13/11 – [Instagram] Designer Aparna Dasgupta shares past photos from JYJ’s photoshoot back in November 2010

13/11 – [Instagram] Designer Aparna Dasgupta shares past photos from JYJ’s photoshoot back in November 2010

Source: soundcolorlife
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[PHOTO] #BTS doing Creative Concept Direction and Styling of photoshoot with #JYJ during their 2010 US tour. That would be me with my blue hair (damn I miss it!) lacing Jaejoong into a metal corset at 1am after the show at the #ManhattanCenter. He was a good sport but he decided Yoochun was a better fit for the corset… My concept for them was #mannequins, running away from the mannequin factory (#SMEnt) since they’d successfully escaped to #CJes. I also wanted to give them a more masculine look for the US audience than their Korean look so I chose their hair, makeup and outfits accordingly. The look was inspired by #dada and #surrealism and many of the pieces worn by them were my original designs created specially for them in 2 weeks before the shoot, except the unisex Nikkiel jacket (www.aparnadasgupta.com). Never released these but it’s been on my mind recently when I found the photoshoot contract and disc full of photos this week. #kpop #instakpop #jaejoong #returnoftheking #junsu #yuchun #yoochun #aktf #alwayskeepthefaith #tvxq #koreanidol #2010 #tbt #fbf instagram.com/p/vH_cWBQlJc

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[PHOTO] #BTS throwback from 2010 #JYJ US Tour. #Yoochun in #DASGUPTA by Aparna Dasgupta pierrot shirt & #Dior Homme leather pants working my #mannequin concept like a pro. I love seeing my ideas come to life (even if the concept is to look…not alive). Creative Concept Direction, Design & Styling by me, photo by Jade Young. Funny I just lent @plundertronics this shirt for Halloween. instagram.com/p/vIGiEhQlL_

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[PHOTO] #JYJ way back when. Doing styling & creative direction for JYJ during our exclusive shoot on their 2010 US Tour. Here you can really see my mannequin concept at play. The band was in the middle of a lawsuit to leave #SMEnt and so I came up with the idea of “mannequins escape from the factory.” US press didn’t pick up our shoot at the time because kpop was of no interest to them in 2010. Of course that has changed since then… Here you have Junsu in #DASGUPTA coat and #leather cummerbund and Yoochun in DASGUPTA shirt & #DiorHomme pants. Accessories and other items by #JoshuaMcKinley and others. Photo by #JadeYoung. instagram.com/p/vIUh0wwlCJ

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[PHOTO] 4 years ago today…at 3am. (The hour when all awesome things happens but everyone looks like a zombie :D) Everyone was tired and spacing out except #Yoochun who was actually unwell during the #JYJ US Tour but was the life of the photoshoot. #Jaejoong & #Junsu napped during makeup, Yoochun entertained us all by playing the rhinestone encrusted grand piano, chatting with us in English, and encouraging me to join Twitter so we could connect (which I did). It was nice to work with idols who didn’t have a huge ego – they were just down-to-earth, hardworking professionals, and really nice people. Plans are in the works to release the full behind-the-scenes storybook, so please follow me & stay tuned 🙂 ©Aparna Dasgupta. Do not remove credit @soundcolorlife. instagram.com/p/vT05H1QlJg

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