22/10 – [News] ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun “Big Screen Debut….I Feel The Greed For Acting” (By StarNews)

22/10 – [News] ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yuchun “Big Screen Debut….I Feel The Greed For Acting” (By StarNews) 

Credit: StarNews

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[Summary of Sea Fog]

Among the crew, there was the youngest seaman named Dongshik. The fact that this role was played by Park Yuchun is even fresher. Known as an young handsome idol star who has sweet charms that make women flustered, he made a bold decision to break his image by changing his face and body to take up the role. Park Yuchun is going to meet the audiences soon in Sea Fog through the role of Dongshik, a naive young man who fell in love at first sight with a illegal stowaway named Hongmae during a tremendous tragedy.  Today we met Park Yuchun to express our warmest congratulation to his screen debut. 

Your movie will be screened soon, what are your thoughts?

Y: I am not sure if I feel amazed. No matter if it’s meeting everyone on stage or gathering with everyone for meals after that, or watching the movie with the seniors, I always feel fresh. I felt shy, nervous and even insecured when I watched it from the screen. The screen is seriously big, and there is only a distance of 1 meter from my eyes (Laugh). The first time I watched it was at Busan showcase, it was also the first screening , I felt nervous.  During the screening my mind went blank. It qA the first time I watched my own movie on  big screen, that kind of puzzled feeling of whether I could walk out of it. I was stunned.

Why did you choose to act for movie Sea Fog?

Y: Mainly because of the good content, and also I got attracted to the role of Dongshik. In this century, there isn’t a lot of youngster like him, his commitment and determination were strong. Without any hesitation after making up his decision, he went into action immediately, this point makes me envious. At that time, Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim was already confirmed for Sea Fog, this was also a motivation for me. At that time, I thought to myself, filming would be tough, but I wanted to challenge myself.

It is one of those extremely strong and tedious movies, were you very worried about it?

Y:When I said I wanted to be in Sea Fog, I also had some worries. The filming was scheduled to start soon, there was not much time left, I thought about it for 1-2 weeks. People around me said they were all surpriseD about my decision of taking up this movie, and I thought to myself, is it really that surprising for me to choose this movie? Before that, I told myself that I want to keep acting . No matter if it went well this time or not, I would still keep trying.

Were you worried about the bed scene? The bed scene with Hongmae (Han Yeri) was a hot topic.

Y: I wasn’t worried at all, rather I thought of what I could do to film it even better. I was really worried about how to look very loving in just that short scene. One day before filming it, I discussed a lot with the director. Before that, I was really worried but when the actual filming start, I digested that scene well, Hongmae had her head lowered crying, that gave me a lot of feeling instantly. We took 3 takes for that scene, because the feeling was so intense, we filmed it many times, at the second time, after ‘OK, Cut’, we ended up taking the scene from the first attempt. My face got blocked at first, which was why we took second attempt, but the feeling of the first attempt was better, so we ended up using the first one.

Stage play is based on true story, moreover, you are working and filming together with sunbaenim that debut from stage play, did anyone suggest you to act (again) in the stage play?

Y: I had a drink with Song Sae Byuk sunbaenim, who played Dongshik in the stage play. He had a strong relationship with Dongshik because he acted the role for consecutively 4 years. He said he cried when he watched the movie. That time (VIP Premiere day), the casts of Sea Fog’s stage play were all there, he said, ‘Even if there is already a movie version now, let’s have another stage play of Sea Fog again! I am too old, you can play Dongshik in the stage play, can you?” (laugh)

Which scene is the most difficult for you? or maybe you can tell us how you take a step closer to Hongmae?

Y: For the most difficult part, in terms of physical difficulty, I could recover after resting, but in term of emotional, no matter how , I could not recover from it.  Although it would not be seen through the movie, but at that time I was always worried about it. After all the things that kept coming up continuously, my heart went closer to Hongmae, but it didn’t just happen overnight. I chatted with Han Yeri a lot. I had to understand Dongshik’s mind. If this still didn’t work, I would listen to other seamen or Han Yeri’s opinion.

Filming at the sea, on a ship, is not something easy.

Y: After filming in Yeosu, Masan & Geoje on the ship, I feel that filming on a ship wasn’t easy. In a tiny space on the ship, it’s really difficult for many people to fit in. Getting used to it is not easy too. Seasick. After every filming, we will gather with the seniors to drink, and for the filming next day, we had to get up at 2 am to prepare, so seasick and hangover together were really unbearable. (laugh) I did not feel it during action scenes but once we stopped filming, the uneasiness would come up. To get used to the ship, I took seasick pills, and even got addicted to them.

Are you are going to sail again??

Y: In the future, I will not go on ship so often (laugh). Last year, I met up with Choi Min Sik sunbaenim (laugh) he said “Filming on the ship in Myeongryang was really tough, you can’t do anything, I don’t want to do any ship filming anymore”. While we are talking about tough filming on ship, (laugh) director Hong Kyung Pyo did some ship movies before too, and he believes Sea Fog would be his last ship movie. I think in the future, any show that doesn’t require me to go to Mount Qomolangma  will be easier.

Filming with Kim Yun Suk sunbaenim, did you find it tough/difficult?

Y: I finally know why he is good, he is more dashing than what I ever imagined. He seriously had a great concentration during filming, he sets the ideal standard for how I want to film (in the future). He always stayed focused during filming and I was so amazed by it. Like, to make it more efficient, during filming, seamen would not treat captain casually, moreover I’m the maknae. Privately, we communicated casually, but during filming, you would feel that he is the real sunbaenim.

It is said that you were injured?

Y: On the ship, everything was locked, if there was something that pop out , although I have always been careful, it was still very easy to hurt ourselves. One moment on stage requires 10 years of hard work. Getting bruised, bleeding, should I get angry, get on my car and drive away or should I quietly stay at the filming site? (laugh) Because the crews there took care of us well, I did not feel (hurt) that obvious. and all the seniors were also in the same bad environment.

Regarding to acting, can you feel the difference between movies and dramas?

Y: For now my heart leans towards movies, this is what I should do, but it makes me so nervous, like I don’t even know what to do. Drama filming is tight, shooting 20 episodes is like a miracle, it requires you to be physically and mentally strong. Instead, focusing and concentrating for a (longer) period of time will help a lot. Unlike dramas, movies require a long period of time, the feeling of it would be different too, just like filming a nice scene under the tough environment, although it’s tough, it can be said there is also the pleasure of freedom and communication.

Not long ago, JYJ came out with a new album, after looking at Dongshik in Sea Fog and then looking at Park Yuchun, how did you adapt to this?

Y: It is awkward. I mixed up the album jacket with Dongshik. (laugh) I really like my image in the  album, the thought of me having a good look and being better dressed to appear in a movie is also fun to me.  For actor to be able to play different roles, it’s a blessing. The message that the profession of an actor delivers is in a very significant scale, it’s a blessing and also a big responsibility. Singer’s repertoire is narrow, a song sends comfort/consolation. When we usually sit on car, the thoughts we had can be considered as music. If it’s music, it can only give a short period of consolation, but for movie, you will need to take some time to watch it.

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