01/10 – [FULL TRANS] Singles Magazine – July 2014 Issue – Park Yuchun’s Interview

01/10 – [FULL TRANS] Singles Magazine – July 2014 Issue – Park Yuchun’s Interview

Source: Singles Magazine
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

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{T/N: Although the July issue has been out for some time. I’ve decided to translate this. The translation has taken up a lot of my time and effort, but I know many JYJ fans out there would want to know and understand the present Yuchun more. I really enjoy reading this interview, and I hope you enjoy it too!)

The Man Who Turns Into Light, Park Yuchun
Park Yuchun threw himself on top of the rustling white bedsheets while scratching his foot. “I was bitten by 10 mosquitoes last night”. The faces of those staff gathered from 6am at the hotel room, trying to get away from the Macao heat which can make you lose your reasoning, began to soften (T/N: after Yuchun said that). Despite still having to make a few more clothes change (T/N: for the photo-shoot), Yuchun continued on and even boast that he can finish this kind of tough job by the morning, and his prediction was correct. There was Park Yuchun who approaches the staff himself, and there were staff who trust him. Even though no information was put up at official channels about the schedule of this photo-shoot in Macao, fans waited at the airport. Same with the day he headed back to Korea. When the bus window was opened, the happy birthday song rang throughout Macao international airport. His birthday was 2 days ago. News reported that 6000 people attended his individual fan meeting a few days later. Since his debut, there was never a moment when the public didn’t want him.

From <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> to <Three Days>, his filmography has turned more and more solid, capturing the attention of those in the production industry.  His screen debut and soon to premiere <Sea Fog> will prove the type of attention he gets at Chungmuro (central of Korea’s film industry). From his face being able to reflect different characters, the plausible (believable) voice, the sincerity in his approach on acting, a personality that doesn’t turn his effort into stress, to the flexible senses immersed in his body. The acting quality he possesses is so versatile….. Over everything else, acting is the most heart-fluttering thing to Park Yuchun.

However, when we asked him to say something about the period he is passing through now, the response he gave was “rope-walking period”. Just like how one cannot explain about falling in love, no words can express his emotions towards acting and music and hence this peek into his incomplete expression. We will also see how he uses humor to fill-up the silence during our conversation endlessly.

But his “rope-walking” did not come out as just ALL uneasiness. It is also walking by taking cautious steps with extreme focus. The long experience being a star, the road towards being an actor which started-off like destiny. The search for an answer while taking peeks within himself at a place where it looks familiar but yet not used to. In an era where everyone thinks about and tries to appear young, this man who so single-mindedly insists on being natural and best as he is, talked about the rules of strong players in long-term battles. This was 3 hours away from boarding his plane and our last day in Macao..

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(T/N: below is the interview)

Q: It’s been a while since you stood in front of the camera in a bright concept. The image of your works during this period was also strong as colorless. Both characters and atmosphere.
6002: Everything other than that orange blouson (T/N: jacket) was great. That blouson was too hot, really.

Q: I heard you dislike dying your hair bright.
6002: Not that I dislike it or because of an actor’s image, but I felt that probably it will no longer come out like how it did during those days of my singing activities. It’s like I’m not comfortable with creating things for comparing. Actually, everything is best as it is. Even if on the surface it doesn’t appear sophisticated, it has its own flavor that way too. Eyebrows trimmed to perfection, glowing skin are good to look at, but to always go after perfection is itself a stress.

Q: It takes time for an actor to get out from his roles. Have you gotten out from Han Tae Kyung of <Three Days> yet?
6002: I think I did without much probem. <Rooftop Prince>, that was tough. Han Tae Kyung at the beginning was a figure of many really stiff, dry and tasteless scenes but when the story moved along these figures crumbled. That was why I could let him flow away and send it off naturally, and came back to being myself. Even so whenever I see suits I think of Tae Kyung ….. (laugh) When the stylist bring a shirt, I go “my badge?” (T/N: asked for it)

Q: Many assessed that your gaze while acting has improved even more.
6002: I was shooting movie <Sea Fog> 5 months before <Three Days>. At that time I focused on putting effort into my gazes. Since it was my first movie, I was unused to the different tempo from drama-shooting, and there were also difficulties in matching the timing during acting, but my seniors there advised that it will be alright as long as my eyes show the nervousness required. I think that extended to my filming of this drama. The amazing thing about eyes is that even when my voice shake, if my eyes are not, it will look like I am not shaking at all.  Eyes are the beginning of emotions. I tried to retain what I feel/see in my eyes even after I finish my lines but when I think about it all the time I couldn’t do it well. So I remember trying to forget about doing so.

Q: Wasn’t it difficult doing your first action acting?
6002: It was a new experience putting emotions into actions. Since you get exhausted quickly, there is no choice but to cut-up scenes and shoot them. But then it becomes difficult to connect your emotions. Many times we had to cover-up with camera angles and visual effects. It was tough but I understood a little about why people do action movies.

Q: It is important to feel the tempo in action acting.
6002: I hear people saying that because I did singing activities my feel of rythm is good. When we shot <Sea Fog>, I heard that Kim Yoon Seok senior also said that when I had to put myself in-between someone to get bashed during the fighting scenes, I always came into the scene at the same timing.

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Q: In the BTS, we see you going back immediately to becoming the playful Park Yuchun whenever someone said “Cut!”.
6002: I have my own know-how about enjoying while shooting all the scenes. During standby, I keep thinking about going into the scene maintaining certain emotions but you are already nervous at that stage. There are times when you standby for a long time that the emotions you try so hard to maintain began to crumble. Also, when you have to re-take scenes again and again, you get so used to the emotion that you can’t get it out looking real any more. That is why I sometimes purposely do something else and there were times when the emotions just came out accidentally like that. When I read the script I try once to completely immerse myself into that emotion and after thatl forget all about it, and then going back to filming suddenly drawing out the feeling/emotion then. There are times like this but also times that are different. Well, I approach each scene my way.

Q: Actor Son Hyung Joo is famous for not being stingy in giving warm advice to his juniors. Was there any advice from him that gave you strength?
6002: On the last filming day he gave every staff a book. Son Hyung Joo senior is someone who takes care of everyone and not just a specific person. Maybe it was because he has been acting for very long, or maybe it is just his personality. I did have curiousity about “why senior does that”. But I didn’t ask. I just leave my urge to want to know like that. I thought that while acting from now on, there will probably be times when I will think about this WHY.

Q: When asked about your comments after filming, you said many times about learning a lot.
6002: I learned a lot. The learnings when you have the urge to learn something, and learnings when  you calmly approach something are different I think. For example, when you watch seniors who know their script by-heart acting, you learn through experiencing how to match them while acting. On the other hand, what you learn when you approach something in a relax and enjoyable mode in a natural way, is not necessary just acting skills. Human relationships, how you match others and breathe the same rythm with actors all linked back to learning acting skills I feel.

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Q: <Sea Fog> is confirmed for August release.
6002: I really cannot imagine how the movie will turn out. I was living as Dong Shik from the way I talk, my walk and the position of my shoulders, but I couldn’t remember what I did at all and don’t feel real once filming ended. I am Park Yuchun now, and I don’t immerse myself as Park Yuchun while I continue living. While living as Park Yuchun, I sometimes forget what I ate yesterday…. something like this, so I don’t have much memory as Dong Shik. When I was doing ADR recording (Additional Dialogue Recording, ie., recording of just the actors’ lines when the dialogues recorded during filming cannot be heard) I can’t remember much even when watching the screen, the feeling was strange. I flimed without calculating (T/N: thinking/planning) much and probably was too natural so I am rather anxious since I don’t know if this good or bad.

Q: That was how much you have immersed in it.
6002: It was my first movie so I thought I had to try very hard, but once filming started I never thought about it even once. Looks like I was able to naturally become that character in this movie. Because we stayed on the boat for very long it became easy for me, so it feels like the nervousness that this is my filming location has totally crumbled. In between shooting, I slept at the boat tail where a rope was, so I feel that if you ask me to live here for 1 month I think I can do it.

Q: To act as a boatsman in  <Sea Fog> going on a secret sail is very demanding both physically and emotionally. Previously, you mentioned that you punish yourself cruelly in order to bring out the character.
6002: The funny thing is I complained so much when filming. I, why did I even take on this role. This is too tough. I think I’m going crazy. I want to do RoCo (Romantic Comedy), because even though there are many lines, pyschologically it was less stressful…… I used to say. The burden on my body and mind came at the same time and I was so tired. But after shooting, that RUSH, cannot be replaced by anything. It was tough and so tough that I may die, but the flavor of being at a different level remains. The filming director told me that “this is the meaning of doing movie you know”, but movies really have that appeal, the happiness and pleasure it seems.

Q: Do you think it will be like that from now too?
6002: Naaaah… Well but I think that if possible I want to feel like this forever. I want to challenge new roles always. A melo (melodrama) yet with action, a RoCo (romantic comedy) yet with SF elements in it. Something like that…… There are probably various types but it is true that my heart tend to be attracted to roles bearing pain and sufferings.

Q: Are those productions you watch normally rather heavy too?
6002: I’m not particular about the genre. But I don’t usually watch melo and <About Time> is the last one for me. Amidst its genre, that was a movie which show me something more than what the genre is…. Recently, I watch mainly action, thriller and SF. The birth of unusual emotions under extremely new situations, like falling in love with aliens. I have interest in those type of emotions.

Q: Looks like you will be competing with movies like <Pirates>, <MyeonRyang> and <Thief Gangs>. Which do you like most?
6002: All. Everything (laugh). As a viewer just looking at the movie posters I really want to watch all.

Q: I heard you brought your fishing kit while filming <Sea Fog>?
6002: There were opportunities in between filming. Once, I fished with Choi Min Shik senior and Sun Ho senior, and there were so many fishes we caught more than 30. Ah, Geoje Island (an island on Gyeongsangnam-do) was really great.

 photo 61897-007.jpg

Q; Do you like fishing?
6002: The only place my dad brought me out when I was a kid was fishing. Its the biggest memory I have with my dad. That’s why I always try to go. Fishing starts with a bottle of soju. There are times when its troublesome and boring but just sitting there spacing out is the best meditation time. There are people who read when they want to think about something, but when I want to meditate it is fishing.

Q: Do you cook MeUntan (spicy fish soup) with the fish you catch?
6002: No one cooks for me. It won’t be delicious eating alone. Ah, come to think of it when we were filming, I was taught ways of cutting fish. At first I could only do segoshi (1 way of cutting fish)….. Director told me this can’t go on and told me to learn how to cut into sashimi (Japanese raw fish dish). To think how many smallmouth basses I cut then. Taking off the skin and bones, the smell on my hands didn’t go away for many days.

Q: You worked with senior actors in both <Three Days> and <Sea Fog> so did you go for drinks frequently?
6002: It was scary. The way they drink is too amazing.

Q: What is good from going out drinking with your seniors?
6002: Relatively we get to talk about more silly things (laugh). But really good. Those silly talks are about life stories. In the beginning I was nervous and told them that I will go take a smoke outside but they were angrily shouting “smoke here!” to me. They told me that to smoke together is being polite. There were just so many things that I couldn’t do till now. I had thought that I need to hide when I smoke even when I am 50 years old. After that incident, we really did smoke together. Although I don’t contact them very often, I feel great whenever I see them.
(T/N: Seems that in Korea you cannot smoke in front of your seniors and generally not smoking is good-manners)

Q: Seems like you get along with older people.
6002: I enjoy spending time with older people. I have problem breathing (T/N: uncomfortable, unenjoyable) when with young people in their early 20s (laugh).

Q: What do you think about people calling you a born-actor?
6002: I could be born with it. Wuhahahaha. Naaaah, nothing like that but I read an article where a movie critic wrote that a stable voice/tone on top of clear counternance are the “plus” points Park Yuchun is born with. But I was never conscious about these when I act. Maybe because I find acting interesting and enjoyable, I’ve done acting so far without much bad reviews. Not that I did it well but I see some growth in me…. Maybe there is something that I do hold. But it will end if I don’t keep expanding internally.

Q: There are people who approach this as the job of an actor or singer, but it seems to others that you look as if you are a teenager falling in love.
6002: Probably because I don’t see it as a job/profession. I always enjoy whenever I get into a production. My heart flutters when I think about how fun it will be to make this new JYJ album too. When I left SM and set up a new company, I used to say “this realy feel like I am working on my own job” but now I don’t even feel like its a job. Of course I do realize that it is a job but the stress from taking-on a job has lessen tremendously.

 photo 61897-008.jpg

Q: Do you notice any change in others’ comment about your looks comparing with your singer days?
6002: I don’t pay attention to such in the first place. But I do think it is necessary to manage it a little.
(T/N: manage how he looks/appears)

Q: What is the reason for this sudden change of view?
6002: Not sure since when but I have noticed that the glow (glitter) has gone and things started to sag.

(manager: maybe you should exercise…..)

6002: I am!! I am exercising but because my shoulder is injured now I can’t do excessive exercises. Leonardo Di Caprio has gained 15 ~ 20 Kgs since his <Titanic> days but he is still good-looking.Kim Yoon Seok, Choi Min Shik seniors also look good right? Men have all the charisma needed to be called good-looking. I do think management (of looks, including body) is necessary but what will be will be. The real “flavor” will not come out if you don’t have an option to add age as a factor on top of good acting.

Q: How do you spend your usual holidays (travel)?
6002: Before I start filming <Sea Fog>, it was just alcohol. Previously, whenever I come to places like this, I would drink without fail every day I think. But recently just 1 or 2 times a week at most. Nowadays when I travel I like to just be still and not try to do anything. I go on trips without deciding on what to do there, and that is what I really want to do on a holiday I think. Recently, ahh its so boring and start thinking ahh I want to do something is rather fun.

Q: What alcohol do you like best?
6002: Don’t have any that I prefer or dislike. I do know a bit about western alcohol but nothing beats drinking soju with raddish kimchi. Just recently I wanted to drink soju so much that I drank it with what I had at home, seaweed and chonggak kimchi (mini raddish). Was really delicious. There are many types of nice and delicious alcohol but in the end there is nothing like what I am used to, soju.

 photo 61897-009.jpg

Q: According to a variety program, your shoulders’ width is apparently 10cm wider than normal guys. When did you know about your shoulders being different?
6002: Really? As much as 10cm? Since I was wuneeeeeh (T/N: like a baby wailing). When the world first heard my crying (laugh). Actually I knew about it after my debut. ‘Cause fans say so. At that time I didn’t have many clothes and always wore the same thing over and over, so I’ve never thought about whether my shoulders are wide or narrow, whether my clothes are suitable are not. I only knew about it after debut. That my shoulders are something extraordinary. But I can’t be boasting about my fabulous shoulders all the time, hahaha. I do have one inferior complex, the bones of my jaw are less protruding than others. Because of that whenever I gain just a little weight, my jaw lines immediately disappear (buried under flesh). My jaw line is directly linked to alcohol but recently I’ve not been drinking much so the flesh lessen. I don’t know when my jaw line will disappear again though.

Q: You are always listening to music. Don’t you miss dancing since you don’t dance much lately?
6002: Aaawoooo I am not confident about dancing. I always try my best to catch-up with Junsu although I am not even half good as Junsu’s half even. Now I’ve concluded that I should use that time to do something else instead. I like dancing itself but it’s a bit different from doing dance steps I think.

Q: What do you do normally when you just want to dance your heart out?
6002: [while moving his neck back and forth] I do this when I drive. Just that day when Michael Jackson’s album came out, I like the songs a lot so I was listening in the car and going [b-a-b-y] and dancing.

Q: Seems like your eyes are always looking around searching for things to joke about. Is this your instinct?
6002: I was an introvert kid without much self-confidence. My family was not wealthy. There was always not enough of something and there was not even 1 thing that I could take out to show people. In contrast, my personality is the type that wants a lot of attention and by telling jokes I made people laugh. And so this became a part of my personality. Too much talking is harmful so there were times when I feel stressful but also times when I felt good. Its a little bittersweet.

Q: That part of you showed at the filming locations.
6002: Just really harmless gags. I just throw out jokes not thinking too much. When you do that at least people will laugh right? Laughter bridges distance between people so it makes my work easier. I can’t tolerate awkward or strained atmosphere for long. If that can be destroyed we all can focus on acting so at filming locations I do that sometimes on purpose.

 photo 61897-010.jpg photo 61897-011.jpg

Q: How are you preparing JYJ’s album?
6002: The songs are decided. Actually I have something I want to show (everyone). But when I think as a team, the individual color is too strong so I didn’t tell my members. We are preparing the album this time without too much eagerness and just doing it in a relax way. The eager anticipation of coming out with an album after so long is sufficient. It shouldn’t be the last so we thought of just letting people listen to good music without being greedy for other things. And if the songs are about us, it is even better. Something like that. Recently I was talking with Jaejoong hyung on the phone and he told me to relax even more.

Q: Are the songs with your music and lyrics included in the album?
6002: Not sure yet (T/N: at that point of time). I got rid of all my music equipments you see. I don’t think I’ll stop making music though. Just thinking about making music makes me happy.

(manager: many songs  you wrote have been shelved away)

6002: I write songs because I enjoy it but I don’t release them I suppose. Because those are songs I wrote just because I enjoy it. (T/N: he meant that he didn’t write those songs for purpose of releasing them. The songs are for his own enjoyment)

Q: Do you have something you are greedy about when you act or make music?
6002: [long silence] No. Just progressing with my own beliefs… If I meet a good production, that production may turn out well or it may not. If I continue to do music and release albums, they may sell or there may be songs that got swept away which people may not remember. If I enjoy doing it, those people I work with and those who watch me may enjoy it too I suppose. That is something more worthwhile than just selling and earning lots of money. So firstly I must be able to enjoy and relax. I don’t have any greed nowadays. We should throw away our greed if we want to enjoy even more right.

Q: It’s been more than 10 years since you debut but did you think the same at that time?
6002: I thought of similar things but not to this extent. I just want to live happily without much problem and no huge adversities.

Q: What period is Park Yuchun going through now?
6002: Rope-walking. Its a period when I practice knowing more about myself, understanding and managing myself.(T/N: he used the word “control” but I think he meant “manage”) I want to be more of an adult (T/N: mature) with substance…… Many things will probably happen, and I want to know myself even more deeply now than before. Previously, towards things that I don’t know, I wasn’t able to truthfully admit that I don’t know. Now, I will express that I don’t know something. Full of things that I don’t know and times when I had to thread experimentally. I feel like I am naked. This is who I am recently.


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