21/04 – [News] Idol Stars Turned Actors are Leading the Hallyu Wave

21/04 – [News] Idol Stars Turned Actors are Leading the Hallyu Wave

Source: News Tomato
Credit: KpopStarz
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06


Korean drama contents are gradually gaining international popularity. Hallyu drama stars dominate the Asian market, and Korean dramas are quickly becoming a major export. In the midst of this drama fad are former idol stars who have successfully converted themselves into big-market actors. Former K-Pop Hallyu stars are quickly becoming K-Drama Hallyu stars.

One of the main reasons former idol superstars are popular among casting directors is the fact that they bring with themselves the international market that they dominated as K-Pop stars. JYJ’s Yoochun and FT Island’s Lee Hongki are the prime examples of this. Since they already have a massive international fanbase, their drama appearances also pique the interest of the same fanbase.

Take this for example: SBS Drama “Three Days” was exported at the highest cost ever for a K-Drama to China prior to its release. “Three Days” was sold for a higher sum than “My Love From The Star.”

If that doesn’t shed a light on idol-actors’ popularity, perhaps these examples may show it.

Yoochun has over 230,000 fans on China’s portal site, Baidu. These fans even present Yoochun with coffee and presents. Recently, the fans pooled money and purchased a billboard in one of Beijing’s malls for $200,000. The billboard reads, “365 Days, 8760 Hours, 525600 Minutes, 31536000 seconds – We miss you every second every day. We wish the best for Yoochun’s new drama ‘Three Days’ and preemptively congratulate you on your success.”

[Omit parts unrelated to Yoochun]

The key to their success lies not in the fact that they were previously popular, but that they are acting very well. Yoochun has received an acting award every year since his acting debut.


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