05/08 – [Interview] ‘Sea Fog’ Director Shim Sung-bo, “Park Yoochun and me both are rookies… we are bounded together by a common destiny”

05/08 – [Interview] ‘Sea Fog’ Director Shim Sung-bo, “Park Yoochun and me both are rookies… we are bounded together by a common destiny”

Source: Wow TV
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Recently, prior to the release of movie ‘Sea Fog’(director: Shim Sung-bo, production company: Haemoo Co., Ltd), Shim Sung-bo divulged in an interview with Hankyung TV Blue News: “I had needed an actor who could act the role and is around his mid-20s. I needed an actor with an innocent(/naive) image. That’s exactly why he was Park Yoochun”.

Previously, Producer-director Bong Joon-ho had said “Director Shim Sung-bo chose Park Yoochun. Director Shim Sung-bo was very interested in Park Yoochun. To an extent, he chose who appeared in all of his works actually”. On this, curiosity over how Yoochun will portray [his character] in ‘Sea Fog’ is further heightened, if it is true.

Shim Sung-bo disclosed, “I had never thought of Park Yoochun as a singer. Only, I invested a lot of thoughts for a colleague who had done a lot of dramas, who wanted to try doing a movie for the first time. He is a colleague who has act through dramas but had look at the script’s scenarios. I didn’t think of him as a singer because of he himself had wanted to do it, his cinematic ardor, his resolve to work hard”.

Continuing Shim Sung-bo said, “I had thought that since there were actors with broad ranges of experiences, on the filming set, then he should continue to or had to evolve naturally. I arranged for his ‘all-in’ [T/N: total immersion in] to the movie and the clearing of his schedule completely, I didn’t yield at all. It seems like Park Yoochun himself did have his share of hitting bumps. Although it hasn’t met the general audience yet, the assessments of the people who’ve seen the movie are pouring out to some certain extent”.

In addition, Shim Sung-bo admitted “He had a good image when we met actually. He was a warm-hearted person. His presence itself fits with Dong-shik. I believed that Park Yoochun can transform into a real movie actor as did Dong-shik changes in the flow of events. He portrayed that kind of picture. I am also a rookie, and was filming depending on him as though I am bounded together by a common destiny with Park Yoochun also being a rookie”.

In the meantime, ‘Sea Fog’ is the story about six crew members –who had set sail bearing the dream of [having their boat with] a full load of fish– ferrying stowaways in an unknown sea fog to which they cannot see what’s in front of themselves. It will open on August 13. Rated 19+, not for adolescents. It’s running time is 111 minutes.

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