25/09 – [Photos] JYJ’s Yuchun Focus ~ Concert in Shanghai ‘RETURN OF THE KING’ (By Geministar06)

25/09  – [Photos] JYJ’s Yuchun Focus ~ Concert in Shanghai ‘RETURN OF THE KING’ (By Geministar06)

Credit and Shared by Geministar06

This was my first time flying to Shanghai for JYJ’s concert

I have never been to Shanghai before and my this trip was indeed short and tight….

It was fun to meet up some of my overseas chunsas..

Well ~ I could say the concert in Shanghai was really FANTASTIC!!!

Just that I had difficulties to take photos as the fans who were sitting infront kept waving their lightsticks

I was quite upset and pissed off that my specially made ledboard couldn’t bring into the venue

But I still could see some fans smuggled in….

I was surprised that C-JES official goods could not be found in Shanghai, except those unofficial goods..

End up I didnt get to buy the black new tee and the uchiwa I want…..

Btw, the purpose why I chose to go Shanghai and watched the concert was because China has no restriction on taking photos and even video taking….

I was sitting in Row 2 and my seat for this time compared to SEOUL & HONG KONG , was damn GOOD!

The stage was so near me and I could see Yuchun in such close position

My photo skills was not as professional as like others

And I was using normal digital camera to take the photos….

Let’s sit back and enjoy viewing the photos^^



Fans were queuing to go into the hall….

g81 g82

Really love this lightstick very much…. >.<

g74 g75 g76 g77 g78g0g1g2g3g4g5g6g7g8g9g10g11g12g13g14g15 g16 g17 g18 g19 g20 g21 g22 g23 g24 g25 g26 g27 g28 g29 g30 g31g32 g33 g34 g35 g36 g37 g38 g39 g40 g41 g42 g43 g44 g45 g46 g47 g48 g49 g50 g51 g52 g53 g54 g55 g56 g57 g58 g59 g60 g61 g62 g63 g64 g65 g66 g67 g68 g69 g70 g71 g72 g73

This was the ledboard I wanted to bring in with me…unfortunately I was stopped by the staff 😦


With 2 china fans cum friends


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