29/07 – [News] JYJ Rises to the Top of Music Charts with New Album!

29/07 – [News] JYJ Rises to the Top of Music Charts with New Album!

Source: StarNews
Credit: Koreaboo
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

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JYJ has achieved an all-kill status less than an hour after releasing their 2nd studio album on July 29th at 12am KST!

On Melon, MNet, Genie, Olleh, Naver, and Cyworld music charts, among others, JYJ grabbed first place with their title song “Back Seat” in the 1am real-time chart listing. In addition, “Letting Go”, “Age 7”, “Dad, You There?” and other follow-up songs have showed up on the charts!

After releasing their album in 2011 with “In Heaven”, they have finally returned after 3 long years. Their new album holds all sorts of genre that a fan would want: acappella songs that highlights JYJ vocals and harmony, emotional and touching ballads, groovy and rhythmical upbeat songs, and many other genres.

JYJ was also highly involved with the album-making, participating as both a composer and lyricist. The lyrics of “Letting Go”, a song about departed lovers and their regret, was written by Junsu and the rap-making written by Yuchun.

Including the aforementioned “Letting Go”, Yuchun helped write and compose a total of three songs including “Thirty”, a song about approaching the age of thirty, and “Dad, You There,” which was a message to Yuchun’s father who passed away two years ago.

Jaejoong participated in the writing and composing of four songs, including “Let Me See”, “BaBoBoy”, “Dear J”, and “Creation”.

Many of the songs on this album was recorded in America, including “Valentine” featuring American artist Chris Brown.

JYJ will be meeting fans between July 31st and August 3rd to celebrate “2014 JYJ Membership Week,” completed with a comeback showcase to be held on the last day.

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