05/08 – [News] JYJ Successfully Wraps up ‘JYJ Membership Week’ by Gathering 18,000 Fans

05/08 – [News] JYJ Successfully Wraps up ‘JYJ Membership Week’ by Gathering 18,000 Fans

Credit: Mwave
Shared by: Geministar06

JYJ’s free fan service event 2014 JYJ Membership Week has closed its curtains.

C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, stated on August 4, “2014 JYJ Membership Week, which took place between July 31 and August 3 in COEX has successfully ended. A total of 18,000 fans from in and out of Korea were able to make precious memories through the membership week.”

The exhibition included ‘JYJ club,’ which presented a mix of JYJ’s hit songs and displayed a video of the members DJing, the music video set for the title song Back Seat, the dress room that displayed over 600 outfits that JYJ wore for previous concerts and performances and more.

The event also featured a book café where the fans could enjoy looking through JYJ’s magazines while enjoying ice cream, the ‘JYJ theatre’ which displayed the members’ recent activities and behind the scene clips and the sticker photo shop, where the fans could take sticker pictures with the members’ photos in the background.

An affiliate stated, “JYJ’s membership week, which has been carried out each year to communicate with the fans, allowed a closer fan interaction this year and their satisfaction was very high. The membership week has already held its third annual event. We will continue to work hard to make opportunities for the fans to interact with JYJ.”

On August 2 and 3, special fan meetings were held for previously selected fans. Over the two days, JYJ met with 4,000 fans from Japan and 6,000 fans from Korea, sharing talks and playing various games, spending good times with each other.

JYJ said, “We’re happy that we have this opportunity to make good memories with the fans every year. We would like to continue to spend time with the fans through events like this.”

4,000 fans made their way from Japan to attend JYJ’s membership week this year. An affiliate stated, “With some saying that hallyu wave has been dying off in Japan, the fact that 4,000 fans came from Japan to see JYJ is news to be welcomed by the travel industry as well. The fact a large number of fans enter the country to attend JYJ’s membership week shows JYJ’s influence.”


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