20/11 – [News] JYJ Discusses Their Hopes for Their 30s and the Future

20/11 – [News] JYJ Discusses Their Hopes for Their 30s and the Future

Source: Soompi
Shared by: Geministar06


On October 19, prior to JYJ’s “Ichigo Ichie” Tokyo dome tour performance, the group held a press conference, where the members talked about their breaks prior to the tour, as well as how they would like their 30s and their futures to be.

Kim Junsu said, “During my break, I went to the U.S. and Thailand. It was a lot of fun and it was a chance for me to recharge a bit.” Kim Jaejoong said he worked out a bit. “I gained muscle and then lost muscle, and right now, I’ve lost some.” “I went grocery shopping with my mom, and then I just stayed home the whole time,” said Park Yoochun. “These days, going out feels like so much work, and staying at home is the most fun for me. I got to have a lot of family dinners and things that I didn’t really have time for back then.”

The group also looked forward into their 30s, and talked about what they would like their lives to look like when they get there.

“I’d just like to have a good appetite and be healthy. I’d like to be healthy and see my fellow members and our fans a lot,” said Park Yoochun.

Kim Jaejoong stated that he is a bit nervous about what will happen in his 30s. He continued, “As much as I’m able to laugh while looking back on my 20s, I’m curious what kind of unordinary things will happen in my 30s. I want to be healthy, too, and whatever happens, I just want to work it out.”

Kim Junsu agreed with his members, saying, “These really aren’t just empty words: I think health is the most important thing. I also don’t think doing successful promotions as a celebrity is the only way to be happy. Whether or not we continue as celebrities, I would like it if the three of us could get together and just talk over dinner or coffee whenever we want for the rest of our lives.”

JYJ is currently on their Japan dome tour “Ichigo Ichie.”


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