01/12 – [News] Park Yoo-chun, a good example of idol actors, affirmed by critics

01/12 – [News] Park Yoo-chun, a good example of idol actors, affirmed by critics

Source: TV Daily
Credit: Hancinema
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

Park Yoo-chun proves himself as a new sought-after actor in Korean movie industry sweeping new male actor awards presented by critics. It is unprecedented an idol who turned an actor receives such awards.

He received the award for New Best Male Actor in the 15th Busan Movie Critics Award by Busan Movie critics association on the 27th. The association is well known for being strict in selecting the award winners based on the artistic value of the movie and the actor’s actual acting quality than the box office ranking.

Park Yoo-chun is the first award winner from the association among the idols who turned an actor. Those involved in movie industry are surprised by his scoring the award from the strict critics association.

He also received an award for new best male actor in the 34th Korean Movie Critics Association as well. Including the new best male actor award he received in the 51st Daejong Movie Festival, he received three awards for the same category this year.

He is also nominated as a new best male actor for Korea Blue Dragon (Cheongryong) Movie Award scheduled on the 17th of December.

He was casted as a youngest, humble sailor in “Haemoo” directed by Bong Joon-ho and showed a great acting last summer.

So far, the idol actors, Si Wan and Lee Joon have received excellent reviews, however, this is the first time an actor from idol groups to receive an award from critics association.

According to the comments he made at receiving the award, he said he would only focus on movie scenarios than TV dramas.

As he expresses his passion towards acting on the screen and the awards from the critics follow, he is drawing much attention and expectation from the Korean movie industry at the moment.


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