16/06 – [Photos] Pyjama Party for Yuchun’s 29th Birthday! (By My6002Mr.Park)

16/06 – [Photos] Pyjama Party for Yuchun’s 29th Birthday! (By My6002Mr.Park)

Credit to My6002Mr.Park + Geministar06

Shared by Geministar06

This was my first time joining in for the party~^^

I purposely made a trip down to KL, Malaysia in the morning on 14 Jun 2014 after I came back from Seoul not long ago…

I nearly couldnt made for this trip as my passport was stolen during my Seoul trip

It was indeed a nightmare for me…. I nearly couldnt come back to Singapore

Anyway, I do not want to bring up the unhappiness…

Well~ I feel so great to be invited to this party and met up with the chunsas

We had a lot of funs and shared alot of Yuchun’s stuffs and happenings…

We are all CRAZY gals !

We wanna to celebrate Yuchun’s Birthday though Yuchun’s Birthday had already over…

Though Yuchun was busy with his fanmeet in Guangzhou and we were busy with our celebration in KL…hahaha 😛

We just carried on with our PARTY!

Thanks My6002Mr.Park to organise this celebration party cum meet up…

Thanks for the efforts ^^

Our support to Yuchun will never END!

Our loves to Yuchun will always REMAIN~


While Boss was having a Housewarming Party in Guangzhou yesterday, some Chunsas and JYJers had a crazy fun time celebrating Boss’s Birthday in KL, Malaysia!

You probably can guess what the dress code is… Mickey Mouse Pyjamas!!^^ With a cosy home setting, endless entertainment (from Fanmeet & Black Label DVDs), gifts & goodies for everyone and a great company to spazz with… it was definitely a party we’ll remember forever!!

Happy 29th Birthday, dearest Boss!! We love you!!!

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