19/11 – [News] JYJ Gets Emotional Singing an Old TVXQ Song at Their Tokyo Dome Concert

19/11 – [News] JYJ Gets Emotional Singing an Old TVXQ Song at Their Tokyo Dome Concert

Source: Soompi + Koreaboo + Allkpop

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It was a sad and emotional moment for both fans and the JYJ members when the group started singing “Begin,” a TVXQ (or Tohoshinki) song from when the group was five members (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho).

JYJ sang “Begin” during their Tokyo Dome concert, part of their 2014 ‘JYJ Japan Dome Tour – Ichigo Ichie.”

In some of the fan-taken videos from the event, you can hear fans crying as they listen to the members sing and you can see the members take in the emotional impact of the song. It is very rare for JYJ to sing a song from the time when they belonged to TVXQ, especially at an official event like this one, so the performance was very meaningful for the fans and you can hear how it affected them.

Member Jaejoong tweeted about the event saying, “We won’t cry… we won’t cry. We thought we should hold back our tears, but we found it difficult. But we thought it was most important to convey our best. We will work hard tomorrow too. Let’s get more enthusiastic than ever!”

In related news, C-JeS Entertainment announced earlier in October that the group was preparing to release a Japanese single soon- their first as JYJ.

[NEWS] JYJ break down into tears singing TVXQ5 song “Begin”

On November 18, JYJ opened up their 3rd Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie and ended up having an emotional stage as they sang “Begin,” a song from their days as 5 in TVXQ.

“Begin” was a single released in 2006 after TVXQ held their 4th Japan tour. It has now been about 5 years since the members of JYJ split from TVXQ and it seems that they still have scars left in their hearts. As they sang “Begin” to their fans, the members could not hold back their emotions and let out tears. The tour, Ichigo Ichie, harnesses the meaning of “once in a lifetime meeting” and they promised to show fans and new more powerful side to them.

Regarding their performance, Jaejoong tweeted out “Don’t cry… Don’t cry…. We thought to keep it in between us 3 members. It was difficult, since we thought that letting you hear a good song was the most important. We’ll work hard tomorrow, so passionately! More than ever, let’s play passionately!


[NEWS] JYJ surprises fans by singing a TVXQ song at the Tokyo Dome

JYJ surprised the fans when they sang the TVXQ song, “Begin,” towards the end of their concert held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on November 18.

“Begin” is the sixth single that TVXQ released in Japan back in 2006 when the five boys were actively promoting as Tohoshinki. In the clip above, you can hear some fans weeping in sorrow overwhelmed by their nostalgic feelings.

International netizens were pleasantly surprised that JYJ had performed the song even with the separation and the changes that came along with the disbandment.

One netizen wrote, “Though I’m certain a reunion will never happen, I’m always happy to see JYJ giving back to the fans with the acknowledgment of, yes, they were in TVXQ.


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