14/12 – [Compilation of Tweets] JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Osaka on 14 Dec (Day 2)

14/12 – [Compilation of Tweets] JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Osaka on 14 Dec (Day 2)

Picture & Live tweets trans credits: kayano_jiji + Raphaela_www + pixelminor + rubypurple_fan + Y_S_H_I + ohmyjunsu + lovemickysmile6 + xiahfuji + illcho_ + XiahDerTod + illcho_ + healingjj
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

  • kayano_jiji:
  • Raphaela_www:
  • pixelminor: Osaka day 2 almost time to start
  • rubypurple_fan: Think got good view today.
  • Y_S_H_I: Yaaaaay bb’s side for tonight!!!
  • pixelminor: start!
    Day 2 red ocean
  • poibell:
  • Y_S_H_I: Empty!!!
  • pixelminor: Resounding start with Empty \
  • Y_S_H_I: Baboboy!!!

  • pixelminor: Baboboy: looks like the boys are more dynamic than yesterday. Day 2 seems better!
  • pixelminor: The sexiness has begun with Ayy Girl
  • Y_S_H_I : Our Kings!!!!

  • Y_S_H_I: Empty!!!
  • pixelminor: Junsu”s crooning at end of Ayy Girl was simply smooth
  • Y_S_H_I: Ayyy Girl! Perfect Harmony for this song!!!

  • pixelminor: They are in better form and better spirits today. Let’s expect an awesome day 2, I can sense more naughtiness to come!
  • Y_S_H_I: JJ…looking hot (recalling how he wants to spend Christmas with ero vids hahhaha)
  • rubypurple_fan: they are trying to decide who will scream minna jyunbi ok
  • pixelminor: YC obliges by yelling if everyone is ready for the concert
  • ohmyjunsu: Racy talk as soon as the concert begins LOL
  • ohmyjunsu: During the first ment, JJ said that the words ‘Jejung AV’ became a hot issue online xD he apologized for yesterday (via @Raphaela_www)
  • ohmyjunsu: YC said they will enthusiastically talk about racy things today (via @lovemickysmile6)
  • Y_S_H_I: Thirsty…after growling kekeke
  • pixelminor: Let me see: definitely better than day 1, flawless harmony
  • Y_S_H_I: Let me see

  • Y_S_H_I: in heaven…up on the platforms

  • Y_S_H_I: bb…who cant contain the laughter hahahah 😍

  • pixelminor: Soulful rendition of In Heaven with the lighted stages. Same as last night, yellow for JS, red for JJ and blue for YC
  • Y_S_H_I: Stage set up for In Heaven^^

  • pixelminor: Konayuki – JJ sounds so much better today, his long notes soar through the gigantic stadium. And he looks darn hot in dark hair and outfit
  • pixelminor: I can only say JJ was flawless tonight: superb vocals
  • ohmyjunsu: Between the Sky and You, JS solopixelminor: Between the sky and you is as beautiful and poetic as the snowflakes falling in the backdrop. I could drown in JS’ voice
  • Saiai, YC solo
  • pixelminor: YC had a dreamy gaze during Most Beloved. Everyone was listening in rapture. Nice wavy permed fringe tonight too!
  • pixelminor: Butterfly! JJ keeps giving those predator looks. Yes, catch me please!!
  • pixelminor: JJ has a silver white butterfly on his red mike stand. He says he’s very hot lol
  • pixelminor: JJ speaks volumes with his eyes. Every single glance or side eye is met with screams. It’s ultra soul now!
  • Y_S_H_I: Flirty JJ with Ultra Soul
  • I Love You, YC solo
  • Y_S_H_I: i love you… No butt-slap bb please
  • xiahfuji: ユチョン🎶
  • pixelminor: Chunsa are all fainting, YC gave a tight butt slap to a dancer again during I love you
  • Y_S_H_I: Aaahhhhh bb!!!! You naughty naughty bb!!!
  • Thirty/Lazy Life
  • Y_S_H_I: bb with his hair down tonight^^

  • illcho_:
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu’s laughpixelminor: Lots of little smiles during 30
  • ohmyjunsu: Fans were shouting kawaii!~ and YC said ‘eh? I can’t hear well’ so fans said kawaii again and YC said “Heung I know~” (@blackjacket_cl)
  • ohmyjunsu: Fans were shouting kawaii to Chun because he cut his hair so his bangs are down today XD (via @milkis_xia)
  • ohmyjunsu: Yoochun said he dreamed of his father this morning T.T (via @milkis_xia)
  • z
  • ohmyjunsu: STORY T.T
  • xiahfuji: ジュンス♬
  • pixelminor: JS with Story: the whole arena was silent when he sang. He must be born to sing.
  • Y_S_H_I: Prepping for Incredible
  • illcho_:
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu said he’s most pressured by speaking Japanese during Japan cons b/c he wants to say a lot but can’t convey more than 50% of it
    And he’s frustrated by that
  • Incredible
  • Y_S_H_I: all set…are your spaceship candies ready??? 😄
  • Y_S_H_I: Everybody now!!!! #Incredible
  • ohmyjunsu: Both hands!! Right hand!!! One more time!!! (via @bwongx2)
  • Y_S_H_I: Ooohh ooohhh ooohh
  • Y_S_H_I: Woooahhh
  • pixelminor: Incredible! Lightsticks all waving. And confetti galore
  • Y_S_H_I: So So…And bb’s hair is up once again 😍
  • Y_S_H_I: Stage Up ^___^
  • pixelminor: After So So, the guys are on the stage moving to the back for Chajatta. JJ kneels at the edge to wave to fans passing below the stage
  • ohmyjunsu: Adlibs today are amazing
  • Y_S_H_I: Fandom’s anthem Chajatta

  • Y_S_H_I: Yeaahhh
  • Y_S_H_I: Gorgeous namja!!!

  • Y_S_H_I: Another one for the chunsas 😍
  • Y_S_H_I: Can we have a funny gag from bb please
  • xiahfuji: JYJ♬
  • pixelminor: Long ment at the back of the arena. The stage looks so tiny cos the arena is really big!
  • illcho_:
  • xiahfuji: ”ジェジュンは〜映像時々観ます〜”
  • ohmyjunsu: JJ said there won’t be a ‘census’ of age today since they did it yesterday, because it’s discrimination XD (via @milkis_xia)
  • ohmyjunsu: JJ said 50+ fans have a slow reaction and JS said they also have blood pressure LOL!!! (via @milkis_xia)
  • illcho_:
  • Y_S_H_I: bb… So shy with his gag hahahhaha 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Y_S_H_I: You can do it bb 😘
  • Y_S_H_I: And he did!!! Hahaha
  • rubypurple_fan: they are trying to do cute things on stage
  • ohmyjunsu: Shimoneta = racy talk in Japanese and JJ got the nickname of Shimojejung XD So they said ‘Shia Junsu’ and ‘Shimojejung’ (via @bwongx2)
  • ohmyjunsu: JJ asked a fan in front of him how old she is & she turned out to be 16.. He said he only watches ‘that’ sometimes to her
    And immediately apologized to the fan’s mom sitting next to her HAHA (via @milkis_xia)
  • pixelminor: Jaesu bullied YC into acting cute. When he asks what he shld do, they said anything. YC glares at them and mouthed ‘what’ in Korean
  • Y_S_H_I: junsu’s addictive laugh filling the dome again hahahha
  • pixelminor: Ok, so JS goes “takoyaki” and JJ goes “tamago” while forming a circle on their cheeks with their thumb and forefinger
  • ohmyjunsu: There will be a surprise party hehehe (probably a birthday party for Junsu) via @bwongx2
  • rubypurple_fan: they are talking about junsu’s birthday.
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu wants Jaejoong and Yoochun to tell him what gifts they got for him right now xD (via @Lavender2007)
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ’s gift will be a christmas tree10 ft i think
  • ohmyjunsu: Jaejoong said his gift for Junsu is a 6 metre christmas tree and Yoochun said tattoo! xD (via @illcho_)
  • illcho_:
  • rubypurple_fan: jj showed his tattoo of junsu
  • ohmyjunsu: Jaejoong said ‘Junsu is here’ and showed his tattoo of Junsu to him!!
  • illcho_:
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ went to yc and show your tattoo of junsu lol
  • rubypurple_fan: another tattoo for yuchun. he will show in fukuoka as requested by junsu lol http://
  • pixelminor: Taking abt JS bday. Did JJ say he wld give JS a huge Xmas tree? And YC said JS can get a tattoo? JJ then shows his tattoos of their names!
  • pixelminor: I think YC said he’ll get JS a coat? JS said he can wear it to Fukuoka
  • ohmyjunsu: Yoochun then said he’d get a coat for Junsu and Junsu said any brand is okay XD Junsu said he’ll wear that coat to Fukuoka (via @illcho_)
  • illcho_:
  • Y_S_H_I: Jae-Su hug
  • Y_S_H_I: JJ showing his tattoo
  • ohmyjunsu: Omona… JJ pried his pants a bit to show off the tattoo of Junsu’s name… OMONAAAA (via @milkis_xia)
  • rubypurple_fan: jj said jyj ment is now becoming dangerous everytime haha
  • Y_S_H_I: Hmmmm bb wants another tattoo??? Where else will you put it bb?
  • ohmyjunsu: YC: You’re on my body and Jaejoong hyung’s body, because we love you so we have you carved on our bodies T___T #JYJForever (via @bwongx2)
  • ohmyjunsu: Of course… Fandom will flip the day Yoochun shows skin XDDDDD
  • pixelminor: Oh so it seems YC didn’t say JS shld get a tattoo but he offered to tattoo himself instead? Haha
  • Y_S_H_I: Happy Birthday dear Junsu @1215thexiahtic
  • ohmyjunsu: Fans sing happy birthday to JS in English. It’s simply beautiful! And the boys hug each other on stage. JS says he feels blessed.
  • Y_S_H_I: All three hugged at the end of the birthday song…so sweet!!!!
  • illcho_:
  • pixelminor: Fans sing happy birthday to JS. It’s simply beautiful! And the boys hug each other on stage. JS says he feels blessed.
  • pixelminor: The bday song was a mix of jap and English. At first some fans at the back sang, JJ heard and then counted for everyone to sing along.
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun sang Happy Bday for Junsu while Jaejoong stand looking at Junsu, so sweet ><
  • Y_S_H_I: Lion heart
  • Y_S_H_I: Hahaha JJ forgot the lyrics…its okay love…we love you no matter what
  • pixelminor: Lion heart, JJ forgot some lyrics and smiled in an embarrassed manner. Fans laughed along!
  • Y_S_H_I: JJ
  • ohmyjunsu: JJ forgot the lyrics to Lion Heart XD He chuckled and said sorry #daijoubu!!! (via @illcho_)
  • lavender2007:
  • XiahDerTod: JJ forgot Be My Girl dance steps in middle of the song, so cute
  • pixelminor: JJ forgot some dance steps during be my girl. It’s ok, everyone still loves you lol.
  • rubypurple_fan: catching of jj balls fail lol
  • ohmyjunsu: YC danced wrong steps to Be My Girl He was looking at Jae while dancing & when he danced wrong steps, the 2 burst into laughter (@Romantixe)
  • pixelminor: Dancing and ball catching to be my girl. They changed sides on the roving stages today. JS and YC came my side.
  • Y_S_H_I: Be my Girl!!!
  • pixelminor: They led the arena to do the wave! Woohoo.
  • Y_S_H_I: You should be my bb..baby baby 😍
  • Y_S_H_I: Swagger 😍
  • pixelminor: Backseat followed by be the one. Simply drools. YC wobbles his hips while JS and JJ gyrates keke
  • Valentine
  • Y_S_H_I: The dance god
  • pixelminor: Valentine: JS dances with power, JJ is slinky and YC, ummmm keke
  • pixelminor: Ment time, JJ sits on stage to rest. Even though I don’t really know what they’re saying, their expressions and interactions rock
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu imitating the famous Glico billboard in Osaka O M G
  • xiakie:
  • XIA_aqua:
  • xiakie:
  • ohmyjunsu: Fans thought it’s a pity that JJ said they won’t talk about racy things today, so JJ asked ‘What do you wanna hear, what genre..?”
    Junsu said fans don’t watch porn so he’s not sure if they can be talking about this but fans were dead silent… via @milkis_xia
  • ohmyjunsu: YC said he doesn’t watch porn because it’s not realistic anyway.. but he said he’s watched it before XD YC then asked what JJ is watching
  • XiahDerTod: They are very happy from the look of their faces, when they sing can see their smiles ^^
  • pixelminor: Wake me tonight, the camera loves JS! I love the dance moves
  • Y_S_H_I: Dancing in sync…wake me tonight!
  • pixelminor: Fans are yelling encore. They seem a little louder tonight.
  • ohmyjunsu: During porn talk… Jaejoong acted out opening a door, then said “Yoochun what are you watching? ….AH!” and closed the door (via @illcho_)
  • Y_S_H_I: bb wake me tonight…okay? 😘
  • xziea:
  • XiahDerTod: Today each of them take turn be trolled, even Yuchun cant escape today
  • pixelminor: Get out! Singing and dancing with all their might!
  • ohmyjunsu: Jaejoong’s 90 degree apologetic bow to the mom of the 16 year old while JS tries to stifle his laughter
  • paradiseinjyj: https://twitter.com/paradiseinjyj/status/544079913775403010/photo/1https://twitter.com/paradiseinjyj/status/544080125013159936/photo/1
  • ohmyjunsu: And Yoochun’s just like /not impressed/
  • pixelminor: YC did the gun firing action with his hands to the beat of get out lol
  • Y_S_H_I: Dancer bb is out for Get Out!!! Gosshhh his dance moves
  • Y_S_H_I: bb is so cute when he laughs….he covers his mouth 😍
  • Y_S_H_I: And the fanboys are now out!!! Shouting jaejoong – in baritone hahhaah
  • ohmyjunsu: JS last greeting… He said like he’s said before, instead of feeling tired on stage he receives more strength & thanked fans (@titod_k)
  • pixelminor: A lot of men here tonight. Their shouts actually filled the arena.
  • XiahDerTod: A male fan screamed ‘JYJ!!!!’ JJ asked if male fan said saranghae? Then he figured out ‘ah~JYJ’ haha JJ XD
  • ohmyjunsu: JJ : I’m happy male fans of all ages come
    Male fan : JYJ!!
    JJ : ?? Saranghae?
    JS : No no JYJ
    JJ : (Bewildered)
    – via @milkis_xia
  • ohmyjunsu: YC said he wanted to do Dome Tour 10 times but things happened… Dome tour is nice but he wants Arena or Hall Tour next (via @milkis_xia)
  • paradiseinjyj: http://twitter.com/paradiseinjyj/status/544073696319504384/photo/1 pic.twitter.com/hOhltoWbHK
  • Y_S_H_I: Nine…and im getting emotional 😔
  • pixelminor: Nine is so nice, three brilliant men full of emotions singing a beautiful song. Fans seem solemn, is it becos we know the con is ending soon
  • Y_S_H_I: Im a crying mess now…when will I see you again #JYJ
  • Begin
  • pixelminor: Begin: how many tears will we see?
  • Y_S_H_I: Im gonna miss you most 😭
    My bb 😚
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu in tears, JJ was crying
  • illcho_:
  • Y_S_H_I: JJ crying with us
  • Y_S_H_I: Oh jj
  • illcho_:
  • XiahDerTod: Big screen writes Happy Birthday to JUNSU, ahh I am in tears
  • XiahDerTod: Thanks the staff, they write in English so nice
  • illcho_:
  • pixelminor: All three had tears at the end of begin. JJ cried the hardest and turned his back to cry. During the bows, his face was filled with tears
  • pixelminor: People around me are crying now. Someone passed JJ a tissue on stage
  • Y_S_H_I: I’m gonna miss you so…#JYJForeverandEver
  • ohmyjunsu: Feeling so much regret… but so much happiness. Thank you JYJ ㅠ
  • Y_S_H_I: Oh that growl!!!
  • pixelminor: Birthday message for JS at the end
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu smiled sweetly but his eyes were filled with tears
    When JJ was crying, Yuchun and Junsu came to him and patted his shoulder then Junsu showed JJ his sweet smile then JJ smiled too
  • pixelminor: Jyj and dancers bowing
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu angel smile can comfort everything, what a brothership JYJ
  • Jen_BabyLove: Jae cried a little at end of BEGIN today
  • pixelminor: Thank you! We love you too!
  • illcho_:
  • pixelminor: JS comforted JJ when he cried *brotherly love*
  • XiahDerTod: The wishes on screen was a surprise from staff becoz JYJ surprised when they saw it on screen, Yuchun pointed to the screen ‘ohh ~’
  • JJstar_: 재중아 울지마 ㅜㅇㅜ
    Jaejoong-ah is crying ㅜㅇㅜ

  • XiahDerTod: Thank you thank you for another unforgettable night @bornfreeonekiss @1215thexiahtic #6002theMicky
  • Ohmyjun_com: 141214 JYJ in OSAKADOME! Happy birthday to JUNSU!!! 💖💞💕

  • xiaholic0420: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNSU!!TTおめでとうジュンスヽ(;∀;)ノ
  • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun said Dome tour is good but smaller venues’ like halls are also one way to meet fans n perform. Jae then agrees in his own speech
  • JYJ_247: 오사카에서,너와 나의 시간
    In Osaka, my and your time
  • Y_S_H_I: Happy Birthday Junsu babe 😘 @1215thexiahtic
  • healingjj:



Back Seat MV
Ayy Girl (Remix)
Ment 1
Let Me See
In Heaven
Konayuki – Jaejoong’s solo
Between the sky and you – Junsu solo
Saiai(/Best Love) – Yoochun solo
Butterfly – Jaejoong’s solo
JJ’s short ment
Ultra Soul – Jaejoong solo
I Love You (Remix) – Yoochun solo
YC’s short ment
서른/Thirty/Lazy Life – Yoochun solo
Story – Junsu solo
JS’s short ment
Incredible – Junsu solo
So So
Chajatta/Found You
Ment 2
Lion Heart
Be My Girl (Remix)
Break – Dancer time w/ Mission
Back Seat
Be the One
Ment 3
Wake Me Tonight


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