17/12 – [News] JYJ Osaka dome tour dirty talks

17/12 – [News]  JYJ Osaka dome tour dirty talks

Credit: SSTV News
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

JYJ during the live concert.

At <2014 JYJ Japan dome tour, Osaka>, group JYJ presented fantastic performances to their 37 thousand Osaka fans. The Japan dome tour started with Tokyo Dome in November, and will continue on to Fukuoka dome on 23rd and 24th.

The CJES entertainment spokesperson noted that “Tokyo dome was the start of first Japan dome tour for JYJ, and has proven their fame in Japan by meeting 100 thousand fans in two days. Osaka dome tour was a continuity of the passion, and fans stood-up and enjoyed the live concert for the whole 3 hours”.

It was noted that three members sand in beautiful harmony, acute dance and powerful voice. They also presented fans with solo performances.

During the concert, JYJ made dirty jokes (Oyaji gag), making fans laugh. They also talked with Japans’ most popular memes, and even imitated Osaka’s unique lingual tone.

JYJ during the rehersal for concert.


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