09/07 – [Photos] Park Yuchun’s Drama Event – ‘Missing You’ Fanmeeting

09/07 – [Photos] Park Yuchun’s Drama Event – ‘Missing You’ Fanmeeting

Live tweets and pictures credits: @Jen_BabyLove + @smile0051 + @Sky5chjes1Love + @3smile_jyj + @rinmomo0604 + @Sheenathe6004 + @lovemickysmile6 + @Jeje0309 + @JJ_Naaa + @luv_khj + @babyskymicky + @nozuchan + @SIXZEROZEROTWO + @hellyryther + @xiahfuji
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

  • Given at the entrance [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • [via @smile0051]
  • [via @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Playing IMY clip [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • Yellow flowers [from DATV, KNTV, & NBC (big TV channels in Japan)] | お花も黄色! [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • [via @liramicky]
  • Yuchun starting |유천 시작~~~~^^ [via @3smile_jyj]
  • project-planning for Yuchun | 유천 기획~~~>ㅁ<)/ [via @3smile_jyj]
  • 古家さんとバナーの練習! [via @rinmomo0604]
  • [via @xiahfuji]
  • MC came out to trach us surprise act for Yuchun. Not started. Going to be fun seeing his expression! Yes we are using that yellow paper [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • YC appeared! 유천 등장! RT @lovemickysmile6: ユチョンがセンター席の通路から登場! [via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Yuchun appeared from the pathway of the center seats RT @lovemickysmile6
  • OMG he looks Gorgeous [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • [via @Jeje0309]
  • 飛んでる! [via @JJ_Naaa]
  • Singing Magic Castle RT @Sky5chjes1Love
  • [via @nozuchan]
  • きゃー♡ [via @JJ_Naaa]
  • 空飛ぶユチョンさん😍💕
    めっちゃ笑顔❤️❤️ [via @luv_khj]
  • Yuchun is shy and chewing his lips | ユチョン照れてます。くちびる噛んでる [via @babyskymicky]
  • The yellow paper even is successful! | 黄色い紙をあげるイベント大成功ヽ(;▽;)ノ [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Showing scenes chosen by fans | ファンが選ぶ名場面集 [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • NG because the yellow umbrella shook a lot [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Due to the cold winter, there were NGs because the umbrella shook when the wind blew [RT @JJ_Naaa]
  • 楽しそう^^ [via @nozuchan]
  • Yuchun said he wanted to wrap a muffler around her (Suyeon?) [RT @babyskymicky]
  • wow yellow ocean [RT bakubaku via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Yesterday, YC came to JP after 1y n 3months and worried and was nervous whether he could do the FM in Japanese [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Showing kissing scenes
    YC said he felt embarrassed during the kissing scenes
    YC was grinning when he was shy [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Best remains in memory while filming IMY: Cold because it’s winter and having NGs because the umbrella shook [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Audience screamed when they were showing the kissing scene [RT Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Yuchun’s face turned red! [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • When kiss scene was showed, yoochun said he didn’t do the kiss scene well, and his face turned red. [via @SIXZEROZEROTWO]
  • Since it’s been 1 year and 3 months he came to Japan, YC practiced his Japanese last night [RT @babyskymickyvia @Sheenathe6004]
  • YC said JJ’s kissing scene was better.
    YC said he used toothpaste before the kissing scene
    When YC hears “CUT!” during the kissing scene he wondered if he had done well or if he should have done more [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Before kissing scenes, YC brushes his teeth and thinks about wanting the filming done quickly [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Have you never been drunk? He does, when he got back, he slept in the toilet; he’s the type where his head hurts. He can’t drink 96% of spirit? [via @hellyryther]
  • Manager A: Because YC doesn’t get drunk, he remembers other’s mistakes. Once, they drank 15 bottles of whisky in 2 hours at 6 [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • From Manager A, ‘He’s such a heavy drinker,he won’t get drunk no matter how much he drinks. in 2 hrs, 6 ppl finished 15 bottles of whiskey [via @hellyryther]
  • Charge of sleepyhead prince;from Manegar-san. Whatever it is,he does not wake up. Unless you wake him up in a bizarre/weird way, he won’t wake up. YC-I wake up lately. Usually mom would wake me up saying, ‘let’s go to school’ [via @hellyryther]
  • He practiced showing his sleeping face. He showed how he sleeps in the car;using his shoulder as the pillow and sleeps [via @hellyryther]
  • YC said he prefers sweet coffee rather than the bitter one. [RT @babyskymicky]
  • He likes Milkiss and squid-peanuts. Compared to bitter coffee, he likes sweet coffee. [via @hellyryther]
  • MC-First solo event, how do you feel? YC-A bit shy.
    YC is nervous and he bit his lips a lot. [RT @babyskymicky via @hellyryther]
  • YC-It’s been 15 months long since he had activity in Japan Yesterday when he arrived, I worried about myself in Japanese. So yesterday I started to practice Japanese again since I haven’t been using it [via @hellyryther]
  • He’s shy during kiss scenes. After talking about kissing scenes, the camera focused on his lips. [via @hellyryther]
  • MC-You seem to taste the kiss slowly? YC-I’m not good at kissing, I don’t know how am I supposed to improve..Compared to me, Jaejoong’s kiss scenes are better, he seems like a DO-S (sadistic/one who controls the kiss). I brush my teeth before kiss scenes.
    After ‘CUT!’,I’d wonder is it ok? Should I do more? [via @hellyryther]
  • YC does not really eat sweet chocolate [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Manager B: Anyways, he doesn’t get up even if you wake him up. YC: that was then, i get up well these days. [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • YC likes Milkiss (Kr beverage), peanut squid cookies, strawberry smoothie [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Beer and squid peanuts is good too.. Noon its milkiss, at night it’s beer. He likes strawberry smoothie,since he doesn’t eat chocolate,strawberry is just nice. [via @hellyryther]
  • YC doesn’t eat much chocolate [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Even if he needs to run 200km to eat grilled fish, he would do so. [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • When he wants to eat sth, he goes to eat it no matter how long it takes to travel [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Charge of a calm bonehead. When there’s something he want to eat, he’d go no matter how long it takes to get to the place. YC-Once I decided to do it,I’d do it.
    Whatever he wants to eat, he’d go.The other day,in SK, he traveled 200km to have grilled fish. When he got back,’Today’s tiring..’ [via @hellyryther]
  • From Manager san;Charge of being able to see through people- He has a sharp eye which could see through a person. He could see if a person is honest or not. He’s the type who’d know how to match with the surroundings. [via @hellyryther]
  • YC doesn’t like chocolate because it’s too sweet but if it’s sweet like strawberry smoothie level, it’s OK [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Recently, he went to eat broiled fish at around 200 km of distance, when he came back he said he was a bit tired [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • 5 fans were chosen to play as Suyeon; will act as Suyeon in some drama scenes
  • First acting scene for the chosen fan: Clipping bangs with clothespin [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Punishment-Becoming SooYeon! To reenact scenes with Yoochun. The first 5 people selected will have to reenact the scene of putting the clothes pin.
    YC-You have such a perfect forehead. Mine is a bit wider though..XD [via @hellyryther]
  • Scenes w fans as SY: 1. scene where JW puts clothespin on SY’s bang. YC used pink clothespin. [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Second scene to act out: Becoming friends at the slide (playground) [RT @babyskymicky]
  • Second act out scene: At the slide where Jungwoo says “찾았다” Chajatta! [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Reenacting, Scene 2: JW finds SY under the slide and says “Found you! Let’s be friends, Lee Suyeon!” [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • 3rd act out scene: Staring at each other under the yellow umbrella [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Reenacting, Scene 3: Walking with Jungwoo while holding the umbrella [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • 4th act out scene: Wrapping the red scarf around the neck
    While putting on the scarf, YC said “You might catch a cold.” [RT @babyskymicky]
  • Reenacting, scene 4: JW wraps SY with the red muffler. YC wrapped himself first then put off & wrapped fan “you will have a cold” [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • 5th act out scene Deleting memory [RT @babyskymicky]
  • Reenacting, scene 5: SWAAAH~~~ “bad memories, all erased!” [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • They also reenacted the scenes from-I found you (under the slides), let’s be friends; looking into each others eyes under the same shared umbrella; putting the red muffler. YC took the red muffler and said, ‘You’ll catch cold,’ and coiled the muffler O_O Last was the hand gesture of that magic words ‘Suwa~’ [via @hellyryther]
  • When it’s over, YC said “Byebi- (Bye Bye Baby) to fans who were leaving down the stage [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Yuchun is having a break to change [RT @babyskymicky + @lovemickysmile6]
  • Before going to a short break, YC said, Byebiii~ [via @hellyryther]
  • Part 1 ended. YC went out to get prepared for Part 2. Showing drama Making-off [RT @Gemini_0604 via @Sheenathe6004]
  • Second part soon [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • YC came back wearing a checkered red jacket, “Ohisashiburi desu~” [via @hellyryther]
  • YC changed into black pants and red jacket! [RT @JJ_Naaa]
  • After changing his clothes, yoochun went to stage and said long time no see. [via @SIXZEROZEROTWO]
  • Question time for Yuchun [RT @ Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Question: Can you continuously wait for someone for 14 years?
    Yuchun answered “NO” [RT @lovemickysmile6]
  • Question: Can a guy and girl stay purely as friends? YC said no [RT @babyskymicky]
  • Q: Can there be only friendship between a man and a woman?
    YC: It is not likely possible for me personally.. Ah.. they can’t be [RT @Gemini_0604 via rilanna of JYJ3]
  • Junsu has a video message for Yuchun IN JAPANESE
    Next video message is from JJ [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • JJ’s message was very long and Yuchun said, “Long!” [RT @JJ_Naaa]
  • Soulmate!!Jaejoong is giving his message now…and it’s long~~~ XD [via @hellyryther]
  • Q: Can you kiss in front of your mom like one of the ‘Missing You’ scene?
    YC: I absolutely cannot
    If I’m married, I might have to in front of my children; but I won’t in front of my mom [RT @Gemini_0604 via rilanna of JYJ3]
  • YC: I was moved/touched and cried when I stood on stage
    I was really glad to have debut in Japan, too
    I want to be active in Japan, I like you and I even like Japan
    It’s been 10 years that’ve passed and I want to continue going on
    I’m happy to meet you as a singer, in dramas, as JYJ, passed TVXQ [RT @Gemini_0604 via rilanna of JYJ3]
  • Yuchun said being able to debut in Japan in 2004 as.DBSK, then becoming JYJ and now do dramas, he’s very lucky
    Yuchun wants to continue activities in Japan [via @Jen_BabyLove]
  • To be honest with you, thank you for today first of all
    I’m new to doing an event alone in Japan and I can have spoken well in Japanese
    Before next year comes, I’ll surely be back here in Japan as one of 3 people!!
    I promise you
    I’ll surely be back as three in Japan, wait for me/us till then [RT @Gemini_0604 via rilanna of JYJ3]
  • YC singing An Empty Space For You now [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • YC promised that JYJ will go to Japan before next year! [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Fans screaming “ENCORE!” [RT @Sky5chjes1Love]
  • Yuchun shooting signed balls while moving around in a tram [RT @lovemickysmile6via]
  • Heart-shaped paper planes falling from above [RT @lovemickysmile6via]
  • Before end of the year, he promised that the 3 of them will come to Japan [cr. @mikiko6002 via @hellyryther]


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