19/08 – [Trans] JYJ Yuchun, a born actor and a singer “Gaining 5kg…. If it is for my work, I don’t mind if my looks are ruined”

19/08 – [Trans] JYJ Yuchun, a born actor and a singer “Gaining 5kg…. If it is for my work, I don’t mind if my looks are ruined”

Source: Kstyle
Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

There are 2 descriptions for JYJ Yuchun. “Popular idol group JYJ’s member” is one, and the other is “popular actor in his 20s”. While promoting the release of 2nd album [JUST US] after 3 years, Yuchun also stands in front of fans on movie screens with new movie “Sea Fog”. He is a singer and an actor.

Many people may be like that, but Yuchun is notably serious about both. No one thing is considered simple, and no one thing is taken lightly. Under such circumstances (T/N: busy with both work), it will not be strange for him to neglect one over the other, but it is absolutely not so. As a singer, he treats music seriously and tries to get close to it earnestly, and when he talks about acting, his aspirations and ambition as an actor show.

Perhaps his greed towards both stems from him feeling the different charms in such different work, so that he cannot give up any one. The joy of conveying messages as an actor with his acting to the public, and as a singer using music as consolation to people is huge.

[In “Sea Fog” I wear sailor attire, and when I think that I may be able to dress up and wear those again, it becomes enjoyable and the ability to show different appearances is part of this job. I am lucky and I find this enjoyable. The ability to convey messages is part of the job as an actor and I find this really meaningful. I am lucky, and I find it a huge responsibility and very enjoyable. On the other hand, a singer needs to give hope in a short span of time but the consolation to a listener is greater. Music is created for people to think about while moving around in a car every day. I think music is what gives consolation within that short time.]

I first try meeting Yuchun, the actor. He was preparing for the release of “Sea Fog”, and while he talks about what he thinks, he explained why he stepped into this difficult production. He talked about how his “aspiration as an actor” is so big. “Sea Fog” is a good step forward, a growing opportunity for him to walk the path of an actor from  now onwards.

“I was the one who told my agency I want to act in this. At that time, my agency told me to think a bit more over it. Many people told me that they did not expect this. But I thought to myself, is acting in this really unexpected? Because of my aspiration to act and my will to continue the acting path from now, I don’t know what others think but I wanted to try whether I fail or succeed.”

His serious attitude towards acting was evident when he talked about the bed scene in “Sea Fog”. This is his debut movie, and as one of the leads, his looks in this role is surely important to capture many female fans, but the bed scene doesn’t show much of Yuchun’s face. He was supposed to hug his counterpart, actress Han Yeri (as Hong Mei), cry, and then move on to the bed scene. Yuchun was burying his face crying on the back of Han Yeri. He put more importance on the movie overall rather than his face, and never hesitated on useless things. In reality, he gained 5kg for this production and came to the interview as he is (T/N: round).

“We took the crying scenes 3 times and the original OK cut was without me showing my face. But then the director said I should be showing my face so we had to re-take. However, I thought viewers should be able to feel my emotions without seeing my face and wanted to use my initial take. Luckily that cut was used (laugh). I’m fine without showing my face. Hmmm, there is no problem at all destroying my looks too. I have to gain 5kg for this production so I ate with a peace of mind (laugh)”.

He was also very serious drawing his future as a singer. In contrast to the other members, he has not release a solo album but he said he will release this when he is more grown up. He doesn’t think lightly of music, and he says he wants to convey his feelings through music when he notices something.

“I want to release music of my own independently. However, I’m not greedy yet. I do have the urge to try but I think it is still too early. When time past, I want to release something that is not for the sake of holding activities but only when I feel something, realize something, and when I begin to change.”

There is still no album released under the name “Yuchun” but he did release a comeback album after 3 years with members. He said he enjoyed working on this album after so long, and that the the album will leave a strong memory for him especially. Although this is something usual to him (T/N: releasing albums), he felt really excited.

“It was fun during the creation of this album. Because I didn’t release solo album, it’s been a while for me to do production work, and recording, talking, being with members was really fun. The other 2 members were busy and we couldn’t meet often, but the producing work was fun and exciting. Even though this is not new to us, we felt excited (laugh). I still don’t know the reaction to the album yet. When I was at my movie crank-up (T/N: filming completed) celebration, Junsu sent me an email on the mobile saying my movie was interesting. At that time we also talked about the album, and although I don’t know why, we felt certain helplessness towards the other. This album is like our present for each other. I have a feeling that this album will really leave a strong memory”


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