25/12 – [Compilation of Tweets] 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Fukuoka on 23 Dec (Day 1)

 [Compilation of Tweets] 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~ Concert in Fukuoka on 23 Dec  (Day 1)

Picture & Live tweets trans credits: huyu1216 + 0101Leon + rubypurple_fan + xia_buzzi + JYJ_JH + Raphaela_www + cOOl_bOaRdEr7 + ning225 + ohmyjunsu + hellyryther + xia_buzzi + mikiko6002 + THR33TIME + kaju0731 + XiahDerTod + _WithXIA + JYJ_247 + Ohmyjun_com + Lookkaew_SK + Kkorepo + sayuyuchun + lalajunco
Shared by: JYJ3 + Geministar06

  • huyu1216:
  • 0101Leon:
  • huyu1216:
  • rubypurple_fan: Hotel staff was surprised that all hotels near the dome are fully booked. They thought it only happens when Arashi or SMAP has a con.^^
    (via nam551vivace)
  • xia_buzzi:
  • JYJ_JH:
  • Back Seat MV
  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • Let Me See
  • JYJ_JH:
  • ning225: Jaejoong made a mistake saying Tokyo at first XD
  • Makeup – Jaejoong solo
  • Raphaela_www:
  • Butterfly – Jaejoong
  • ning225: He’s says he’s a little embarrassed. Kekeke.
    While covering his top now he’s showing his wings tatts
  • Story – Junsu solo
  • doro_xia:
  • hellyryther: Yoochun thanked the guys who shouted for him, then said, “but I like girls.” Cr RT @mikiko6002: ユチョン、ナムジャの掛け声に
    ありがとーございまーす、でも女好きっすよ ってw
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu’s first love is a girl from Fukuoka O______O Yoochun was going crazy at Junsu’s revelation (via @xia_buzzi)
  • hellyryther: JaeChun seems so happy to listen to Junsu who was talking about his first love CR to @mikiko6002: ジュンスの初恋の話してるときのチョンジェの喜びようw
  • ohmyjunsu: That girl went to see JS at a fan sign. He didn’t have a Japan phone back then so they wrote some letters. This was 8 years ago
  • ohmyjunsu: JS asked when they’re gonna end this topic. YC asks if she was pretty, JS says the fans here are prettier & cuter. (@xia_buzzi)
  • ohmyjunsu: YC asked if JS misses her. JS fell to his knees XD Right after this talk was Lion Heart and YC couldn’t stop laughing (via @xia_buzzi)
  • ohmyjunsu: Apparently JJ also fell to his knees laughing and Yoochun said he’s sorry (@THR33TIME)
  • hellyryther: Announcement of the release date of the new single: 21 January 2015!
    Cr to @mikiko6002: 新曲の発売の発表( ´ ▽ ` )ノ2015年1月21日
  • kaju0731: Jaejoong said JYJ single “Wake me tonight” will be released on Jan 21!! 🙂 RT @shachong: 1月21日にシングル発売日になります!
  • hellyryther: *cries-I love you ParkYuu* Yoochun:Of course I act,but,for me,nothing beats singing cr @mikiko6002: ユチョン、
    演技もしてるけど、オレやっぱ歌手の方がって(T ^ T)
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu and Yuchun sheds a bit of tears
  • XiahDerTod: Is it just me or Jaejoong looks pale today because he’s sick? And his voice obviously gey affected from sickness
    But you were still awesome @bornfreeonekiss
  • XiahDerTod: Happy Merry Christmas on screen at the end. Somehow links me to Junsu ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • xia_jeongmi:
  • rubypurple_fan: JJ: It’s difficult to introduce the last song. I don’t feel lonely because you are here.
  • _WithXIA: 20141223 멈무이쥰쮸💕 #김준수 #시아준수 #XIA
  • JYJ_247: 141223 후쿠오카 콘서트 미리보기

  • _WithXIA: 20141223 후쿠오카쥰쮸💖 이대로 망태로 쏙
  • _WithXIA: 20141223 후쿠오카 준수💓 타이타잇
  • XiahDerTod: In Lion Heart, Yuchun couldn’t hold himself from laughing (from the fun in previous ment) so he laughed in middle of lines then JJ followed
  • _WithXIA: 20141223 멍뭉이준쮸💖💓💕 쏘듕한 사람🙆💕💓💖💁 #김준수 #XIA #시아준수
  • _WithXIA: 141223 JYJ in FUKUOKADOME 준수와 함께😘💕 다같이 타잇타잇~!

  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun and laughed too. Junsu lgot distracted a bit too so Lion Heart at first part supposed to have a quiet atmosphere ended up w laughters
  • XiahDerTod: While JJ or JS was singing later in Lion Heart (I forgot) Yuchun did some sort of meditation action to calm himself down lol
  • XiahDerTod: Tonight I standed on Yuchun’s side in ment so I mostly only saw Yuchun actions
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun was entertained by Junsu a lots tonight, he laughed so much everytime Junsu get trolled, later on he coughed few times fr laughing
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu was being a teacher teaching JJ to do taitaitai(?), I laughed like crazy
  • XiahDerTod: Yuchun called Junsu: Junsu-sensei after Junsu whispered to Yuchun a gag, then Yuchun said it outloud and said Junsu-sensei taught him
  • Kkorepo:
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu was the starter of doing taitaitai then JJ YC & dancers followed him doing it at the end XD
  • hellyryther: Several accounts reported that Yoochun wanted to say something at the ending ment but stopped and said ‘see you tomorrow’ with a smile..
  • Lookkaew_SK: yup, he was sort of holding back tears and said that
  • XiahDerTod: To me tonight Yuchun & Junsu were trying to help/cover Jaejoong’s part everytime they harmonising #JYJbromance
  • XiahDerTod: Today, after putting on microphone for Junsu,the staff left to backstage without giving Junsu his jacket for Incredible so Junsu came in front of backstage door and said in a rather cute tone ‘sorry but you forgot my jacket’ thrn staff came out with his jacket XD #alwayscutejunsu
  • JYJ doing taitai
  • sayuyuchun: 141222 福岡 3人で鯛♡鯛♡鯛 https://vine.co/v/OX2TXDqtOle
  • lalajunco:



Back Seat MV
Ayy Girl (Remix)
Ment 1
Let Me See
In Heaven
Makeup – Jaejoong’s solo
Between the sky and you – Junsu solo
Saiai(/Best Love) – Yoochun solo
Butterfly – Jaejoong’s solo
JJ’s short ment
Ultra Soul – Jaejoong solo
I Love You (Remix) – Yoochun solo
YC’s short ment
서른/Thirty/Lazy Life – Yoochun solo
Story – Junsu solo
JS’s short ment
Incredible – Junsu solo
So So
Chajatta/Found You
Ment 2
Lion Heart
Be My Girl (Remix)
Break – Dancer time w/ Mission
Back Seat
Be the One
Ment 3
Wake Me Tonight


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