone. 


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