29/07 – [News] You Will Overwhelmingly Immerse in This Strong and Dignified Story – The Press Screening of Film ‘Sea Fog’

29/07 – [News] You Will Overwhelmingly Immerse in This Strong and Dignified Story – The Press Screening of Film ‘Sea Fog’

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Sea fog is the device that makes crewmen’s sight blurry, but it also symbolizes their desolate future. _Director Shim Sung-bo

Press screening for the flim ‘Sea Fog’ was held at CGV in Wangsimni, Seongdong-gu in July 28. Following the press screening, the press conference was also held. Director Shim Sung-bo, Kim Yun-seok, (Park) Yoochun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-joon, Moon Sung-keun, Kim Sang-ho and Yoo Seung-mok participated.

‘Sea Fog’ is a movie about 6 crewmen who go sailing in the hopes of returning with a full load of fish. They get involved in an uncontrollable event as they take on stowaways.

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How will the relationship of Park Yoochun, Han Ye-ri and Lee Hee-joon be described in the film?

Director Shim Sung-bo stated, “This flim is based on its original play script. So, we could discuss the story a lot before shooting so that actors and actresses could be the characters themselves. They definitely performed excellent in the film.”

He added, “It was tough to decide how big the ship should be. I decided it based on the concept of a thriller. It is because I wanted to show stuffiness that space itself can give to human beings and add some fun to the movie through the space.

When asked how much effort he put in order to be a crewman, Kim Yun-seok, who plays captain ‘Gang Chul-joo,’ said, “I watched a lot of documentaries relating to the story of the film.”“I think environment around me helped me a lot in terms of shooting this film,” he added.

He also stated, “We took 10km trip on a boat every morning. Then, we can meet a ship ‘Jeonjin,’ which we actually shoot on. We were isolated in that area until we finished shooting. We all looked exactly crewmen afterward. Some people didn’t even recognize us in filthy outfit.

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Han Ye-ri plays Hong-mae, who makes Dong-sik falls in love with her at first sight.

Han Ye-ri who plays ethnic korean ‘Hong-mae’ said, “I had to have great physical strength to work with 6 strong men. All the actors were very nice to me. But, I was treated as a man like other actors when shooting. I also thankful that I’ve got gift of ‘people’ from this movie. This is why ‘Sea Fog’ is special to me.”

She also referred to the bad scene with Park Yoochun saying, “I assume Dong-sik might think Hong-mae would die because he already witness other people dead. He might want to touch something or somebody alive. I just focused on the emotion Dong-sik might feel inside. ”

Lastly, Kim Yun-seok stated, “I heard that ‘Sea Fog’ is the forth blockbuster among the blockbuster movies that have been released in this summer so far. I can guarantee that this film has its own uniqueness and conviction with a lot of efforts put in it. ”

‘Sea Fog’ opens in August 13.

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