19/06 – UPDATED! [Trans] Highlights & Talks from 2014 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming Party in Guangzhou

19/06 – UPDATED! [Trans] Highlights & Talks from 2014 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Housewarming Party in Guangzhou

Translated by: 6004theYeonee (1, 2, 3, 4567, 8) + Sheena
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06


Opening Greetings and Birthday Celebration

Yuchun’s first greeting. He said these 3 sentences all in perfect Chinese (Mandarin to be exact): “Hi everyone. I’m Yuchun. How have you all been so far? I’ve been really good.”

MC said since YC is in Guangzhou, he should teach him some Guangzhou dialect. Firstly, “Lei hou ma? (this is Cantonese, actually).” Yuchun said “Nei hou ma?” but not in the accurate intonation. The MC tried to correct him but YC got confused this time. Instead of “Lei hou ma?” YC said “lei hao ma?” He must have got it mixed up with Mandarin. YC tried again but still not very accurate. The MC let him off anyway.

MC asked fans, “Is he good-looking?” Fans screamed, “YES!!”

MC started off the evening asking YC how is his shoulder. “It’s much better now,” YC said.

MC went on to ask, “Do you have anything to say to all your fans here today?” YC: “This is my first time coming to Guangzhou alone. I am very grateful of your love for me.”

The day of the fanmeeting happens to clash with a huge exam in China. MC told YC that it’s a really huge exam so some people were not able to attend but with the number of fans who are present that night, it shows how much YC is being loved in China. YC was startled. He asked, “Really?”

MC told fans to say ‘saranghaeyo’ to YC.


MC requested that YC makes 3 wishes. Of which 2 he can wish silently at heart while the other 1 he would have reveal to the fans. While YC was closing his eyes to make his wishes, fans started singing Happy Birthday in Korean. Until the second last line, they messed up as they weren’t sure. YC laughed uncontrollably when he heard that.

The wish which YC revealed was, “I would like to have more activities in the future and to meet all of you. That would be great.”


Fans’ Request Section

YC claimed that he does not know about gwiyomi. Fans did not believe him. He explained that he knows the lyrics but not the hand actions. He attempted the first time but his actions weren’t very complete (refer to video). In his second attempt, fans guided him through each action. YC asked what’s the action for 1. He knows about 3. So he asked about 4. Fans showed him and as he was doing it he asked, “Isn’t this Junsu??” XD

MC told the fans that they spotted a request asking YC to dance and YC immediately went, “NO! NO! NO!” as soon as he saw it. YC quickly tried to brush the topic aside but fans began chanting “Dancing! Dancing!” YC shyly shook his hand and head indicating that he does not want to dance.

The next request was to ask YC to sing a song. He was skeptical. “I have not thought of which song to sing.” Hence, the MC told them to move on to the next request and asked YC to pick one on his own. While YC was looking around the message board, MC jokingly scolded, “Those of you who wrote your requests in Chinese are rebellious (not sure if this is the right word to use)! You know that YC oppa can’t read Chinese.”

Fans were chanting something. MC asked, “Are you trying to ask him to treat you to dinner? Well, treat me too!”

YC took some time in picking a request so MC teased, “If the search continues, the fanmeeting will end soon.”

YC finally found something interesting but he could not understand the request. YC and the translator both referred to the MC. So the MC asked fans, “What do you mean by faking double eyelids?” They looked down to the audience who were demonstrating and YC finally understood.

After showing his action of faking double eyelids, YC explained, “The action that I did a while ago, it wasn’t just for fun. It’s a habit. When I wake up in the morning, to see whether or not my eyes are swollen, this (referring to the faking double eyelid action) is what I do to confirm.”


Answering other questions from the post-its on the message board:

One of the questions that was asked was how does Yuchun look after his skin but he refused to take that question.

Next question that was picked: “Park Yoochun oppa, what is the colour of your underwear?” After reading it out, MC scolded the fans, “How could you make me read this out?!” XD Yuchun asked to clarify, “Are you referring to the one I’m wearing now?” Then he said “Blue (in English if I heard correctly)” then “blue (in Korean).”

Yuchun read the next question himself in Korean, “Yuchun oppa, what do you think of China girls?” MC answered on his behalf saying. “China girls are quite perverted because they wanted to know the colour of your underwear!” XD Yuchun’s answer: “There are many Chinese who went to Korea. The Chinese girls I see in Korea are more pure.” He added, “This is my personal thoughts. This is what I derived from those Chinese girls I’ve seen. There’s also a feeling of pure beauty.” MC asked if he feels the same way for older women. YC said, “Yes, the older their age, the more attractive they are.”

The question about the condition of his shoulder. Yuchun read this question himself. His answer: “It doesn’t bother my daily life that much but if I were to exert strength, it still hurts. When I’m showering, it’s uncomfortable to use that shoulder so it’s quite inconvenient. Nevertheless, it has recovered a lot.” MC commented, “When he was talking about shower, what were you (fans) screaming about?!!” XD

A fan wrote her problem saying, “I am about to graduate and I’m 24yrs old this year. I am being dragged out for matchmaking. Yuchun, what should I do? After getting to know you (Yuchun), I do not see anyone else but just you.” MC commented, “For your whole life, you’ll never be able to get married!” XD MC added, “Yuchun, how? (he said 어떻게?). Everyone here is facing the same ‘illness’.” While Yuchun was thinking, MC asked again, “오빠 어떻게? (oppa, ottoke?)”

YC’s answer: “Among those who are present today, I’m sure some of you have boyfriends or husbands.” MC asked if there are fans who are still single and there’s a huge uproar. So MC told YC, “Oppa, you’re so blessed!” XD

YC continued, “I won’t stop you from dating. You should be dating!” MC said, “But you are the type that they are looking for! It’s not easy to find.” To this, YC sighed. “I don’t know how to answer to this.”

Prior to any selection of questions, fans were asking the MC to select for YC but the MC told the fans that the organizer does not allow him to do so. XD

About his skin:
YC spotted a question. “Is this asking me how I manage my skin?” It seemed like he wanted to take that question but after some thinking he muttered, “I don’t know.” So, the MC chose another question for him.

Question on underwear:
When MC read out the question asking about YC’s underwear, you can see from the video that YC was really burdened. XD And for some reason, he suddenly stood up. The MC went to him and told him, “Don’t worry, you do not have to show us!” That’s when YC went, “Ahh..ahh..ahh ahhh ahhh” (Did he actually wanted to show us? *gasps*)

“What do you think about Chinese girls?”
While YC commented that there’s a feeling of pure beauty, the MC spotted a lady in her 40s who was enjoying listening to YC’s comments. YC said he thinks that lady is also attractive. MC asked the lady how long has she been a fan of YC’s and she said 3years. MC responded “3years? Since his drama? Auntie, you have really good taste!” MC told YC to wave to that lady but YC bowed to her instead. (Ahem! A gentleman, he is…)

YC: Back then, I gain and lose weight easily.
YC: I’ve quit drinking. (giggles) I’m drinking much lesser, really. (giggles)
Fans: Eeyyyyyy ~~~
MC: No matter what, drink and eat when it’s necessary because what we need is a healthy Yuchun.
YC: Having less stress is the best way to live healthily, don’t you think?


Fans’ Questions Section

At the beginning of the video, the MC said, “Eating shouldn’t be taken as a question because it will waste an opportunity to ask other questions.”

While YC and the translator were looking for a request, MC reported, “Ms. Translator is rather cheeky. She chose a request asking YC to show off his abs but YC said NO NO NO.” XD

“Seems like Gwiyomi is really well-known,” YC said after looking around the pin board.

“Since this oppa here (referring to YC) cannot fathom what’s written in Chinese, let’s just let him off once.” Fans jeered in refusal. MC questioned, “Do you all really love him?!” Fans yelled yes!

While YC is still looking for a request, fans are cheering “Dancing! Dancing” He stopped to look at the audience but could not figure out what they were saying. So the MC helped him ask the fans.

YC in dejection, “Ahhh…” Then asked, “Is there music?” Though shy and reluctant, he still danced. XD

“The thing is, it has been a long time since we trained in dancing,” YC said.

After the dance, the fanmeeting proceeded to the Q&A session.

Asked what has he been doing for the past 6 months. YC said he has finished filming his movie and drama. Now he is recording the new album. YC said, “I will be resuming recording as soon as I return to Korea.”

About Sea Fog, he said that he also wished that it will be shown in China but it is not up to him to decide.

MC asked if he has any good experience in his visit to Guangzhou this time. YC answered, “It’s not as hot as my previous visit.” There was an uproar and the MC was equally surprised because it was really hot. YC said that it’s not as hot as he imagined it to be.

YC said he really likes Chinese food. There are many side dishes in Chinese cuisine. Side dishes are pricey in Korea but it’s cheap in China so he ate a lot. MC commented that YC is a good thrifty young man.

YC also said that he likes Chinese beer but the alcohol content is higher compared to Korean beer. So he said, “Chinese alcohol tolerance must be high!” Fans screamed “Yes!”

MC asked for fans who had come from different places in China. When MC mentioned Szechuan. YC asked, “How far does it take to come here?” MC told him 2 hours (in English). YC repeated after him in English, “2 hours?”

“It must be tiring for you to drive here,” YC responded after finding out that that are many fans who came from outside of Guangzhou. MC teased him, “Yuchun, there is something called airplane.” YC laughed, “Of course…”


Chef Session – Cooking Time

“The dish which is specially prepared by Park Yuchun,” the MC introduced.

As one of Yuchun’s staffs approached him to help him put on the apron, the MC told the fans, “Actually, this handsome man here is the biggest winner in life.” (Note: Throughout the FM, the MC used this phrase a lot. It’s a way of expressing how lucky he is to be interacting with YC).

YC’s staff bent down to help him tie the apron and the MC teased, “There’s no need to trouble YC for minor things like this.” LOL!

A backstage staff appeared with a transparent box filled with fans’ ticket numbers.

“Next up, we will have YC to prepare lunchbox for us. Of course, this box here has YC’s autograph. Shall I give to you?” MC teased fans and pretended that he was going to toss the empty autographed container to the audience. “Just joking,” MC said.

Conversation between MC and YC during the preparation of kimbap:
MC: Let’s ask if he cooks at home.
YC: (laughing) No…
MC: He has never cooked before?
YC: It’s quite rare for guys to enter the kitchen.
MC: If that’s the case then why have I not bumped into him when I was in Seoul? I’ve bumped into many other artistes.
YC: In restaurants? (asking the the translator). Oh…in Seoul…I don’t know (laughs).
MC: Since he has never cooked at home, I’d like to ask if he’s able to cook.

(While YC is about to slice the cucumber)
MC: Is there cucumber in Korea?
YC: Cucumber, yes.
MC: What is he going to prepare today?
YC: What I’m preparing now is known as kimbap. Do they know? (asking the translator to ask fans)
MC: Kimbap isn’t easy to make either.
YC: This is my first time making kimbap.

(While slicing the cucumber)
YC: Am I doing it right?
Fans: YES!
MC: It doesn’t matter. Tell him that no matter how he does it, it’s still correct.
YC: Although I’m not good at cooking, while I was filming my movie, I learned how to slice sashimi.
MC: Men will be men…Using sashimi slicing skill to slice cucumber. That’s extraordinary.
YC: (laughs) If men are always in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be an embarrassment to girls?
YC: I mean, if we do dishwashing once in a while that’s fine. But if we often spend time in the kitchen, I think the ladies won’t be too happy about it.
MC: YC just found the best excuse to explain why he’s never in the kitchen!
YC: Yes, it’s all because of girls that I cannot cook.
YC: Is he a good cook? (referring to MC)
MC: Not too good either.
YC: That’s why I said, men are not good cooks.

MC: Let’s lie to him later. Even if he didn’t prepare it well, let’s just tell him he did well.
Fans: Don’t like to him!!
MC: He owes you a meal, doesn’t he? He’ll repay you with this (referring to the kimbap).
MC: While this is taking place, can we have some music please?
YC: Do you know how to make kimbap? (asking the translator)
MC: Don’t ask for help. (telling YC). Tell him to do as he likes. (telling the translator)

(Yuchun hesitating)
MC: It really does seem like Brother Chun (天哥) has never stepped into the kitchen…
YC: Do I have to spread some oil on top of the seaweed?
MC: (after listening to fans’ answers) No, because there’s oil in the rice already.

At this point, fans had many things to tell YC. MC tried to listen to what they have to say but could not make a thing out of their many responses.
YC: What are they trying to say?
MC: Silence please. Let’s look for someone with a loud voice.
YC: Are they saying to add more rice? But there are people who prefer eating less rice.

Fans, MC and the translator are basically helping YC with the ingredients of the kimbap while YC is busy arranging the ingredients onto the rice. The video should be self-explanatory. ^^

MC: There’s someone here who just said, “Forget it! Just do it simply!”
MC: How can you give up on him like that?

YC was focused on rolling the kimbap. Fans were telling him not to roll it with the mat.
YC: I don’t understand what they are trying to tell me.

There’s a huge commotion as everyone was trying to teach him how to roll. MC told everyone to quiet down a bit.

YC: Are you saying I should remove this (referring to the mat)?
Still trying to listen to what fans are trying to tell him, he put the mat back underneath.
YC: You mean roll the kimbap alone? Without the mat?

A backstage staff stepped in to help.

Fans are asking YC to bite the kimbap but no one seemed to have caught it.

YC: The rice has cooled down so it doesn’t quite stick to the seaweed.

While YC is concentrating on cutting the kimbap:
MC: Please tell him to be careful with his hand. (telling the translator).
MC: We have to be strict on this because if he cuts his hand, no one wants to be responsible for it. (telling fans jokingly)

MC finally heard what fans were saying.
MC: Are you telling him to bite the kimbap? Why are you so perverted?!

YC: Should I make 2?
(Not sure what happened because the backstage staff and the translator were talking among themselves while the MC proceeded to fans ticket selection)

YC selected 2 lucky fan tickets from the transparent box and the MC announced which area was selected.


Problem-Solving Session

MC: Let’s call upon…(MC & fans together) Park…Yu…Chun!!

MC: Is he handsome? Is he mesmerizing?
Fans: YES!!!
MC: (to YC) Please have a seat.

(MC’s chair and YC’s were quite far apart)
MC: The organizer must be afraid that I might lean on YC so they placed our chairs far apart.
YC: What did he say? (asking the translator) Let me clarify, did he just say that he might lean
on me and pushed me down?… Ok, let’s move on to the next topic. XD

MC: Now it’s time for Yuchun’s Problem Solving Session. We’ve been communicating with you
and we believe that many of you in one way or another are facing some problems in regarding relationships. So, today we’ve invited Master Park here to help solve your problems. Let’s take a look at the first question.

I am a female high school student. I am in a dilemma as I am liking a particular boy. I got to know him via the Internet. He is picky and is like a “big oppa” in school (someone popular among girls). I would like to get closer to him perhaps because he is almost like my ideal type, Actually, I am not even his girlfriend but for some reason I admire him. I’m afraid I’ll lose control of myself. When I am facing problems, I think of him. I think I am beyond cure. I understand that my priority now should be my studies but at the same time I really hope to be with him. So, what should I do now? (the MC actually said 어떻게 ottoke)

YC: Is this person with this problem in this venue right now?
Fans: No.
MC: Many people in this place right now have the same problem, I believe.
YC: But there’s something I’m curious about. This student got to know the boy over the Internet, right? Have they met in person before?
MC: This question…No, they’ve never met. No, no.
YC: If that’s the case then how does she know that he’s a popular boy?
MC: Please tell him that he shouldn’t be asking us. (directed at the translator). This is an
illogical story. Just pretend he is a popular boy.
YC: There’s nother thing I’d like to know. This girl really fancies this boy, right? This boy has
blown the girl off her feet so to speak. Is that right?
MC: Oppa! Oppa! Sshhh~~ (telling YC to stop asking questions XD)
YC: And they met online and that’s how she got attracted?
Fans; Yes!
YC: If the girl in this question is my younger sister, I am utterly against it. It is absolutely
unethical for a boy to seduce a girl over the Internet. If you really want to get to know a girl
then you should make efforts to meet her face-to-face.
MC: Please tell him that he is also seducing fans over the Internet. (directed at the translator)
They are saying that you are seducing them (telling YC)
MC: But…they are being seduced willingly.
YC: They are willingly seduced by me?… That’s why I came to Guangzhou to meet them! Hence, I am not just seducing them online. (Note: YC sniffing for whatever reason! XD)
MC: A very professional answer. Alright, so he was saying that if he was an elder brother of
that girl, he would not allow that to happen. Let’s now twist the situation and say if Yuhwan
is the one seducing the girl online, will he support YH?
MC: (to fans) Is this question professional? (note; He’s basically asking if it’s a good question)
Fans: Professional!
MC: I think he would say yes.
YC: Firstly, I would need to check out to see what type of girl she is. If the girl is not bad then I
think it’s fine. If it’s my younger brother, I can accept but if it’s my younger sister then I won’t be able to accept.
MC: This is to say, men will never choose to be on the losing end.
MC: Ok, so let’s end the first question here and move on to the second question.



Photo Sharing Time

There are no videos of this session yet so I’m just guessing the photo sequence.
1. Selca in the plane.
2. A pic from JYJ Magazine photoshoot.
3. A pic from JYJ Calendar (the one he was playing with Junsu)
4. Pic of YC eating pizza

First pic: YC said that the selca he took on the place was taken immediately after he boarded the plane heading to Guangzhou.

Second pic, YC commented, “This was taken by someone else. So, I’m not sure. It didn’t look nice when I took it myself.”

Third pic, YC’s comment: “When this photo was taken, Junsu was there too. It was taken when I was playing games with Junsu.” MC asked if it was taken in the company or at home. “It was taken when we were outside,” YC replied.

Fourth pic [the audio isn’t clear here so there may be missing bits]: YC said, “There are many types of delicacies in the world. It’s very blessed to be able to eat good food even when filming, don’t you think so?”

He repeated, “I really love eating Chinese side dishes.” MC repeated that he’s a thrifty man. YC said, “I really like eating mapo tofu.” He added, “Last night we had this dish where noodles were added into mapo tofu and eaten together. I think it was really delicious!” MC said he’ll invite YC to Chengdu next time and will treat him mapo tofu.

“There’s a dish in Szechuan which is really spicy, right?” YC asked. [MC explained something to him but the audio wasn’t clear enough [sorry… 😦 ] YC continued, “He wished to explore the streets alone and find a good restaurant where he can slowly savour the taste of good food.”

Disclaimer by translator:
Translations are based on both what Yuchun said in Korean and what the MC and translator said in Chinese. Taken from an audio recording. She’s only human if there are mistakes or mis-translation. ^^


Final Talk
(Note: partially part of his last talk, not full version)

Yuchun: I don’t know what will happen in the future after a lot of time pass by but until then I will work harder in carrying out my activities so that everyone (T/N fans) won’t leave my side. I was born in 1986, right? Well, I think it is an honour that I have met everyone (T/N fans) while I was living in this lifetime since I was born.

[JYJ3’s note: some parts may be out of chronically order but admin is sharing in order of when translations came out]


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