22/11 – [Trans] JYJ First Japan Dome Tour = “Really Happy”

22/11 – [Trans] JYJ First Japan Dome Tour = “Really Happy”

Source: Chosun Online
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

[Tokyo Yonhap News] Korea’s popular group JYJ held a press conference on 19th before their performance and expressed with joy that “those issues before have been resolved amicably and we are really happy about being able to hold a press conference with Japanese media”.

After the temporary injunction of exclusive contract with ex-agency SM Entertainment, JYJ signed a management contract with Avex to manage their activities in Japan via new agency C-JeS Entertainment. However, opinions of both sides clashed on the range of acitvities so Avex one-sidedly terminated the management contract in September 2010. JYJ had to hold their Japan activities independently and this affected and limited the contents of their acitivities.

In February this year, C-JeS Entertainment and Avex agreed to end their legal dispute. This resulted in holding this Dome Tour in 3 big Japanese cities and the release of JYJ’s first Japanese single next month.

Although until now there was no report on JYJ by the Japanese media before but on the 17th, a press conference was held with Japanese media. Jaejoong said “even when we held concerts, there was not even 1 line written on it by the Japanese media”, and “we are very happy that our activities can be introduced to many people and even to those that don’t come to the concerts via the media from now on.”

The Tokyo Dome performance this time is the first Japan Dome Tour of JYJ, and after Tokyo Dome on 18th and 19th, concerts will be held in Osaka Kyocera Dome on 13th ~ 14th December and Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome on 23th ~ 24th. This is their 3rd time performing in Tokyo Dome.

Yuchun expressed his gratitude with “(before the performance on 18th) I was so nervous that my hands shook and the food I ate wasn’t digested”, and that “I’m thankful that although we couldn’t meet Japanese fans that much, they waited for us”.

Jaejoong and Junsu also commented that “being with everyone who supported us for so long felt like being in a warm place with family members”.

They drew attention by performing [Begin] on the 18th, a song they sang during Tohoshinki times. Junsu exxplained that “we chose this song because the lyrics of [Begin] includes emotions that we wanted to convey to fans and also a song full of memories for us”. On welcoming their 10th anniversary this year in Korea and 10th anniversary next year in Japan, Junsu emphasized that “the 10 years are filled with different emotions, glittering while also with many twists and turns. I don’t think this is an ordinary life for someone in their 20s. But this was also a period where we gain many types of experience, so even when I turn 50 or 60, I think my 20s will be a period which is most unforgettable in my life. I can’t have my 30s without going through my 20s so I want to be able to say later that the 10 years have been a happy one with no regrets”.

When asked the secret of maintaining their popularity amidst views that Hallyu in Japan is fading now, Jaejoong smiled and replied “we also want to know the reason why so many people support us”.


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