20/10 – [News] JYJ to make comeback with concert tour ahead of new solo album in Japan

20/10 – [News] JYJ to make comeback with concert tour ahead of new solo album in Japan

Credit: KPOP Herald

Shared by : JYJ3 + Geministar06

Hally idol group JYJ will make a comeback with a concert tour ahead of releasing a new single album.

The group will hold “JYJ Japan Dome Tour” in major Japanese cities in Nov.-Dec., the agency said.

This is their third concert in Japan following “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” in 2010 and “The Return of the JYJ” in 2013.

Under the theme of “Ichigo Ichie,” which means “the only encounter in lifetime,” the concert tour will show fancier performances than before. The members will also reveal new charms as artists.

[NEWS] JYJ Gearing Up for Japan Dome Tour Beginning in November, Preparing Japanese Single Album Release

Credit: Soompi

It has been announced that JYJ is currently making preparations to kick off their comeback in Japan with a brand new concert tour.

On October 17, C-JeS Entertainment shared, “This coming November and December, JYJ will be greeting their fans in Japan with the 2014 ‘JYJ Japan Dome Tour – Ichigo Ichie,’ which will open in Tokyo, Osaka, and other major cities. They are also preparing the release of a new Japanese single album.”

Through this ‘Ichigo Ichie’—or “once-in-a-lifetime meeting”—tour, the members are planning to carry out live stages with impressive performances, as well as show off their more mature and improved abilities and individual charms as artists.

This announcement is gaining even more interest especially because of the news that JYJ is gearing up to release their very first Japanese single album.

Following the 2010 ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome’ and the 2013 ‘The Return of The JYJ’ dome concerts, this upcoming tour will be the group’s third time. This particular tour is meaningful to the members, as it will mark their official comeback in Japan, making it known that they will begin active promotions in the country.

The C-JeS Entertainment rep also revealed that fans in Japan continuously requested a dome tour as soon as the news of JYJ’s Asia tour was announced.

Meanwhile, JYJ is earning much attention from Japanese fans and local media ever since the reports of the tour and single album, and the members are busy getting ready to kick off another dome tour.

[NEWS] JYJ starts work in Japan… Releases a new single + starts Dome tour

Credit: Innolife
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

 photo 11537_1.jpg

JYJ is starting work in Japan.

In November and December, JYJ is going to hold ‘2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour – Yichigo Yichie’ and release a new single album in Japan.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “‘Ichigo Ichie’ means ‘meeting for the once in a lifetime’, and it will be the live stage with more splendid performances and members’ different attractions. They are going to show their best as matured artists.”

After winning from legal suits with AVEX, JYJ announced their splendid comeback at ‘The Return of the JYJ’ in concert held in Japan Tokyo Dome in last April, and they are now starting up with release of new single album.

This album will be a meaningful gift for local fans, who have been waiting for them for a long time. C-JeS said, “This tour and single album are very meaningful in that they are over with the times they could not work freely in Japan, and are now starting work in Japan.”

In the meantime, JYJ is busy with the single album they released in Japan and preparation for their Dome tour.

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