05/08 – [News] JYJ’s to hold exclusive concert; expressed their goals for the concert

05/08 – [News] JYJ’s to hold exclusive concert; expressed their goals for the concert

Credit: Asia Today EN
Shared by: Geministar06

Coming back with the 2nd regular album ‘JUST US,’ JYJ expressed their goals for the concert.

On the 3rd in the afternoon, JYJ held press conference for the showcase and fan meeting at COEX, Seoul. Kim Jae Joong stated that “Despite busy schedule, all members have tried their best to prepare the concert. We would like to enjoy the stage while entertaining all fans”

Also, added to this, “I think what matter is weather condition. I hope it will neither rain or too hot. Hopefully the weather will be perfect for everyone can enjoy.”.

Park Yoo Chun explained “It has been quite a while to perform as ‘JYJ.’ I’m very much looking forward it and pretty thrilled. I have always been on the stage, but this concert means a lot to me.”

Also, he said “I wish we can do best. I hope no one gets hurt. I wish we’ve got big applause at the end of the show because we perform as three, JYJ. That makes me practice hard.”

Jun su showed his ambition for the show saying “It’s been a while to be on the stage as JYJ. I’m very looking forward to it. Popular dancers especially are coming from the U.S to join us at the show. We would like to present the perfect show.”

JYJ has come back with the 2nd album ‘JUST US’ on 29th July and the title song is ‘BACK SEAT.’
JYJ will have a concert under the title of ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING,’ to meet 40 thousand fans at the Seoul Jamshil Main Studio on the coming 9th.

At the concert, they will perform tracks in the 2nd album, including the title song, ‘BACK SEAT,’ and other hit songs. JYJ will go on Asia tour staring with the concert in Seoul.


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