04/12 – [INFO] Vote Park Yoochun for Best Male Newcomer Award in the 2014 Blue Dragon Awards

04/12 – [INFO] Vote Park Yoochun for Best Male Newcomer Award in the 2014 Blue Dragon Awards

Dear all chunsas, please gather together and vote for our Yuchunnie~

Make him to go up on stage to receive the awards before he enlists…

He really deserve this awards…. please make this to happen! >0<

Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

– To vote, you start by going to the homepage: http://www.blueaward.co.kr/awards/index.php?page_code=00

– And login into the site with your username & password. (see the GREEN circle)
(If you have not yet registered, please refer back to the TUTORIAL on how to create an account.)

– Click the link for the EVENT (see the RED circle)

 photo bluedragonawards-1.png


– Select the first event. (see the ORANGE square)

 photo bluedragonawards-2.png


– Select a bubble for each one nominee that you’re voting for.
(Note: You have to vote once for each nominee in each category)

Shown below:
Han Yei-ri is up for Best Supporting Actress
Park Yoochun is up for Best Male Newcomer

 photo bluedragonawards-3.png

Note: Other categories that ‘Sea Fog'(‘해무’) is nominated in are:
Shim Sung-bo (심성보) for Best New Director
Hong Gyeong-Pyo & Kim Chang-ho (홍경표&김창호) for Best Movie Lighting
Shim Sung-bo & Bong Joon-ho (심성보&봉준호) for Best Screenplay
Lee Ha-joon (이하준) for Best Art Direction


– Before completing your voting,
You have to type in one(1) male actor’s name & one(1) female actress name in the blank box.
(You can copy & paste whoever’s name was listed previously in the other categories above, if you choose)

 photo bluedragonawards-4.png

– After click the big red ‘Vote’ button, you’re done! ^^

– Voting period: Dec. 04 to Dec. 14 –

For better pictures, see below

draft4 draft5


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