20/11 – [Trans] JYJ, 2-day Tokyo Dome’s Roaring Success! Message they want to bring to fans…… Singing Tohoshinki’s [Begin] Again

20/11 – [Trans] JYJ, 2-day Tokyo Dome’s Roaring Success! Message they want to bring to fans…… Singing Tohoshinki’s [Begin] Again

Source: Kstyle
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

C-JeS Entertainment

[It’s alright to cry when you want to cry, no need to force yourself. when you tears dry your smile will open-up]

Tohoshinki’s [Begin] resounded in Tokyo Dome. There is a special meaning in the song [Begin] flowing with JYJ’s voices.

The concert, first performance of JYJ’s [2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~ Ichigo Ichie~] in Tokyo Dome, was held on 18th and 19th. This is the first time that members used JYJ’s name for a Dome Tour.

To meet JYJ, 100,000 people filled-up the audience seats with 50,000 per day in Tokyo Dome, and they were waving penlights with the words [Ichigo Ichie]. The tour title [Ichigo Ichie] means [once in a lifetime encounter], and it includes how members feel towards their fans.

The performance showcased hit songs released under the name JYJ like [Back Seat] and [Be The One] as well as members’ solo songs, and also included Jaejoong’s performance of singer Cho Yong Pil’s Japanese version of [I want to walk], drama [SungKyungKwan Scandal] OST [Found You] etc. They unveiled these special moments without rest. There was also members talk in-between stages, and talked naturally in front of Japanese fans whom they have not met for some time.

JYJ’s to-be-released Japanese single [Wake Me Tonight] was also revealed during the second half of the concert, performing it for the first time before its December release. The 50,000 audience who filled-up Tokyo Dome was responding to the happy melody of [Wake Me Tonight] actively.

Highlight of the concert was the performance of [Begin] during encore. More glamorous then anyone and yet with so many twists and turns in their 20s, the lyrics and melody of [Begin] when they sing it again was a look-back at the 10 years of their activities which brought pain to the hearts of fans watching.

At the press conference before this concert, Junsu revealed “not only that song [Begin], the other songs are all our songs too and we wanted to sing them in concerts. Until now the circumstances did not allow for so, but we wanted to prepare and choose even just 1 song as a present. The message in [Begin] is best able to convey the message we wanted to convey to fans so we chose it. There are many memories in this song” as the reason of choice.

He looked back and said “this year is our 10th anniversary. These 10 years probably hold more twists and turns than anyone….. Our 20-something is not the normal life of a 20-something. I think it was glamorous and with many twists and turns. Even when we turn 50 or 60-something, these 10 years will really be unforgettable times I think. I look forward to becoming a 30-something, but without having gone through our 20s, we won’t have our 30s….. Most of these inevitably became life lessons. I want say that the 10 years are with no regret”.

The Dome Tour of JYJ started off on 18th and 19th at Tokyo Dome, and will be held at Osaka and Fukuoka next.


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