28/07 – [News] ‘Sea Fog’ Park, Yoochun to Make Perfect Debut as An Actor!

28/07 – [News] ‘Sea Fog’ Park, Yoochun to Make Perfect Debut as An Actor!

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Press screening for a flim ‘Sea Fog’ was held at CGV in Wangsimni, Seongdong-gu in July 28. director Shim Sung-bo, Kim Yun-seok, (Park) Yoochun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-joon, Moon Sung-keun, Kim Sang-ho and Yoo Seung-mok participated.

‘Sea Fog’ is a movie about 6 crewmen who go sailing in the hopes of returning with a full load of fish. They get involved in an uncontrollable event as they take on stowaways.

(Park) Yoochun plays Dong-sik, the youngest crewman, who falls in love with Hong-mae(Han Ye-ri) at first sight. (Park) Yoochun calmly talked about his first movie after he watched it.

He said, “I became little emotional after I watched the poster. I can understand crewmen and feel sorry about them at the same time. I had a lump in my throat at the scene of Dong-sik founding Hong-mae in the fishroom, and of Hong-mae beating Dong-sik saying ‘take me home.’”

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Regarding the bed scene with Han Ye-ri, he said, “They were people who were unable to get to know what will happen at all. It was the moment that they were desperate to survive. Many things crossed my mind. I was very sad at the moment I shoot the scene. I felt sad even today.”

Park makes his debut as an actor with this movie. He had to express wide range of emotions and had to speak in Jeolla-do accent in this movie. He stated, “Seniors gave me a documentary. I learned through the documentary. I practiced a lot and sometimes recorded what I said. I tried my best to sound like Jeolla-do person.”

When asked if he has any pressure on success of this movie, “I watched the whole movie today. I was little bit concerned if I could describe Dong-sik well at first. Now, I feel that I will think of this film more as time goes by.”

Film ‘Sea Fog’ opens in August 13.

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