22/12 – [News] International bnt News ‘Airport Style’ – JYJ’s Airport Fashion: Three Takes On Outers

22/12 – [News] International bnt News ‘Airport Style’ – JYJ’s Airport Fashion: Three Takes On Outers

Credit: International BNT News UK
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

 photo pd22c9p0q0n4wkba7t9h2jk9aifeo6x5.jpg

[Photos by Jang Moon Sun]

JYJ were spotted a Incheon International Airport on December 22, heading off to Japan.

The three-member successful group hit the ground of Korea’s biggest airport today in comfy yet cool outfits. To fight against the cold, they expressed three different kinds of outer styling.

Kim Jae Joong went for a long, bi-fabric piece in wool with leather yokes on the pockets and wrists. He created an all black outfit that was slightly brightened up by the grey prints on his knit. Paired with his new hair color, this long coat somehow translated a few of his rock references, as well as confidence.

Park Yoo Chun played the layering card: the thicker, the merrier. Especially in this cold, icy weather. The actor opted for a thick blazer jacket that he wore under a semi-long wool coat in navy, letting its grey collar appear to add a bit of mystery to the silhouette. Jeans, a scarf and his signature classy shoes completed the look.

As for Kim Jun Su, the group’s fashionista never misses an ‘airport occasion’ to show that he knows about fashion. His wool and neoprene jacket made a new statement, making him one of this winter’s Airport Kings in the ‘Outer’ category. To take away the drama from this powerful item’s prints and colors, Kim opted for a total black look, expressing not only style but also humility.

Meanwhile, JYJ is on its way to Fukuoka where it will hold one of its last dates for this year’s Japan Tour.

(photo by CJeS Entertainment)

 photo lncgh32cy2cjomnalncgq0zvmxfume7x.jpg

 photo s95z2w2po4y3gc3sp6z75orgcx2p2ycj.jpg

 photo x89ot158utz1vrjbm98hnpoqcg6559ds.jpg

 photo 6c7p32mmkcd7um88l6ezltfnzaiu9mc4.jpg

 photo o0jh1vuayy7ib5gmzkba4gothwdg9fan.jpg

Kim Jae Joong Is Surrounded By Bodyguards
 photo ejv55f6t4325w8hmiincp3vxpy4o4429.jpg

Park Yoo Chun Flaunts A Layered Look
 photo uklc02oq0uue9atu50wqamr157kge3uy.jpg

Kim Jun Su Looks As Bright As The Stars on His Coat
 photo cm38syqlqhgdfnqow4qcwbzbzsptlhro.jpg

 photo d62cxfsw1c2ydkj8k7nki6bd3mj7e5uh.jpg

 photo 1lknr4ai7370cg8mckxkfzo8cx5grooh.jpg


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